I NEED your advice to help my friends mom. URGENT . PLEASE!?

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a friend of mine is in a bind . please any advice I have . his mother, who is "old fashioned " has always depended on using cash and never appllied a credit card , or when necessary to apply for a loan , buy a house , or anything that requires a credit check . that is, until two months ago , when my mom and her friends went to the bank to try to have his mother co - sign a small business loan . his mother should have been approved right? but the bank said its credt was very bad. this is when you requested a report from a credit bureau ..... learned that someone in the human resources department that your mom works that has a known problem with the game that is using information from her mother to apply for credit and list his name as "AKA " . this means that my mom friends have your credit and damaged reputaion truth ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus please help me to help my friend . What can we do with this person using the identity of the mother of my friend as her own ? ? ? ? ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this what you call it identity theft ? ? ?
Answer1see V-LINKAnswered at 2012-09-27 22:13:02
Call your local police department . Ask them to contact the Human Resources department where his mother works and investigate friends who uses this information to your friends mom . Try to find out which credit card company issued the card and then contact the company . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Identity theft is bad , especially because a human resources official has everything you need social security , date of birth , etc. to commit the crime . Also, put the human resources department on alert to know if any other information has been compromised .
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