In a bit of a dilema. I say we need to move Hubby says wait it out.? related questions

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In a bit of a dilema. I say we need to move Hubby says wait it out.?1tyrik2012-09-08 23:40:02
We rented this house for four years tried to move several times and each time something has happened. But this time I feel I have to run. The owners are becoming a little shade for me. In the last 4 years I have received calls for the man all day and night time he learned that he was using our business number. I refer to the threatening calls. Then we have your email. So we took a bit of it for Monday night. Knowing that the man left .. Only married for three years. She said he left the deepest part of Christmas night. He hates his truck, his life, his job, his marriage, the house in which we live, the house they just moved on. The house we live in has that hates his clothes. Anything. Well, she says she just wants to give us the payment book and leave. The house needs a lot of repairs. It needs a new roof, a foundation Sills or replaced according to him, the insulation needs. This is a 150 year old house. I do not want the headaches of all you need to set it. I fear that if he decides to commit suicide and is still in his name. They can throw us heritage. Or your family can come to get out. Or you miss out on other bills and then the bank comes and takes him away from us after we paid a lot of money. I say run fast as we can. My husband says wait. Only I have a bad feeling. I know we've lived here for 4 years and have helped us in the past.1st time I wanted to change where Rent was going to be struck by lightning. The 2nd post of the lady who had ended up in hospital. The 3rd time going to move down to rent for one year of $ 600 to $ 470. And now it is done and said the owner and his wife separated and she says she no longer wnats the only place we get the payment book and he does. He leaves. But I have really scared to do this. We do not have the credit to go to the bank and get a loan for it. We just submitted chapter 7 last year due to a lot of medical bills .. I am at wits end tell Husband license says wait and see. So pay another month and then the bank rental returns then we have no money and no place to go.
I wanna move, hubby doesn't. Advice? Long but PLEASE help?3baseballfan2012-10-27 11:37:45
We have moved from an apartment I liked an old Victorian house that my brother owns, but not live Mainly because we moved fired me and my brother said he would not charge us rent. We have been here four months, and I hate it. I am grateful for what my brother has done, I really am, that's why I keep my mouth shut about these things, but I hate it and want to go. Originally we planned to stay for four years, but now I can not see staying here another summer. The main reason is they have no air conditioning. I know it sounds not a good enough reason, but my brother says he's not going to save a AC, and he did not have adequate wiring for a window unit and does not intend to fix it, so I said not to get used to the air . Today, it was 97 here. Since I have PCOS which makes me run hot, it makes me feel like I'm dying. Fans hardly help, I'm surviving on cold showers, and to stay out of the house. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There are other reasons though. I went from 10 minutes to an hour my mom my mom. I'm starting to fertility treatments and do not want to give birth away from my mom. She is my biggest support system, my rock, I love her more closely. In addition, we are so far from our school have to do online education that I like, and the local school is too expensive. Moreover, we do not live in the best neighborhood (understatement). It's a rough neighborhood. I hate it. I want to go. My husband thinks I should stay to save money, but we're not saving anything anyway because the house is so fucking great the MedlinePlus electric and water and everything is killing us, and there are savers by nature. MedlinePlus My idea is that our controls following school loans (which we use for bills) we should go back to the apartment I had before and worth paying a year's rent (no doubt we have enough to do). Just not sure, he said he is tired of moving. How I can convince him? I can not go another summer with the heat, especially if we have a baby. Pregnant and with a newborn to nearly 100 degrees in the house? Forget it.
Should I move now or wait a while?5Tosin osemeobo2012-11-02 03:45:02
I live in a housing project as one momw ith my 3 years old. is a terrible and horrible. Drugs , gangs, etc. .. I want out so bad. I did a search of full-time job for 2 months this summer and did not receive a single call back about a job . Right now my income is zero ( no income). I 'm making money and im student loans $ 65,000 in student loan debt . I'm in graduate school . I can go to a " base income " apartment is much nicer. The problem is that the rent is $ 550, plus utilities. The only way I can get to this is beyond my student loan $ $ (I have to return ). I have cavities that need filled , my car is old and dirty and needs work. All this is put off , so I can move to this new place and put all my loan of $ $ for rent. I can keep looking for a job, but so far I was unsuccessful , even with fast food. The only silver lining is that instant messaging in Section 8 waiting list im # 7. the site will move to take the bad section 8, so would not have to move twice . The problem is that this will be at least next spring and possibly another year and a half before I get it. (The list moves usually 6 or 7 spaces each spring then frozen until the spring following initial ). so if I get into next spring I'm good, but after that could be another year. What should I do ? also people below us in our current location to the drugs enter the room smells of my daughter. the mayor does not care and njiether the lady of the land , I have been reporting that all sumemr without success. HELP
Would you just move or wait until things work out?0HiPOLitO2012-09-15 21:46:05
I had my own place. I decided not to renew my contract and move in with a close family to help me save to buy a home and to help them (close relative) to make home improvements etc. with rent they pay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But the person who has bad credit and need repair in order to qualify for loans to renovate your home. Plus it can easily become irritated by little things. One thing that bothers me is that the person must have his tooth. So rather than do so, the person continually keeps his finger in his mouth playing with the tooth as a child, lol (myself for being annoying). Also the place we share is hot, there is no modern cooling system, small air conditioners do not work. I have to study for a big test coming in a month and the heat is distracting me. MedlinePlus So in my mind, it seems as if I have to wait for the person to repair your credit for loan quaity, etc and I have to take the heat and cold and less discomfort. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ok, I did not want to skimp uf additional details, but the person is older and does not make a lot of money. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you think I should move and pay the same amount of income to another person who is not in place to help a family member? If I move then how will a family member who is or get out of the situation fast? If I move, will not collect rent that can be used to help them out and get your house in order. If I move I could only give money here and there, but not as much as I give them for rent. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I move I feel that I am leaving, especially because they are older and have no one else really trust. Ironically, this same person helped another family member by signing a loan for them (another member of the fam) and a vehicle was stuck paying insurance payments. However, when I moved a few years ago, this person (my roommate course I'm trying to help) do not even go to the dollar store to make me play one U.S. dollar to wash my dishes rags, lol. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I stay and help them out or move and help myself? What are your thoughts and advice? Cold would not let hi and dri? Thank you.
If I move to work in Saudi Arabia, will I have to wait for a year before I can take a car or housing loan?2vicuna2012-11-03 00:48:02
The banks require you to have an experience of one year with the same employer ?
Family dilema?0N-COUNT-COLL 2012-08-20 16:15:02
Hi all ! MedlinePlus Here's my dilemma .. my brother went for a vacation of 2 months. He asked me to see him while he is there , but now a month on their "vacation " that is already having money problems . I had to borrow some money . MedlinePlus Now my concern here is that I have my ticket and I'm not sure if I should go or not ! MedlinePlus So basically , money is tight ! He said he has yet to go , but if I go, he is going to feel guilty . MedlinePlus How I can do ? !
Bought a car with an old title and now in dilema?0Plaster2012-10-27 09:11:14
So here's the deal, I bought a car given the title, the contract of sale and had all the information of the person. This was only a $ 1,000 car (basically a junker) and a fairly simple process. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll hand dmv in title with the intent to transfer to my name and instead I get my plates and title registration and a receipt. The DMV told me to get my title two weeks later in the mail. As was two weeks later I received a letter in the mail from them, never bothered to open and save it in the drawer and arrange for my title. I looked a few months later and realized that he had said he had an old title and had to receive the new, for the change of ownership. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I try to call the guy I bought the car and his phone is disconnected, so go home and empty. I ask the neighbors and they say they have moved. I can not get the new title or find a way to communicate with man. I looked at his name everywhere and can not find it. So call the DMV and ask what to do in the situation and was told I could go to the Missouri circuit court with proof of purchase and title transfer receipt and must be able to make me a title approval. I go to the circuit court and I have said it is the job of the DMV to do this and do nothing with the titles. I call the DMV again and not even listening to me because they say it is not their problem and to go to court. I called several numbers, both the Court and DMV only referred to the other. I do not know what to do in this situation or in the car. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is my car? If I have nothing to do with it as I can not find the man who sold it to me. I am told that he was cheated, but the car is very nice and do not see why it would be worth giving me a bad title for a junker. You can not borrow at him or anything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What department should I go and who I can call that can make this right? Or I can go without the title, provided they are registered in my name?
I have a Rent a Center dilema about pawning?0debb2012-09-16 10:20:12
I've been a customer rent a center for 5 years. I have rented several times and paid a lot of items through my years with them . He found a problem. About 4 months ago I ran into car trouble and work and had to pawn the merchadise to help pay medical bills I had. I'm not a person who lies kept paying for the items and admitted to rent a facility that the goods pawned . They agreed to refinance my loan at a lower rate to about 3.5 months, but as if he was never late . Since then I have been making payments on time. Now they have decided to file for bankruptcy to other matters not about rent a center . Under bankruptcy law I have to include all debts including rac . My lawyer says that because they can not pay rac put in my bankruptcy and I'll be able to pay by installments . I know that theft is when they initially intended to sell it, but I did not. My medical bills are taking over my income and I have to stay in a rock and a hard place . RAC talked to say that if I still had the good that I can come back , but not me. If they wanted to arrest me they should have done it when I admitted it. What can happen in this situation I will go to civil court and get sued , or should I let my lawyer settle this. If bankruptcy is discharged Throught that 's fine, but I have no problem paying . It is only now with attorney fees 'm going to be behind on your payments .
Sisters of the bride, Sister of the groom dilema...?2ashlin2012-09-27 16:08:03
Okay so my sister is getting married , me and my two sisters are bridemaids with the only sister of the groom . We are trying to come together to launch our sister a bachelorette party , but all obviously are not money . We want to rent a room that is paid by the board and the number of people eating ... Not expensive , like $ 10 a plate and obviously we will be paying for favors , centerpieces, etc. , we will not be super expensive, but we are not sure if the groom's sister will help pay . We've mentioned several times , but my sister , she broke seperatly let us know ( by choice , not work over time when offers / dropped out of college - no excuse) and the groom had to buy the dress for her BM , but regardless you need to know whether to pitch in to make our way to meet our spending limit ... we must go directly and ask "will have the money to split the costs with us ? seems a bit overwhelming for me . But to be honest I do not want to assume and be screwed because I am a college student 21 years of age , student working full time with a car loan , and bills to pay ... I feel better knowing that before planning ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition ... my sisters think that if she did not pitch in then you should not receive credit for it ... as in the invitation launched by : Sisters of the bride - it would be cruel of us to not include your name ? ! I mean I think it's kind of a bitch , but it is true that they are the ones who put our upmost time , effort and money to launch our sister a bachelorette party she will appreciate !
Brilliant Finance mind required to solve my dilema..?0Tomisha b2012-11-03 10:07:02
Just had to put my mother in a nursing home , home, she has two rental properties, and a small home , income from rent is equal to the rate of asylum . , Half resident is rented for small fee, and half is for when I visit . MedlinePlus The thing is that one of the rental properties , you need a new roof and updates. , And home resident also needs some roof repairs. MedlinePlus The savings account is nominal , and the houses are paid . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How I can get the repairs done? , W / or cash. MedlinePlus Should I get a small loan or mortgage? , I'm not sure how I will pay rent barely covers themback as nursing homes share .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How I can make this work ?
Am I selfish or is Hubby?4Dorian2012-10-24 04:51:02
We live in a small " SMALL" 3 bedroom house . That baught at age 21 , now 35 . We now have three children and three dogs and a baby on the way . We have NO other bills plus lots of credit cards and a car loan small . Both make good money and want a much larger home . He wants to wait until the bills are paid , I think we should move . One thing we will get out of debt , free and clear is if you sell your old car that is very worthwhile. He refuses and says its much it means to him and worked hard for it . And that's all I ever wanted to have a family addition . So I'm taking as he is putting the first car . They keep bad memories for me , I do not ride it and it only has two seats . Let's be a family of 6 now . Am I crazy , selfish , If I could I would sell everything he had to help move faster , our two- year-old is in our room , and now a baby in way.WTF . My rooms of other children are too young to share .
Hubby keeps getting into more and more debt?0haylo2012-11-02 23:09:02
I said we have 2 kids and my husband and have a car that we have a nice house .. but a problem that keeps getting car loans to change or buy new pieces ... Now he does not want his car received a loan out because he wants a new one .. I talked to him said, still have to look to 2000 for a thousand dollars and one for the wheels on it ... but he insists he now wants a bigger car that has been obsessed to get .. I know you 're going to drown in debt if you do .. MedlinePlus im already rescue cash wise .. he keeps asking the child benefit I get for the kids for your car .. I said as I need not sign for baby food and diapers and pay another package daughters lunch and travel money .. MedlinePlus I'm so stressed if I talk to him, he yells at me saying I'm controlling ... I'm not my former partner left me 10k in equity debt before takeoff and I know how bad he is trying to say that this does not work .... any advice please?

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