How to get unsecured persona loan and credit card with defaults on my credit report.? related questions

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How to get unsecured persona loan and credit card with defaults on my credit report.?0echem2012-08-30 09:40:03
I 'm beaten again , however my two WLL clear breaches in 2011 and 2012 , and then I'll have clean credit report , but I can not wait that long
I got 2 defaults on my credit report and i cant get unsecured personal loan and credit card.What should i do?1maman2012-11-04 22:05:02
I got 2 default on my credit report and I can not get unsecured personal loan and credit card.What I do?
I have a CCJ and 6 Defaults on my credit report but is there anywhere who will give me a Car Loan?2ezabai2012-11-05 18:20:02
Does anywone know a loan company or financial agreements that could be used ? Just passed my test and only
I have a bad credit report from defaults over 2 years old and i am in desperate need of a personal loan?0cant figure this out :(2012-09-09 09:55:03
I have a bad credit report breaches over 2 years and I am in desperate need of a personal loan to consolidate current delinquent accounts and credit card , does anyone know who will help me ? preferably no credit check , but not a payday loan as I need 3k min MedlinePlus I am located in Australia , so I will need someone to approve / give me in Australia MedlinePlus My total debt is only around 3k but it seems impossible to get because they have no real asset to my name, so require an unsecured loan .
29.99 apr% credit card, short sale on credit report, decent credit score, need new card , help?1Azurelie2012-10-19 19:42:02
My husband has a card ( the limit is $ 2,300 balance is $ 2,005 ) a 29.99% so that financial costs are $ 55monthly , and the minimum payment is $ 74 so I have started to pay financial expenses month to try to move forward rather than just the minimum , as it was doing before. I would get a new card with a lower % APR but your credit report is not the best because it has a pre - forclosure trade short sale contemptuous in his report , his half FICO score was 631 2 months ago so their credit is not horrible but short sale is damaging because it seems that it can not get approved for anything! even with our own credit union ! He makes gross income of $ 3600 so we have good income single negative report . My average score was 662 two months ago , but I have a car loan with 27,000 monthy payments of $ 540 and income of less than $ 500 a month . So I know that I will not qualify for a credit card , but I 've got pre-approved offers in the mail every day , I know my score is decent , but my income is not . Anyone have advice ?
Can a credit card company get u if u do not pay a high balance credit card since that is an unsecured loan?0Mutiat2012-10-05 18:50:27
Can a credit card company or obtain or if it pays a high credit limit card since it is an unsecured loan ?
I have 501 on credit report, there's any credit company will give me any credit card?1alk2012-10-22 15:54:02
Yes , I am in need of a personal loan is that bad, but I need to know before applying if any credit card company will give me a credit card ? , I do not think credit cards safe works for me . Please help me with this. I live in Houston , TX .
Why is my active, good-standing credit card account missing from my credit report?0Juri2012-09-08 02:29:03
I just checked my free annual credit report last week to see if everything is in order and I've been paying my bills on time all the time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There is supposed to be a lot of student loans and 3 credit card accounts in good condition .. but I have only the two most recent report .. I first opened in 2005 and is not there ! ! < Br > I've been using and paying bills and credit card is a good customer . My credit is higher in this case ( 6000K ) , with a balance of $ 2,000 .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was hoping to pay off this card a couple of months to maintain a good credit history to buy a car next year .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But where was it? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I can not understand what happened MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help .. thank you!
If i apply for a credit card and it gets rejected, will it show on my credit report?3Twilight lover2012-10-25 09:16:02
I am a recent chapter 7 Filée , and get the credit card pre- approved numerous in the mail from a specific bank, all with an annual fee. the bank currently has my car loan, I still pay the before, during and after bankruptcy (which is probably why the offers keep coming to them). I request a no annual fee, but fear being rejected and my credit score could suffer even more .
Can Colleges Report "Unsecured Loan" on your credit file?0alannah2012-10-03 23:51:25
I was a student at the University of Phoenix and was abandoned because the financial advisor said he owed a balance of $ 1,200 to the school for loans that turned . I fought and fought with this school for 1 year and now , after being told he was just going to your internal collection agency that actually sold to an outside agency and now appears on my credit file as an unsecured loan . I went through the records of the account because I know that I owe this money and finally got the test counselor who started it all in the form of an email account showing break I 0. I've emailed to solve this problem and the university , but they refuse to respond . that while I have this big loan , named my file showing as unpaid . What should I do ? Note : I sent this twice to the credit bureaus and have verified that I owe , but I do not. The university s refusal to fix this problem . HELP
Can a bank require my credit report on an unsecured loan he took out in his name?2ibob2018-12-14 00:04:33
My husband recently applied for an unsecured loan in the amount of $ 3,000 on your behalf. Last night, the loan officer called and said it was approved, and he had to come and sign the papers. My husband called the bank this morning and the manager said he needed my credit information ? I have bad credit , so they applied for the loan on your behalf. I live in Wisconsin , where he has to say on the loan, but I've never heard of them asking for my credit information. He was rejected because of my bad credit. Are they on the right to do this ?
Unsecured credit card debt or unsecured loan?0Brandon2012-09-22 22:57:02
I have received an offer of an unsecured loan to consolidate my debt . Sets interest rates as low as 7.99 percent . What I doubt they give me. It also says that no charges at all. This is Discover and is a loan for an aggregate amount of months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a number of credit cards you have refinanced year fixed rates for the 3-5% over the life of the loan . If approved consolidation loan for me between 7.99 to 9.99 % is better than in the long -term maintenance of credit cards in the rates of 5.3% MedlinePlus ? I can pay more when you can , but most months I can not pay the minimum . I know you can drag credit cards forever. Even if the loan is greater than all my credit card minimum I know I'd make it . I always make the payments , but tend to make only the minimum . I think the consolidation loan is best for my way to pay my bills . I do not know if the numbers are better .

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