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Raise credit score with secured installment loan from credit union?2vannesa2012-09-18 17:27:10
I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit card and went to my credit union to get a secured loan for $ 500 with 6 months to pay . I asked the loan officer if it would be better for my score to pay before. She said it would have no positive effect on my score unless you make regular payments and help my account after it was paid. After all the research I've done that does not make since to me . I need opions others please ......
Secured Loan or a Secured Credit Card, which is better to raise my credit score faster?0Dianne2012-09-17 17:03:03
I have to be able to raise my credit score fast , like in 3 months or so . I have only two credit accounts . One is 614 and another one is 530. I have to be able to have an average of 580 traffic in a hurry , which is 3 totals . They told me if I get 2 or 3 credit cards secured , use them and then pay off at the end of the month , bring my credit score quickly. But I was told that if I were to get a few secured loans and do the same , it would help me out better, because interest rates and fees on a secured credit card . So much have two questions here . Is it better if I get 2 or 3 secured credit cards or get 2 or 3 secured loans ? It is also better to have 2 or 3 in any of these or a large one?
My credit score is 553 got secured card and installment loans can my score go up?0Stuff2012-08-29 11:56:14
Want a house in two years has 1 year of timely payments on car loan and 3 moths insurance card and secure a loan through a credit union trynna rebuild credit history make in my 75 years ka work
If I'm digging myself out of debt now will a Secured Credit Card help me raise my credit score when I'm ready?6Sumone2012-11-06 06:08:01
What are some good companies to get a secured credit card ? I am currently paying hospital bills and have never had a credit account in my life . I'm 36yo and I wonder how it feels to have credit for once . I know that credit cards are bad . I'm mature enough to handle knowing that only want one to help me increase my credit score in case you want a house or need a small loan in the future for a car , etc. Thanks for any help .
How can I raise my credit score if I was denied a secured card?1tegz =-)2012-10-11 18:56:02
My husband and I had a hard time with credit cards and unemployment . We have paid all our cards and most of our loans . We have a couple of months remaining on a car loan and both have student loans for the next 15 years . We also have some savings now . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To increase our score was applied for secured cards , but were denied . What else can we do ? My score is currently 582.
Installment secured loan with bad credit?1sea turtle2012-09-01 09:59:03
I have some debts to pay me and I would like to get an installment loan to do so .. Is there a legitimate site where I could get such a thing ? I want to borrow 2000 and has a $ 100 monthly payments .. Any advice on how I could get that would be great
Can an installment loan affect my credit score if I use it to pay down revolving credit card balances?0Keeley2012-10-09 12:39:57
Currently we are planning on buying a house and a car to another . I pulled my credit and am currently sitting at 665,671 and 687 . I have about 20k in debt to 8k on my car and the other revolving credit accounts and deadlines. Also most of my credit card balances are quite high . I recently got a new card and made a balance transfer from one card to a new 4.99% maxing out the new card , but the new equilibrium has not yet appeared online that affects my score . In three months I will be able to pay my credit card balances to 30% of their limits . I was wondering if I took out an installment loan and paid for my balances now to 30 % after paying the loan in three months that would be better or worse than waiting 3 months and pay then? I'm looking for the best solution to preserve and boost my score .
My credit score is at 680, but I need it at 700 to get a mortgage loan. Any way to raise my fico score fast?0Drew2012-10-07 02:08:23
We need to close the loan by February 1 . We are selling our house and pay off our debt with the proceeds from our sale . Will this raise our game? Would not it be better to pay off credit cards ( we have two with $ 1,400 balance . Or pay two bank loans (one for one and one for a consolidation loan ) ?
Should I get a secured Credit Card through my Credit Union or Bank Of America?2bellas mom2012-10-02 21:45:02
Trying to rebuild credit and heard a secured credit card was a good start . I like Bank of America , as they offer a rewards program and the card can be guaranteed if used right between 9-12 months . My Credit Union does not offer rewards , it is unclear when it could become unsafe . Is it still better to go with the credit union if you want to try to use for a car loan in the future? Does havin a credit card with them to strengthen my relationship with them and make them more likely to help me in the future ? Or go with BoA and if my score improves my credit union will support me in the future anyway ?
What is the best credit union or bank to use for a loan for someone with great credit score but old bankruptcy?0N-PROPER-COLL 2012-10-10 23:44:54
My mother originally agreed to be my guarantor for a car . My credit is poor as I've been debt consolidation , and even with her as co - debtor did not . Your credit score is over 720 - she has a career only thing old have a bankruptcy on your report five years ago . She can not get the car in just autoloan name or his name only as insurance then it should be rather not reflect on my credit. She is willing to try a personal loan ( to lend me the money . ) Im sure that your interest rate would be better than anything I could get regardless , but hopefully somewhere will lend you the money ( not is a huge amount , perhaps 7-8000 ). This would be my only option right ? And where are the best places to go through this with their situation ( the names of credit unions , banks personal ? )
Could I get a student loan from a university credit union with a credit score of 650?0edwen!2012-08-06 21:12:02
I wonder if it is possible for me to get a student loan of $ 8,000 credit union affiliated with the university I'm currently attending, with a credit score of 650?
Can I get a unsecured loan for $7500.00 from my credit union with a credit score of 530?0divija2012-10-16 15:37:49
My score is 601 w / Experian , but the credit union uses m Transunion.I ' without knowing what other factors will affect the decision ? Duration of employment, income , etc.

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