Can you defer your student loan repayments if on maternity leave? related questions

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Can you defer your student loan repayments if on maternity leave?0Sarah Perez2012-08-31 09:26:03
Can you defer your student loan payments if maternity leave ?
Should take out a loan for my maternity leave?2Douglas Walker2012-08-12 14:22:02
I have no short-term disability and vacation hours or sick days saved. I recently had to use them becuase I have been sick with this pregnancy. I have 32 weeks and want to have at least 10 weeks of my first child. But how will I pay my rent , money to buy food , lights, etc. Should I take a loan of $ 2000 and pay my bills ahead , so we can have a comfortable maternity leave . My husbands job is not enough becuase we split the bills down the middle and can not afford to pay both halves. so we are trying to think of something. Any ideas ?
Where can I get $500 quick, still on maternity leave :(?3Anthony Venticelli Amadeus2012-09-30 14:26:02
I'm still on maternity leave and when you return , do not get paid until August 20 . Meanwhile I have to rent, lights and other effects , all of which I will not be able to defer more . I feel like I 'm going to have a nervous breakdown . I tried a loan , but my credit is not good . I need it in the next couple of days . Is there any place online loan that could get people with bad credit ? or any other ideas ?
How do I afford maternity leave?0HDI2012-10-16 08:32:21
I am a full time student graduate student and so is my boyfriend . He works as a lab technician and job teaching kindergarten . His work is full time , but has benefits and my job is part-time without benefits . The two are still covered by our health insurance of parents , because we are students . I just found out I'm pregnant and goes to medicaid and leave my parents because they will not cover this kind of thing in the living area (we live several hours from both parents ) . I will use Medicaid until the baby is born and then pay to be on my health plan at my university students . The baby will be covered by Medicaid . We do not have much money and this baby was not planned . We will fight for the next couple of years until I'm done with school and have a better job . Our parents are able to help a little financially , but we are paying for what we can . My job does not offer paid maternity leave , and obviously does not have Medicaid pay short-term disability . I wonder how my maternity leave pay . We are not able to save much money at all and now I can not return to work immediately because my job is to lift and carry a lot of small children all day. I will not be able to return until it is completely healed . How can we allow this time off ? What do we do ? Now I have about 30,000 in student loans and do not really want to add to that. What do we do ? MedlinePlus Thanks for the suggestions !
I am in debt and need a loan very fast can u please help me i am on maternity leave and have no wages .?3joe-c2012-09-26 09:47:03
i need a loan to help me clear my debts 'm low mat until February and do not pay until I return to work can help u
In order to defer student loan repayments, can I stay in school forever?0sarah arcand2012-08-30 11:22:04
I've done the math , and the cost of attending community college part-time , would be less than the interest of my student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here's an example of my situation : Upon graduation , the annual interest on my subsidized student loans will be about $ 1,500 per year. The cost of attending part time (6 hours ) at a local college , works out to about $ 1,000 per year after costs of books, fees , etc. So , I would save $ 500 per year to attend junior college and postpone my interest . MedlinePlus Now it gets even better
Loan repayments on maturnity leave...?2monty2012-10-10 23:34:05
Im goes on maternity leave tomorrow and I was wondering how to approach the bank about my loan payments .... I'm sure if I explain to the bank that maternity leave then im either reduce my payments on my loan or frozen for a certain amount of time you know it will be hard to make full payments . What would be the best way to talk to them about it ? I go in the bank ? call or write a letter ? NatWest bank i ... any info would be great
Are banks allowed to charge you a late payment fee when it has agreed to defer your repayments for a set term?0ANANOMOUS2012-10-05 08:13:19
I have a personal loan with a bank . I am obliged to make monthly payments on this loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus At my request, the bank agreed to defer my payments for several months . They charged me late payment fines each of these months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No informed me that I would be charged these fees . He was , however , aware that missing a payment incurs a late payment fee . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder , is the bank may charge me fees "late payment" for missing a payment date for a payment that was not required to do so ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , the bank is required to inform me that the agreement entered into , for example, to postpone payments , require you to pay fines for late payment ?
Student loan payments when on maternity? HELP!?3John Smith2012-10-05 17:51:02
Does anyone know if they still have to pay my student loan payments , normally out of my salary while I go on maternity leave ?
My student loan lender says they cannot defer my student loans while I am in school what do I do?2sydnie2012-10-11 22:55:08
I have to cut my hours for 15 hours today so I will not be able to afford to pay my student loans and collections goes to ... I have spoken with the loan provider and they said there is nothing they can do (im already in a graduated repayment plan ) and loans are a total of about $ 500 + per month
Should I defer or default on this student loan?0evelynn2012-10-04 22:39:05
Long story short : He attended the private college just a month , but then withdrew because of financial difficulties - no diet plan , no separate bus rapid transit , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now I'm stuck in a dilemma . Obviously , I had to borrow to attend , if only for a month lousy . But now I have $ 3750 because I accepted federal loans after the fact. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not that familiar with the loans. I've heard that even community colleges (which I have plans to attend this year ) does not provide financial support to students who are in default or are in the monetary amount refund . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Needless to say , the default is disastrous , right? Is there any benefit to postpone ? I can ? Differ in the first place? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ?
How do i defer a private student loan?0Jorie2012-10-26 03:06:33
Last year I took out a loan with Sallie Mae and did not know at that time that was private and could not defer or forebare ever no matter what. I am unemployed and approached them on this issue and , according to them , there is nothing I can do. I do not want to stop paying so please do not suggest that as an option .

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