How can you cash a refund check that is made out to your deceased parent? related questions

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How can you cash a refund check that is made out to your deceased parent?1anonoymus2012-09-27 22:20:03
We received a refund check from a car loan company , as more mom charged on your loan . The car was really REPOSSED in 2007 . My mother died in 2009 .
Trying to cash a cashiers check made out to 2 people?0Trying2012-09-25 23:29:06
I recently bought a car from a private to get a car loan from a bank. The bank gave me a cashier's check with my name and the name of the seller on it . The bank employee told me to sign the back of the check box and the seller must be able to change it . When the seller cash the check came they said she had to be there in person , because my name is in him . Does anyone know how it works?
Is a tex refund considered part of deceased's estate?0Raghuveer2012-10-15 04:10:15
Here's a scenario : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One person died before they could file their taxes . A family member has taxes on your behalf once you have passed. The deceased left a lot of accounts (credit cards , auto loans , etc ) , but was not a homeowner or investment and essentially had no assets to subtract debts . If the deceased tax , refund will automatically held or seized by the government / debtors to pay / compensate the decedent's debts left behind ? Or is the refund issued yet for the family member who filed a tax return ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
In the State of Georgia, how can the survivors assume the deed of a deceased parent house?1jkkm2012-10-24 06:29:50
My mother died two years ago without any desire whatsoever. His house still has a mortgage that is paid on time for me and my brothers . Upon payment of the loan , which must be done to ensure the script in our three names ?
Hi, I don`t have a checking account. how do i cash my student loan refund check.?1Dr2012-09-25 11:15:03
Hello , I don ` t have a checking account . How I can get my student loan rebate . ?
I need to cash my student loan refund check, but the bank that it is drawn off of has to verify it why?2aldwin2012-10-27 03:23:02
I have a refund check from my university for what ever is left of my student loan , and I went to the bank to be drawn from them and not change it unless you checked the check with the school . I do not understand why? I thought if the check is drawn from them , and all that comes from a local community college to which he could only verify that the account did not have the money and then cash it. The amount was $ 4,400. Please let me know if you have any idea. Thank you.
I received a refund for my student loan can a family member cash the check for me in their bank account?0Dinah2012-11-03 03:10:02
I received a refund for my student loan can a family member cash a check for me in your bank account ?
Son demanding repayment of monetary gift his parent made?4Cherish2012-10-12 20:23:02
I know someone - I'll call Sue - who received $ 10,000 from his uncle over twenty years . The guy said " do not worry " to pay back . Recently, this guy died , and " Sue " , received a letter from the son of the man demanding to pay $ 30,000 in repayment with interest. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There was no contract of any kind with sign when the money was given and as I said , was given as a gift instead of a loan . Does this toad greed has no legal leg to stand on ? The idiot is barking up the wrong tree anyway because " Sue " barely have enough money for basic survival , but better nip this moment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for any reply !
Manual Refund Check?0Teqwonda2012-08-31 14:41:03
I bought a computer better off buying a couple of months ago . I am paying my best buy credit card debt through its bank HSBC . But instead of them paying me , today I sent a " refund check manual" . What's that ? Do I have to charge? Ignore him? I owe that money if I do cash - as some kind of loan?
How will you know if you get a refund check from your school?0asem2012-10-27 05:09:31
I wondered why I got a letter saying that direct lending school plans to disburse the net loan amount for 2985 and 1742 and I wonder will send a refund check or what I'm not fully understand this. . HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP !
How much will my college refund check be ?0Samantha2012-09-02 03:38:05
I'm doing online school .. In my award letter say PACKAGING ! What does that mean ? How much will my refund check be ? My Pell grant is 5,500 and my loan is 5000 and a grant of 750 , my mother also completed a letter that more money would take me like I was an independent student ! My class I'm taking now cost 1800 my book cost 70 and 400 Service Fee . Also I have a discount of 125 . How much will I get back .
Will I get a Refund Check for school?0Help Me Pleeease2012-10-08 04:28:14
Total cost of the school year was 12,000 . I have a Pell 8000 and I paid 3,000 cash . ? I can get a refund or that only people with loans ? I am a full time student , I never miss days, and I have good grades .

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