In a bit of a dilema. I say we need to move Hubby says wait it out.?

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We rented this house for four years tried to move several times and each time something has happened. But this time I feel I have to run. The owners are becoming a little shade for me. In the last 4 years I have received calls for the man all day and night time he learned that he was using our business number. I refer to the threatening calls. Then we have your email. So we took a bit of it for Monday night. Knowing that the man left .. Only married for three years. She said he left the deepest part of Christmas night. He hates his truck, his life, his job, his marriage, the house in which we live, the house they just moved on. The house we live in has that hates his clothes. Anything. Well, she says she just wants to give us the payment book and leave. The house needs a lot of repairs. It needs a new roof, a foundation Sills or replaced according to him, the insulation needs. This is a 150 year old house. I do not want the headaches of all you need to set it. I fear that if he decides to commit suicide and is still in his name. They can throw us heritage. Or your family can come to get out. Or you miss out on other bills and then the bank comes and takes him away from us after we paid a lot of money. I say run fast as we can. My husband says wait. Only I have a bad feeling. I know we've lived here for 4 years and have helped us in the past.1st time I wanted to change where Rent was going to be struck by lightning. The 2nd post of the lady who had ended up in hospital. The 3rd time going to move down to rent for one year of $ 600 to $ 470. And now it is done and said the owner and his wife separated and she says she no longer wnats the only place we get the payment book and he does. He leaves. But I have really scared to do this. We do not have the credit to go to the bank and get a loan for it. We just submitted chapter 7 last year due to a lot of medical bills .. I am at wits end tell Husband license says wait and see. So pay another month and then the bank rental returns then we have no money and no place to go.
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Go to and post your rented property along with photos , descriptions of problems and actions already undertaken . This website has displaced tenants rights for each state and would appreciate any submission other resource you can give.
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