Is it wise to file for bankruptcy if I have no assets and no job but I owe thousands of dollars to creditors? related questions

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Is it wise to file for bankruptcy if I have no assets and no job but I owe thousands of dollars to creditors?2Bhutan2012-11-03 17:00:02
I have been unemployed for several months . I owe student loans, car payments , and several credit cards . Do nothing own and I have no money in the bank or otherwise. I have medical bills , credit cards and student loans totaling somewhere around $ 60,000 . What should I do . I can not find a job. Is bankruptcy an option?
Should I file bankruptcy, settle, or keep ignoring my creditors?0mtd2012-10-27 02:55:55
I have an old Citi Card, Capital One , Best Buy , Chase , and then some smaller Wal - Mart , Express and Lane Bryant . I have not made ​​a payment in most of them in at least two years . Stop paying them at once, because the way jacked interest and would not negotiate with me , and I could not afford to pay along with tuition, rent , etc as I have not received the help of my family . I'm not even sure what it should , but with all the fees I would estimate to be a total of $ 10,000 - $ 15,000 spread over them all . Without the fees that would have been half that. Also, I have $ 40,000 in student loans . I will not make much money at all right now . For now I just focus on paying my student loans hoping to rebuild my credit . I do not see how it could afford to pay my credit cards . What should I do about it ? I'm not getting many more calls , but lately calling someone threatening to sue for $ 2700 credit card. They have threatened to sue ( Citi Bank) and even sent me a court notice letter, but never followed through . What is my best option ? For now I will continue to ignore them, but I 'm sick of this problem . Help !
I NEED SERIOUS HELP!!! If I am $7,500 dollars in debt and do not work should I file for bankruptcy?0Arche2012-11-03 13:15:03
I have no way to pay these bills because of my son , who is 9 months old was born blind and all my money I receive SSI will your medical bills and other things you need. I will not be able to pay anyone for a while . Maybe $ 50 here and there , but that will take forever . I sent each of the collectors of a note , but of course I do not mind . What should I do ? I really do not know my options . I thought of taking a personal loan , but my credit is terrible and nobody is going to accept. Trust me , I've tried all . What are my options if I have not exhausted all of them ? They will not get off my back . I have not received my sons SSI , just tell me the amount of back pay " could " get out after 5 months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please, I need serious help !
I had medical emergencies about 8 months ago, and even with insurance i had thousands of dollars to pay, now .13893892012-11-04 09:19:03
I have 26 years and I had medical emergencies about 8 months , and even with insurance had to pay thousands of dollars , was not expected and I'm sure most things are , MedlinePlus I was in the hospital , and disability , MedlinePlus I was living a very good money doing pretty good at the time , and everything stopped , instead of paying my dollar CC and 800 car loan payment month I know of thousands of dollars to travel to hospital at night . < Br > MedlinePlus Soon I was in so much debt , about $ 6000 in CC debt , and a thousand 24 in a car loan , it was either normal or pay , to pay my hospital and doctor that I needed to live , so I chose the hospital and physicians . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 8 months later, a Repo and 2 credit cards in collections , I have been in arrears 20,000 , MedlinePlus Needless to say, my credit is shot beyond , whereas before it was spotless , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ? Bankruptcy ? Spend next 6 years after I finish school , pay in collections, although I can really afford more ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know .
Will my mom get approved for a Parent PLUS loan if she has thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills in col?0!!!2012-11-03 17:57:47
I need a little extra funding and my school will not certify private loans. My mom doesn't even pay for anything for me, but they are saying i must try this route first. I do not want her getting approved though!
Why are people stupid enough to borrow many thousands of dollars to give to these online degree schools?1kyu2012-09-07 06:36:06
How is " University Of Phoenix " and other securities , too expensive , as this operation Schoos yet? Why did so many people make that stupid decision to borrow as much money in student loans and give these idiots scam schools that are overpriced for what they offer ?
What would our post marital agree state? Would it be a wise thing to require an assets disclosure statement?0Ling Chow2012-09-12 05:27:05
I want to get a truck before file as I know my FICO score decrease ( marital debt owed) . I also wish that we are not responsible for any new accounts , loans and / or new charges to existing accounts at the date of signing the agreement . How can I say this ? I think writing it myself ( I had my own lease assets we own ) , make copies , both for us and give us some time to get reviewed by an attorney before signing .
Hello im brandon and im joining the navy im 26,000 Dollars in student debt and i was wondering is it wise to?1Keen2012-11-02 20:56:02
Bankruptcy, will creditors object?1klar maesen2012-11-04 13:42:02
I am filing for bankruptcy and have some questions . In short , I just finished re-mortgage our house to consolidate some debt , and creditors will have only two left that fall under the bankruptcy . one is an outstanding balance on income tax canada income last year , and the other is my bank where I have an unsecured loan over 50K and my mortgage . MedlinePlus According to my manager , my house is safe as it follows the mortgage payments . However, there are some things that are " iffy " ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First , according to my manager , my vehicle is exempt if required for employment , however , getting to and from work does not count. I need you do not need the car for work , but I need to get to and from work because 13 kilometers out of town and no public transport ( small town ) . In an auction , you might be lucky to get 2 or 3k for it. I claim it as exempt when present although I know that creditors may oppose it . My question is , what do you think 's going to object ?
Best way to locate debtor's assets to file liens against?0itty2012-09-28 13:12:03
Unfortunately , a friend lent us a substantial amount of money ( over 50K ) has proved to be less than honorable . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now we have no choice but to take steps to protect / recover all the money we can from this loan . We promissory notes, but not insure against the asset . We live in CO like our ex - friend ( even though he and his wife have put their house up for sale ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are the best resources on the Internet at : MedlinePlus 1) help identify / locate assests available for this individual who has no liens against them (eg , home , auto , business , investments, bank accounts , etc. . ) Because it was a friendly loan , which not have the intelligence to get your Social Security Number (suggestions how how to get it ? ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) to help defray legal costs , efforts can ourselves, online resources and other , to initiate this process ( for example , necessary forms for filing , education on the best way to make motions , obtain judgments, etc. ) MedlinePlus Thx . in advance for any help you can provide .
How do I file bankruptcy in Southern California and what type should I file?0Meli2012-09-18 16:33:06
Hi. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a very good credit score. I've never made a late payment on anything in my life. However, I am anticipating disaster and see no way out of it. My debt is about 17K in credit cards and student loans about 10 km so that a total of 27K. I'm not worried about student loans, and I'm at school and what they are currently "on hold" until the end and when I am expected to pay them only as $ 110 per month for ten years. But my credit cards are getting worse and worse and the only way I can make myself stop relying on them is to kill them. Unfortunately I have almost zero income (about $ 400 per month) and I'm in college and living with the mother. I have 24 years. This is very sad, I know, but I think it has to present soon. It's a shame because my credit score is 720. I just leased a new car, which is under my name, but again, the family supports me. So ... I think I should file for bankruptcy (Chapter 7 is what I'm thinking) and just live off what I make for thew next ten years. I have nothing of value, and in the morning the lease for my mom, and also want to know if they will take my car when and if the. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please know that everyone says it is a "last resort." I'm seeing it as such. So if it comes to this, what is the best way to go about filing and hoe much it will cost me financially and also how long it takes? Will my debts be cleaned? I heard that student loans do not go away, which is fine by me. Your credit cards that are about to crush me. I need real advice, not only criticizes worthless empty. So please ONLY RESPOND IF POLITE RELIABLE ADVICE. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you guys. Happy holidays.
What happens if you are filing bankruptcy and do not have any assets worth anything?2garret2012-10-26 15:01:02
We are delivering our house is probably worth more. We need our cars , and one is old and only worth about $ 500 maybe, and our new car is upside down in the loan . Other than that we have cheap furniture , and most of my clothes are widely used .

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