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ARMY RESERVES CLRP question?0rodrick2012-08-28 23:25:04
is the army reserves or National Guard offers college loan repayment for all jobs / tasks defined ? if only certain jobs , does anyone have any idea what it could offer jobs for ?
Army reserves to active question?0Bria2012-09-11 01:43:03
If I book , and decide I want active after AIT , how long I have to wait to get active ? there is a constraint that a time . Also, what happens to my reservation contract ? What should I do to change jobs ? What about the second half of my cousin ? Also what happens , the money you pay the college was going to get it? It also does a laptop benefit from student loans which are repayable by the army ? only people who have been in this situation , or have a vision answer please .
In the army, can I get CLRP (College loan repayment) and then pay to get the post 9-11 GI Bill?0Goodman2012-09-16 23:55:06
Therefore, there is contradictory information aware of this. I asked my recruiter and he said he can only get a "benefit " for enlistment which seemed quite reasonable . So I said usually people use RAC for enlistment and then have the option to pay in the post 9-11 GI Bill during his second enlistment for use after his second term is over. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But a little research on my own and found that there are people who have used both the RAC and paid into the post 9-11 GI Bill in his first enlistment . So what 's the problem ? For those in the military , or are in the process of incorporation , what you have experienced / heard ?
Joining the Army Reserves!?0M.J Montgomery2012-11-05 19:05:40
T I am staring my 3rd year of college tomorrow. For the last two years I have been forced to resort to loans which seems utterly pointless since I will be joining the army as soon as I get out of college. My question is should I take a break from college after this semester and join the reserves since it will not only get a jump start on my military career but pay for my remaining schooling. and How hard is it to go from reservist to active duty.
Does the Army's College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP) pay for all of your student loan debt (up to 65k)?0Ignatz2012-09-20 02:27:04
- Or just make the monthly payments on your debt while you are serving on active duty ?
Can you tell me everything you know about joining the Army Reserves the recruiters don't tell you?2Wale2012-10-05 14:30:04
My wife is thinking of joining the Army Reserve , and want to know everything about her. MedlinePlus His recruiter told him he would receive a $ 20,000 sign on bonus is this true and how long it takes to get there . MedlinePlus How long is the training for a post office? MedlinePlus Your requiter told that I would receive loan repayment for school is this true and how much. MedlinePlus How much money is created as an E3 ? She already has two years of college under his belt . MedlinePlus How long does it have to be discharged ? MedlinePlus Is it a good idea to also join the ROTC . The requiter said he would make more money for this and only have to drill once a week. Is there anything else that enters the ROTC ? MedlinePlus What if you become pregnant while enrolled ? MedlinePlus And generally what needs doing requiters told you? MedlinePlus She scored quite low in the asvap would retake is there any benefit to get more if she does not want to change jobs ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for all the information that will be very useful
Army Reserves a good way to pay for college?0emfn2012-08-22 14:08:24
Ok , so here's my game plan . I have about 40-50 college credits at this time. I need 63 for my associate degree and then I think the transfer to a 4-year college in the state . In recent months I have installed on my mind that I will join the army in one way or another . Im leaning towards the Army Reserve at the time and the reason is because I want to be able to attend college full time while in the Reserve. I am aware that the Army will support me financially through college with SLRP ( student loan repayment program ) , Kickers ( someone please elaborate) , Drill pay and possibly signing bonuses ? Now , how much of this is what really give .. sounds too good to be true . Moving on .. So once I received my degree I plan to start as an officer and serve another term of the contract . Now , my next question is , does the booking contract excess tack official time in my contract ? Also, if I want to become a ranger in the future so I better MOS reserves until active preparation ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yes, it's all over the place but thanks for your advice .
Chance of being deployed - Army Reserves?1latham2012-10-09 06:30:02
Boot Camp is August 14 and ended January AIT will I joined for several reasons : money for school, meet people, discipline , just that feeling of being able to relate to someone immediately . My goal for the future is to get an Associate of networking from my community college and then transfer to a 2 and finish my degree . I've looked at the programs and everything will transfer , so no problems . Recently I've been talking to some reservists in a forum and was told that many of them / friends have been deployed there , some right after AIT . I will miss the fall '12 semester BCT and AIT and I have plans to resume college in the spring of '13 , but after talking with the guys , I'm afraid it will not work quite that way. I am a cook ( 92G ) and there was a bonus 2k and 20k loan repayment. My recruiter said it was a good job , but I'm not sure how much demand there (which is one of the variables that determine if implemented ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am in favor of serving my country , but the reason I joined the Army Reserve was to focus on school and not be deployed for over a year, losing in the school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know no one can give me a straight answer, but any thoughts ? No cooks ( 92G ) are implemented much ?
I enlisted in the Army Reserves, but now I'm think about the National Guard.?0Addi2012-08-26 23:05:16
March 11 I joined the Army Reserve as 89B Ammunition Specialist . Some of my benefits are stability mobility two years (which means that you can implement for the first two years , unless something big happens ) , MGIB kicker 350 and 20k student loan repayment . I do not ship out until June 2 and was wondering if it was possible if the National Guard and has nothing better to offer to the school .
Does the Army Reserves have ad-so for student loan repayment?0Freakafreak out, please help2012-09-14 10:42:04
My husband is in the Army ROTC program is responsible and when he wants to be in the Army Reserve . He was told that if I went active duty and could an ad - year contract and the Army could pay up to $ 25,000 in student loans . Does the Army Reserve have this too?
Should I go air force reserves or army active duty?1Michaelia2012-10-25 09:41:02
Ok , I passed the ASVAB ( score above 50) . My recruiter told me that my debt ratio is high and it woul have to submit a waiver to get into the air force. I have to pay a credit card that is in collection ( $ 3,000 ) or pay 25 % of it and get my credit. Also I have a car payment of $ 499.81 and my half of the rent is $ 330. I usually take home between $ 650 - $ 777 every month for 1 and 15 . My recruiter told me that my credit problems for the care of the creation of a payment plan and you have proof that you are caring and work on getting my debt by May or June , and then put in a waiver or may not I will need a guess . I also told him I'm going out of my apartment so I should reduce my debt ratio. I talked to an Army recruiter and told me that my problem credit ( s ) would not be a problem and wants me to sign on Tuesday for the trial of the deputies . My question is do you feel MedlinePlus As would be better for me to wait and take care of the issues of credit and debt ratios and request the Air Force ? Or should I say hit and go active duty army now and get that money ? I know the quality of the air force of life is claimed to be generally better than any other branch , but the army will take me on as e -4 ( Air Force E -3) and pay up to $ 65, 000 for the student loan ( $ 10,000 Air Force max ) .... What do you think would be the best way to go ? ( ps- if you 're wondering why I'm running to join a branch ... is because my work can be removed on or before June )
Can I join Army reserves or Nat Guard with this profile?3Vonsell2012-08-20 15:50:04
Does anyone have a look at my profile and let me know if you qualify for a position within the reserves or National Guard as a 09L interpreter / translator. Let me know if there may be problems after enlistment - and what to expect if I am bound by contract, without hope of entering the program. - Age 38 - Male - Caucasian - married without children - Permanent resident in the state of MS - Excellent fit, very active - BA degree (Psychology), high school diploma from hometown - Ten years working as a consultant for oil / gas company's contract management and competitive intelligence, experienced offshore - Proficient in English, Portuguese (semi-proficient with speaking / reading Persian / Arabic) - Eagle Scout, avid hunter / outdoorsman - Set own / operate small businesses in the town (the financial health) - Owner / homeowner with no significant debt (mortgage + 1 small credit card) - Currently student loan rehabilitation - Conviction -> misdemeanor possession of marijuana / paraphernalia concealed weapon + (August 2000 - North Carolina - family vacation) - awaiting forgiveness through North Carolina government - Two traffic tickets + load drivers license expired -. No history of drugs post-August 2000 - Solid family ties (. No divorce, abuse, etc) Not sure if I'm leaving out the details (you can add if necessary), but that's my idea immediately. My biggest concern is to obtain security clearance for this position, more to get a seat at the language school if I am approved through testing, etc. .. I am also thinking to apply for a position that requires a secret security clearance with a government contractor, completing the term of the contract and perhaps recruit before turning 40 next year. This may give me more time to review in my Persian / Arabic and be more specific dialects. Possible for me to be able to go all the assets in one year from wife to finish school and have ability to move

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