My husband has a lot of student loans from chiropractic college. We can't afford the loan repayment.? related questions

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My husband has a lot of student loans from chiropractic college. We can't afford the loan repayment.?1EDGAR2012-11-05 03:39:02
The monthly amount we are being asked to pay is unaffordable . We offered to pay less for a longer period of time and were denied . Is there anyone else in this situation ? Does anyone know our options ? We truly want to return the amount but are doing the impossible .
If You Can't Afford College, Could You Afford It With Mostly Student Loans?0marmot2012-08-15 04:33:02
Student loans could pay for my bedroom and such - I've been going to college part time for two years, only took twelve hours so far. And I have paid almost all of my college tuition , either pale or donations in cash , however , I have $ 600 in student loans, I would have to start paying in March - I really feel it's time to go to college - I am considering attending the University drop 09 ' -
How can my husband afford to go to college to be a nurse practitioner if we make to much for Financial aid?1alimamy2012-10-22 06:29:55
He really wants to go to school and I want him in this, but I
What can I do to get a car loan off my name. I'm a college student and con't afford to pay it.?2panther, puma2012-09-10 10:27:04
The loan was taken out by my dad for a truck I wanted and did not want to get approval for that he asked me to sign so I did. BIG mistake. There have been a couple of late payments and I wan't this affect my credit. Is there anything I can do to transfer without penalty to me. I tried re - financing under his name , but he will not get approved for credit sucks.
Is it easier to afford a car as a high school student or as a college student? in HS a car and cell phone are?1Michel2012-10-25 01:14:02
usually the only expenses (I know some parents charge income at age 16, but many do not) , but have fewer hours they can work . Moreover, as a college student , you have to pay tuition ( not all students can borrow to pay full tuition ) , rent, utilities , food , insurance, etc and the car , but it can work more hours . Thus, in general , when it is easier to produce a car ?
Is it easier to afford a car as a high school student or as a college student?0Teria2012-09-23 02:16:02
usually the only expenses (I know some parents charge income at age 16, but many do not) , but have fewer hours they can work . Moreover, as a college student , you have to pay tuition ( not all students can get loans to pay full tuition ) , rent, utilities , food , insurance, etc and the car , but it has more hours you can work . Thus, in general , when it is easier to produce a car ?
How can I afford internet as a college student?0Martina2012-09-22 16:23:03
I have 19 years and live at home while attending community college . Currently I have two summer jobs and I'm looking for one to have during the year . However, despite the fact that I live in the house , I am often able to access the Internet , as it is the plan of my parents and put restrictions on it . My work and my schooling Both rely heavily on the Internet for projects and homework , sending / receiving homework, research and networking. The Internet has serious impact on me unavailability , considering my need for this comprehensive course , is obvious. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It seems that since my parents choose to control the use of their own plan , the use of internet is no longer a viable option for me , as its reliability when put against the demands of my schedule is very unbalanced . You can not depend on your Internet to be available when I need it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My problem lies in the fact that , while working two jobs , I'm struggling to raise money in the face of college tuition and loans , textbooks , the cost to be modified , a cell phone bill , car insurance and maintenance costs , and I 'm struggling to stay afloat financially . With all these factors in mind , how I can pay online , in order to further explore and succeed in pursuing a career in medicine ?
What to do for a college student stuck living with parents to afford it?0Tahjae2012-10-10 21:49:31
I have 21 years old and still lives at home because I go to school and can not afford to live on my own. It says on the FAFSA that my parents make a lot of money, so they can not borrow to move. I end up owing the school about $ 800 per semester, plus the cost of books, around $ 1,000 to buy cars for the year. I spoke and asked for financial assistance to help me and my parents tell me to do much and my grades are very average. I can not qualify for scholarships in the amount of my parents and my grades to average. I have to work around 30 hours - full time a week to afford to go, they also influence my notes. My parents can not and I will help. They spend money on tax returns that are tax deductible to the students and as a dependent, so it is out of the question too. This is not illegal, as are claiming me as a dependent. I looked at him and asked. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am completely independent and pay for everything myself. I buy my organic foods can be expensive, but I have a thyroid problem and try to take good care of my body. They will eat my food, even when they have no food. Also whenever I have to pick up things for my house very often and do not get paid back because I live there rent. Also stuck doing chores and carrying my little sister everywhere because he refuses to learn to drive. They are helping with the books when they start college soon and has never worked. I do not see them consistently told her that she lives rent free and not nearly as much as I do at home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want out so bad because no matter how much food you buy is always eaten by someone else and plus I'm exhausted. I just want to do well in school to get into graduate school. I can not do well because of all the things you have to do just to get to school. MedlinePlus My parents also say that when I move I are taking your health, so I would not be able to see a dr for as cheap as I do now for my thyroid problem. I feel like they want me stuck here to take care of things at home. If I express my opinions in the least threatening to kick me out. I have a family that could live with but they live far away for me to go to school and I can not transfer schools so close to my graduation. I also can not live in BC bedroom flat-out do not you can afford. My grandparents help me as much as you can and have given me a car and sometimes help me buy books, but can not afford to help pay for a room or apartment. MedlinePlus All suggestions are greatly appreciated! It was not a question so long looking for advice. I can not tell a short story to save my life. Just want to know if anyone else in a similar situation and what they do to survive. I would like some information on cheap government housing or any option like that.
Poor college student cant afford traffic ticket. help?3Vientiane2012-10-26 08:36:47
0Hi , I just got a ticket for $ 130. I 135 in 2 weeks off of non-federal work study . I have a car loan 145, a phone bill 50, and 87 insurance , which now will go up because I have not had my license for 2 years w / or receive a fine. If you can do the math on how much I am - $ 12 per month for only my bills . Luckily my dad gives me 50 a month . that leaves me $ 38 , which most likely will gas or food . What I can do to lower it. Im in college full time. So I can not do any community service / jail time .
Physician assistant vs chiropractic?0Linta2012-09-13 14:43:04
I know these two fields do not match, as medical science is holistic vs . I've been accepted into the DC program , but I decided to end my only Undergrad and not continue my studies DC , telling myself that modern medicine is the best way forward , people in this world wants to get prompt treatment as patience is not a virtue more. I have no problems against what chiropractors do anything , nor do I have problems with the MD is , in my opinion , the two are in it for the money either produced and livestock , or the idea of helping others feel better . I am a hybrid in this situation , he departed from CC B / c I do not like the commercial aspect , being extremely hard to succeed as a DC in this economy , thus running a business in one go and sell yourself constantly to repay a loan of $ 250K ( IE miserable first 10 years ) . I felt like I wanted to be even in medicine , but making sure I had a safe position for the rest of my life , and do not come and go in search of patients come to my practice . I would like some opinions on whether chiropractic is the best way forward in today's world , or rather into modern medicine , in a certain way or opinions you have of it . which is really the best way to go , how can anyone be successful in helping others , it is a mistake away from a program that is already accepted ( DC ) and possibly wait a few years to be accepted into medical school or PA programs , or is actually a better choice to study medicine no matter how long it takes? any opinion help ... Thank you.
Student loans...advice husband has great lakes student loans...what are his options?0popcorn9112012-08-22 02:33:24
Hello ... my husband is 80 $ 000 student loans with large lakes . He thinks he had originally federal student loans and consolidates them with great lakes but is totally useless when it comes to finances , so I'm trying to find some information . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it still considered its loans or federal loans are consolidated while private now ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If he / it can rebind your student loans with another company ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Great Lakes are a good company ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you have any other options to lower your monthly payments ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice is welcome . I've never had a student loan , so do not know the territory !
Can my Husband and I afford a baby?11Ruba2012-09-15 08:34:03
I have 23 and my husband is 25. Before anyone gets into a nervous wreck , my husband and I have been together for 6 years and married 2. Both have college degrees, stable jobs and own our own home. This is what our finances are Mortgage 990 ( including PMI , insurance , taxes, etc. ) 1 176 cars Car 2 255 Insurance 150 248 students Cell 130 Cable / Int 60 Water 35 80 Elec Nat Gas 20 225 gas cars Total: $ 2,369 Our take-home income is $ 3,600. We have no debt of the major credit card ( maybe $ 20 - $ 40 in total) My health insurance is paid in full through my work. Our house is only a couple of years so we have no major repairs. We ove between 6 and 8 k both cars and about 35k in student loans. We are concerned that it will not be able to afford this financially. We're stocking up on diapers, wipes , clothes, crib, stroller , playpen, car seat , high chair and more to help alleviate the cost. Oh , we have about 5k in savings plan and duplication before the baby is born . We had hoped to begin this December. Is there something we are forgetting ? The financial costs are we missing ? ? So basically the food is $ 1,200 less and incidentials for us , enough to raise a baby ?

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