Hows does buying a car from a private seller without a clear title work? related questions

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Hows does buying a car from a private seller without a clear title work?4R.T.2012-11-05 22:03:02
Im going to buy a car from an individual to be 15k in his car . MedlinePlus We agreeded he sell for 14k MedlinePlus I applied for a loan for 13,500 and I pay 500 cash along with the registration fee DMV CA (1200) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How will this work once I get approved for my loan and sent me a check? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I give the money to the seller and I hope to repay the loan and emails me the title (which my lender will have a lien on it ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The first time you buy a car from a private seller , thanks
Buying car from Private Seller question?0Danielle Stacey2012-10-19 16:57:43
I 'm buying a car from a private seller and the seller has not yet paid the $ 24,000 loan . My question is if I were to pick up $ 24,000 in a cashier's check from my bank , how I can pay the car safely ? .. Basically I do not want my hose. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know of a bill of sale , but I read somewhere that the online transaction money should not go down until the title is ready to be turned on again. He can not even get the title until we have the car paid off . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Im looking at buying a used car from a private seller, which I will need a loan for.?1Jarrad Michael2012-10-25 05:48:50
My credit is better than me , but not so much landfill . Im Jus wondering if a personal loan or a car loan is best , and that im more likely to be approved . Also, what would be a typical value approipate before I deny ? Any loan amount would help me a lot! Thank you.
Buying a car form private seller?1Can sombody please help me2012-10-26 19:08:02
OK I want to know if the following is possible. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a student of 20 years old university and want to buy a used car from a private seller that costs about $ 15,000. But I have no credit only Chase debit card . So I know that they would be denied a car loan , because it has no credit history and only make about $ 800 a month. So my question is would it be possible to make an agreement or contract with a private vendor to put as $ 5,000 down and finance the rest of the month with a $ 380 compensation and give more interest , without turning a loan from a bank. I really prefer not to involve the bank so they can stop sucking the life out of us and let the seller have the extra money that the bank normally benefit . I do not see how this is wrong , it's a win, win situation . Thank you very much !
I have a question about buying a car from a private seller?0marie s2012-10-12 21:53:01
All private sellers probably wants money up front for the car. But let's say I save to get a car from a private seller ... I can get a loan and pay for it ? Let's say that the car would be about $ 8,000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would I have to pay the bank ? Im only 16 years old. I know I can not get a loan of up to 18 im embargo. I just want to be ready if one day I decide to buy a car from a private seller . I would like to know what to do with a loan as you can get .
Can I get a vehicle loan if I'm buying from a private seller?1Naoto2012-10-05 11:10:03
I will not go into too much detail , but I need a car and most likely need for funding. I have never had a loan before and I do not know much about the process , but I'm thinking of applying for a car loan through my credit union. However, I have also decided that rather buy from a private seller to a dealer . Am I able to get financing for that car ? Will higher interest rate ? How does it work ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And please , I am not here to hear about what a bad idea it is. I know. But sometimes necessity trumps practicality . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
What if the original vehicle title lien holder sent me a free and clear title on accident?2Lynnette2012-10-22 15:48:02
I refinanced the car with a new lender two months ago , but the original lender sent a free and clear title to me , along with a letter that this in turn by accident . Why I have yet to make payments on an unsecured loan because it does not have a title for the vehicle ? ? ? This is not my fault because the original lenders .
After being apporved for car loan with 6,200 down, can you use a clear title from something else?1PatriciaQuinn2012-09-01 00:52:07
After the deal fell through in my four wheels to try 6,000.00 for a down payment on the corvette used, it is possible that the bank may have a clear title on something else to help secure the deal and maybe I'll pay tax title and license to seal the deal .
The seller is not signing off the title what can I do?0Laz2012-10-27 04:56:31
I bought a car someone.It ' s a used car . The car had a lien on it for a company.We loan was to get the title of the company , so I paid the money and found out that the company had sent the title to the DMV . I needed a car so bad .. does not seem right so I paid the loan on the car after being tricked by the company that I will win the title in a few days and no lien on it . Well, I waited for almost a month and finally got a certified copy of the title. It is a clear title.The lien has been removed , except I have to get the seller's signature on it so I can go to register the vehicle in my name.I have been in contact and he is trying to avoid some . The good news I have from him a paper that says I sold the car and not the owner of the paper is legally notarized car.The ... What should I do to get to sign the title ? It is a document that proof enough that he sold me the car ?
Can a collection company take my car if a loan is paid and title is clear?1Laurdin2012-10-23 14:11:04
I have a collection company looking for a vehicle loan company cashed a check for . I even sent a clear title . Now I'm getting calls from a collection that threaten to collect your car n take me to court. Can they do that ? Or is it illegal?
Legal Help. Purchased a car not even a month ago and I recieved a clear title in the mail?0Broderic2012-11-02 04:39:51
OK here is what happened. I purchased a used car from a car lot about a month ago. The 1st bank Citizens bank approved me at first but two weeks later they denied my loan and another bank Regions was to take over my car loan. Here is the kicker. Two days ago I recieved a clear car title with no lean holder or anything to my car in my name in the mail. I am confused as to what to do now. Any sound legal advice would be helpful.
Can anyone explain how they work out I have to pay this much to clear HSBC loan..?1[email protected]2012-11-03 08:23:02
I had a loan with HSBC in 5 years (60 months ) The loan was for

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