I had unsecured personal loan from Nat west offshore bank, after ew months I stopped paying the loan? related questions

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I had unsecured personal loan from Nat west offshore bank, after ew months I stopped paying the loan?4luigi2012-10-07 11:49:02
and the number of checks guaranteed a fight of 5000 pounds because some finical difficulties , the Bank called me and said he will send the case to court , I offered the bank to repay the loan , but declined in my capacity without extra interest but the bank and will have plenty of time to cover the loan , now if the case went to court , the court can order the judge to Interpol police , and was charged Internatinal in Malaysia as NatWest has branch there , I have a citizen 's UK and working in Malaysia , the loan agreement with me and Nat west Isle of Man , and things did not happen with Natwest Malyasia , all my documents in bank fraud is not original .
Have you heard of R.V. Loans in Kingston Jamaica West Indies personal unsecured loans?1Smiley2012-10-24 12:05:02
Unsecured loans , but say you buy a policy to cover the payment Isurance if anything happens. Insurance West Indian name Insurance Corp.
What if late in paying a car loan & didn't pay my bank for 3 months ?2CHECK MY ANSWER PLEASE2012-11-04 15:23:03
What if the final payment of a car loan and not pay my bank for 3 months?
Is there a limit as to how many months I can choose to repay an unsecured personal loan for $1500?0Annabella Richards2012-08-19 14:45:02
I would like to extend the months out so it will be a lower monthly payment for me ? a bank would allow this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wanted to extend it to 18-24 months if I could
I finance a car for a friend, his name is not on the loan, he is got the car but he stopped paying,?14Shirley2012-09-10 16:10:02
now I have to pay for the car , but what I can get it back?
My brother stopped paying his car loans.I'm also on the loan. Just bought a house.?5Lincoln2012-10-24 19:25:03
I can not afford to pay their monthly loans . Both are on the loan . He did pay for the last 18 months. What will they do now ? Can they forced me to sell my house ? My brother has really bad credit history , so you can not refinance.
I stopped paying my car loan, and I still have a year left, it supposed to be repo'd, can I still pay it off?1SHAREEN2012-09-19 17:06:03
I stopped paying my car loan due to financial difficulties and have not paid , say , eight months . Repo Men have been looking , but I'm hiding somewhere discreet. I have one more year on the loan. ? I can pay the remaining balance and not get hit credit ? Will you continue in my car ? ? I can be taken to court and sent to the dwarf ?
Is it possible to get money knocked off an unsecured personal loan if you are almost finished paying it off?1Scooby102012-08-30 19:40:03
The payments are becoming a little more difficult to achieve these days so I wonder if there is something particular to say to get your lender to agree with her
What would happen if i stopped paying for a car?3Nastia2012-11-05 15:55:02
What if I leave my payment has been taken by a car that was volunteer completed almost a year ago , the car loan was canceled when they took the car back , but then I said that was part of the monthly payment of a personal loan and payments have continued what would happen if I just canceled it in the bank ?
Should I apply for an unsecured consolidation loan through a bank instead of paying off my credit cards?0jeannine2012-09-29 16:25:02
I owe $ 20,000 , and have a good credit history .. I just do not have any collateral .
I borrowed $6500.00 unsecured from a bank in 03/2005, can I end this loan without paying all the intersest?0JACQUELYNNE2012-09-26 20:42:05
I borrowed some of the unsecured debt of $ 6,500.00 in a bank 03/2005 , I have never been late until I lost my job in 10/2006 . My monthly payment is $ 227.00 and interest rate of 26 % , but have kept harassing me send me a bill for $ 6,243.92 and $ 989.32 up. making my total balance $ 7233.24 . Please advice me on how to solve this bank .
I've stopped paying my CC, what can I expect, and should I just file Bankruptcy?3Tha2012-09-11 21:43:04
Someone please help me solve this. I've been out of work for over the last two years. I recently started a job and I'm doing just enough to live on and has gone with a friend to save costs. I had perfect credit until now ... only 2 months I lost my first two payments on my credit cards and have not made a payment since. At first I told the CC company that I was not able to make a payment for a few months, but now I see that I have enough money to make a payment at all and I do not see that kind of money again in my current job . I see no possibility that higher pay, and believe me I've been applying for the past two years. My debt with the two cards is 20 k each, with a total of 40K in debt cc. Also I have 14K in student loans on top of that, what I just caught up payment. These debts are all school expenses, I thought I would be able to pay them off soon after school, but, but was not able to complete the program. My question is this ... if I do not pay my cc debt, no home or property, and my car is a pileup, have no dependents, eventually going to happen? I am already being called 13 hours a day by collectors and it's only been two months. Would it be better to simply filing for bankruptcy? My income was 43K 3 years ago, and now in the last two years have been a total of 15 K (mainly won the second half of 2008). If my credit is going to ruin anyway, why not just file chapter 7 bankruptcy if I have no way to pay in the next decade? Bankruptcy seems my only option, but I know I'm desperate and I hate to do something as drastic if there is a better way ... I just need to know what the best way is and what to expect. Please someone enlighten me. Thank you!

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