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15000 secured personal loan collateral?2MATHA DION2012-11-02 09:43:02
Hello , I wanted to get a secured loan of 15,000 . I just wanted to know if I could use a savings account with 15,000 in it to use as collateral . No one knows exactly how it would work so please let me know the details . Also, if possible , what would be a good rate for this loan and has the best rates . Thanks is advance for any response .
Can you get a secured personal loan using a car that you are financing as collateral?3collective proper noun ADJ 2012-08-09 13:04:02
Can you get a secured personal loan with a car that you are financing as collateral?
Can a person with bad credit get a secured personal loan that has collateral?0love of this country2012-09-18 01:13:02
I am looking for a small personal loan between 500 - $ 1500 and has the title to my 2002 Ford Taurus ( great shape and fully loaded ) as collateral , but I have bad credit , is there any lenders out there that meet my criteria < br ? >
Secured personal loan for $5500 with collateral of $10000 with bad credit?1natahliee2012-10-15 12:01:03
This is the situation , I really want an ATV and I have been through my budget and you can afford it easily ( debt to income ratio = 25 % ) . The only problem I have is that my credit is bad ( less than 600) but I can make very good money , my wife has good credit ( above 700 ) and makes very little money per month . The local bank would atvs vehicles and accepts as collateral , I have a mitsubishi lancer 2003 ($ 4000) along with the value atv ( $ 6,000 ) as collateral. I need a loan of $ 5500 to get the atv and would like some input on the best way to go about applying for the loan . In other words , should I get first or the first in the application ?
If I file for charter 7 and I have secured personal loans(collateral) home goods;what happen with my stuff...?1mathstudent 052012-11-05 22:41:02
If the file letter of 7 and I have secured personal loans ( collateral) household items , what about my stuff ... ?
Can I get a secured personal loan if I have collateral that will cover the loan, but no credit history?0Kelai2012-08-19 10:19:02
? I can get a secured personal loan if I have collateral to cover the loan , but no credit history ?
Where can I get a $15000 personal loan unsecured with bad credit in the U.S.?3rose - Ms. Sue2012-10-26 18:10:02
I want to consolidate some bills to pay larger and some smaller , but I keep getting rejected. Can anyone help ? Does anyone have any suggestions?
I need help finding an unsecured $15000 personal loan for bad credit and I am desperate. Can anyone help?1suckatmath2012-09-27 15:08:03
I would consider almost any loan for any legitimate interest. The private lenders willing ?
I need a 15000 unsecured personal loan and have poor credit what can I do. Nothing is working!!!?0rav2012-08-15 18:49:02
I need a 15,000 unsecured personal loan and have bad credit , what I can do. Nothing works ! ?
Where can I get a legitimate unsecured personal loan with bad credit for $15000 without any advance fees?2friend2012-09-21 14:43:02
I pay all the bills and only have one monthly payment. It can come directly from my bank account if I can find a legitimate lender ? I've been looking and people are offering me a loan of 200-300 dollars upfront and I am very skeptical of this. MedlinePlus Any suggestions ? Help ! I need the money ASAP . MedlinePlus Thank you !
What can I use as collateral for a secured loan?0Kally2012-08-08 10:04:03
I realize that people use cars and houses as collateral for secured loans , but what else can be used as collateral?
Can i get a secured loan using an ipad 2 as collateral?4fishbowl2012-10-03 12:57:02
If I go to a local bank and get a loan of $ 1000 and put my new iPad 2 brand as collateral , would accept that. I have no credit history and I gross 2200 a month. So were going to take that?

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