Poor Credit Loan Needed to IMMEDIATELY pay off back child support to avoid jail.?

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Asked at 2012-08-29 04:42:04
My husband is in arrears in child support, $ 8,500.00. I want to get a loan to pay this debt and catch up. For an explanation of the situation, read on. Otherwise, here are my criteria: We do not own a home, rent. I have a home based business for income document is harder for me than others. I own a car, is only worth $ 1,000.00. is a 1996 Mercedes E320. Also I have a 2000 Honda Passport yet not executed. Both are paid-off. I think the passport has a value of $ 500 cash. Both my husband and I have terrible credit and debt (see below why) and I need to get a loan (you can pay $ 250-300/mo. Payments on a loan.) Therefore, with this data, Are there lenders who provide that amount? ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus OUR HISTORY boring: MedlinePlus This is what happened: My husband was a child when he divorced, not hve one Atty. He yielded his life because he did not know and knew better than ever before that could change the amount of child support, etc. When they divorced, "reasonable visitation" was ordered (seven years. Ago), but his ex will not let you talk or watch the kids. She is actually in contempt, but that's another story. The ex-wife of my husband was paying child support 30% more than the guidelines require. I should have been paying $ 229 - $ 280 based on income. He makes $ 1,800 / month. His ex makes $ 80K + per year. She tricked him into paying $ 540/mo. in support then not allowed to see the children. That said, paid that crazy amount of support until he lost his job in 2008 and was never far behind. When he lost his job, could only afford to send $ 200 - 300/mo. instead of $ 540. He called the county and state, and he always said: "Do not worry, you can send it on a consistent basis," which he did, and he thought he was doing the right thing! Suddenly received a letter contempt. Of course I knew he was behind, but I thought that since he spoke with both the county and the state of South Carolina, which was fine and he would not go to jail because he was still consistently send at least half of what was due. Filed an amended two times in the last year once I realized what was happening after I looked at your divorce papers. had moved to live with me, because I could not afford to live anywhere that does not have rats and insects and sometimes could not buy FOD due to this high level of support. I'm not kidding! I saw where he lived. So, as I was sending out 1/3 of your gross income, after tax, and after their student loan payments, claimed about $ 20 a month for food. Living in rats ... So after seeing this, I helped her apply the reduction after seeing his papers when becme unemployed. NO HEARING DATE IS SET EVER! WHY? YOUR BEST FRIEND FOR EX-WIFE IS THE COUNTY CLERK IN THAT CASE THAT IS A POINT OF INTEREST. Nice, is not it? Therefore, applied for legal aid but we live in Florida and that the case is in South Carolina so no help there. you have to handle everything himself, because we all want lawyers in advance $ 5K. If we had $ 5K, then it would LIKE HIM IN MORA IS TODAY! (DUH. ..) So, that is why we are in default, he did not know that anything can be changed and I was paying what I thought was going to be, as told by the State. On a consistent basis. Now, that is not sent to jail, because if he goes to jail, then not be able to run the company with me, and therefore will go under, we need a loan to pay the arrears. Look, he's not the dd lazy, he's the kind of father he wanted to see his children, screaming on their birthdays and holidays all because he could not speak to them by a vicious ex-wife ... with their Christmas toys mailed back "return to sender ..." and the fact that it has been consistently paying and wants to work to keep paying - but we have to avoid jail now. To avoid this, I have to reach the entire arrears amount immediately. MedlinePlus ((I can not believe they treat parents like this: pay every cent of that ordered $ 540 for 6 years before becomming uneployed, then reported its unemployment and ws then said "just keep paying what you can, consistently. "did ... Now theyre trying to put in jail?
Answer1SanjayAnswered at 2012-09-01 14:38:03
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Answer2LanlinAnswered at 2012-09-01 15:14:03
You do not qualify for a personal loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will not say anything more , because I'm biased here, being a single mother who struggled for years with a husband like her ex-husband , who seemed to think he was paying child support when he felt like it or could afford instead to make every effort to pay . Make partial payments is not good enough when your children need to eat or you need to pay your rent . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Maybe he can work something out with the Family Court . He does not need a lawyer to appear . If not , be prepared to visit him in prison . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 0x
Answer3~{HAPPY FACE!!}~Answered at 2012-09-07 23:50:03
Therefore I suggest you file bankruptcy if finances are so bad . This will not comply with the child support , but could you put two in a better position to catch up on child support payments . It is a terrible situation and I do not like the way the system works . You have a father doing everything possible to do the best we can to support your children and you have a vindictive ex who just wants to make life miserable for him.
Answer4New Endless Love,Answered at 2012-09-29 16:42:03
As loans go, you will find almost impossible to find a legitimate loan company to give you a loan . However, you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy . The way it works the child support that is considered a secured debt and will have to pay , but you pay in small amounts over a period of 3 -5 . My sister had her license suspended for child support and looking to go to jail . His lawyer advised him to file a chapter 13 and when he did allowed her to get your liscense back and not go to jail . Then just pay your regular monthly support plus monthly bankruptcy. The good news is that with a Chapter 13 most lawyers do not require payment in advance and included in the bankruptcy . The next problem you have is South Carolina . My ex - husband lives there and when I went after him for child support I was told that I was lucky because they are one of the strictest states when it comes to child support. I know they are a state that actually considers the income of the parent without custody and parental authority . They also look at the legal obligation of the non-custodial parent to support a new family . The problem is that not only takes into account new biological or legally adopted children . If a child step that do not care or have that child as their obligation to support.I Hope this helps. And by the way , if you have court papers again and not get a court date because his best friend who works there , go to the papers or someone higher up in court because it is breaking the law by not allowing papers to go threw the system just to protect her friend . Good Luck .
Answer5JennyBAnswered at 2012-10-09 14:17:28
Lenders generally want a small loan that paid back within a year or two. I will assume an interest rate of 15% (would not surprise me if greater). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It 1 year would have to pay 767.20 MedlinePlus month. A note would have to pay two years MedlinePlus 412.14 a month. A note three years would have a payment of 294.66 MedlinePlus month. MedlinePlus Lenders will likely be limited to one year option that is beyond their ability to repay. Some may go by footnote 2 years, but still out of their ability to pay. There will be very few make the grade three years, which is just within its stated capacity to pay. Even if you can find one like this, find one who is willing to overlook their credit, income and lack of guarantees will be very hard MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus Like I said, lenders would probably want a higher rate of interest you unsecured, bad credit, and is difficult to measure income. This could easily make up the payments. Say a lender wanted 20% instead of 15% in the 3-year option. That adds another $ 20 to the monthly payment which means you pay an extra $ 720 for the loan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The types of lenders who would be willing to give a loan like this would also be the type who are very keen to add all kinds of fees and penalties. These are the guys who like leech of people in a bad situation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You probably should not try to get a loan on your current financial situation. I know that sounds like it would solve their problems, but probably only get deeper. You may find that the lender stripped of money through interest and fees. You should see if you can find a financial advisor through the government that can help you solve your financial situation. There are programs out there to help people. These people do not give loans but can give you advice on what you can do. They vary from area to area so you may have to do a little looking.
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