I'm looking for auto financing, credit,loan. I have poor credit but an income of about $60,000 a year.? related questions

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I'm looking for auto financing, credit,loan. I have poor credit but an income of about $60,000 a year.?0levon2012-08-29 02:53:06
I'm trying to buy a car , a car specific Quattoporte 2005 Maserati M139 . I have $ 5000 so i need $ 27,000 to finance about 70 % of its value . I have bad credit , but with my other self and have a combined income of $ 60,000. I expect a rate of 20 % , or $ 750 a month not scar me . Does anyone know of a private lender will take me or maby tell me a way to find a lender ? I will refinance the latter only need the loan now .
Harley-Davidson financing with poor credit but good income????0Sage2012-09-16 23:08:08
I was approved for a car loan , but rather a Harley- Davidson.The Harley ( here in New York ) , I could not pass me without a co - signer and that I have no available.I the dealer I went to use limted amount of lenders if you use more than one .. Does anyone know or where I can find a lender offering motorcycle loans for people with poor credit.I have searched the Internet, but I'm not finding much in the motorcycle loans go.I prefer to save for a car loan when the new Camaro is offered at the end of next year ,
I have real poor poor credit and i need a auto loan can any one help?1sandie2012-11-03 06:36:02
my credit score is 518 an i need a car that I have a $ 1,000 down and work very well to good paying him for two years , but is the car I have now is going to stop working in a week, so that's why you need a car loan anyone knows any good loan comany that help people with bad credit
Auto loan and bad credit, Anyone know of online Auto Financing lenders which Offer Bad credit Auto Loan?0Britanny2012-09-24 19:30:03
Auto loan and bad credit , anyone know of online lenders that offer auto financing bad credit auto loans ?
Need to secure financing for a poor credit vehicle loan?1shawntae2012-10-27 13:19:04
I'm trying to buy a car from a private party for about $ 23,000. I have about $ 11,000 to put cash, but need funding for rest.I only have a 540 credit score . Does anyone have experience in auto loans that can send me to an institution that offer this type of loan . Is it easier to get a loan if your buying from a dealer ? Please do not send me to a website to order a million different loans . I'm looking for specific information from a person who has done this or knows anything about it. thanks MedlinePlus
Auto-financing / Car Loan for a low income person?1megajolt2012-11-04 13:44:03
Hello , I am a person of about twenty-five, who lives in Canada. I want to buy a used car or second hand was around the $ 7000 - $ 10,000, but my salary is only 8 per hour. Is it possible for me to get car loan from bank. No expenses such as rent and I live in my family home I have no student loans to pay. How much down payment I have to do and there will be other expenses while buying a car. I also want to know how to check a credit score. Usually pay my bill credit card on time .. Does that mean I have a good credit score ? Please help . thanks
Auto-financing for low income person?1Misty2012-09-26 22:08:05
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a person of about twenty-five years, living in Canada . I want to buy a used car or second hand ranged around MedlinePlus $ 7,000 - $ 10,000 , but my salary is only 8 per hour. Is it possible for me to get car loan from bank. MedlinePlus No expenses such as rent and I live at home with my family or I have to pay any student loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How much down payment do I have to be there and other costs when buying a car . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I want to know how to check a credit account . I usually pay my bill credit card on time .. Does that mean you have a good credit score ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help . MedlinePlus thanks
My credit score is 511, does anyone know who will finance an auto loan with credit as poor as mine?0blanca2012-10-19 19:34:29
I have to buy a car that is safe for my 14 weeks old and I , and I have some very bad credit . 511 to be exact . Does anyone know of a bank or online bank to go for a loan . I have good income , and a little below. Any information helps ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh .. just so you know that I have a fellow sighner , and there is no possible way you could get one .
Where can I get a home loan if I have poor credit and no income (read more)?1Zenit2012-10-27 12:01:03
Is there somewhere you can apply online ( NO SPAM , I will report ) MedlinePlus to get a first time home owners loan? MedlinePlus I have bad credit and currently have no income , but I have a little money saved up until you find a job. But I would have enough to pay my bills and everything for a couple of months . MedlinePlus I also havent worked in a while . I lived with my parents who do not pay anything, so we save money . Now I'm renting and paying $ 800 for rent and I know for less or a little more than I could have my own place . MedlinePlus Rather not concered about cleaning credit at this time. MedlinePlus I am looking for a mortgage of only about $ 65k , there are several houses that ar e foreclosure sale for super cheap! MedlinePlus Any help ? MedlinePlus serious answers and please do not be rude
Where can someone with poor credit but very good income get an unsecured loan for $6500?0ee2012-10-02 11:00:04
Where can someone with bad credit , but good income to obtain an unsecured loan for $ 6500 ?
How do I get a vehicle when I have low income and poor credit?2krystall2012-09-29 19:03:02
I have a $ 2500 accident that left my car. $ 300 I need to license any car you have, and maybe another $ 200 for expenses that have arisen ( hire and work missed ) . I do not know of a way to get a loan because my credit was ruined when he could not pay a medical bill and was turned over to a collection agency . I do not , and have never had a credit card . I make minimum wage job I've had in the last 13 + years and am in poor health , so you can not get an additional job or better job , even if one was available ( that have not been , I have been regularly reviewing ) . The cheapest car I've found in the city is $ 4800. The rental car I'm using is draining what little money he had saved, so it is not possible to avoid more than a couple of days . Please someone help me figure out what to do, I'm lost and depressed .
I have a really poor credit score how can i fix it in one year?4JMP2012-08-11 18:01:03
my credit card is 400 I think I have a really bad car loan and some other debts I have to pay , since im not workin at the moment is a bit difficult to make the payments you owe $ 5000 in my planning im cars to pay next year when I get my refund and I hope to pay those other bills How long does it take to get my score of 600 or better Thanks .

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