Can I setup a repayment deduction for my students loans? related questions

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Can I setup a repayment deduction for my students loans?2emmi2012-11-05 20:10:03
So each paycheck " X " amount goes automatically , like any other deductions ?
Do UK immigration check the repayment terms of any loans international students may have taken out?0no comment2012-10-15 20:46:07
No UK immigration check the repayment of loans to international students may have signed ( in their own countries ) to cover their fees and living costs ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For example , you may review the scheduled loan payments and refuse a visa on the basis that they do not
Can I get tax deduction on my student loan repayment?2lachelle mitchell2012-09-02 17:12:02
I repaid my student loan into grace (within six months after I got a job ) period , so do not pay any interest on it . They charged me only $ 50 processing of Wells Fargo I payed the loan in full . All my loans were subsidized federal student loans . The total amount paid back was 13,500. Is there any way to use this amount to get the deduction on my tax refund 2011? MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
Can we get the Deduction U/S 80C of INCOME TAX ACT on the repayment of loan taken for House Property?1tammie2012-09-24 12:21:03
Can we get the deduction U / S 80C of Income Tax Act made ​​loan repayment Property House?
Info required on Income Tax deduction for education loan repayment.?0kayle2012-09-23 08:58:03
I have taken education loans in 2004 . MedlinePlus Will I be able to get the deduction of income tax in accordance with Section 80E of the amount you paid for early repayment of education loan for 2008-09 ?
Repayment of housing loan taken by salaried person from cooperative society is eligible for deduction u/s 80C?1Canny2012-10-10 15:21:02
This is regarding the statement of income of individual asseessee fy = 2008-2009.
Is there a program for tuition repayment for law students if they work for a nonprofit following graduation?0Chelcie2012-08-21 14:07:03
I heard there is a program that will make your student loan payments after graduation if the student goes to work for a nonprofit organization . Is this true , specifically in Florida ?
Are there any college loan forgiveness/repayment programs for Native American students in Illinois?1d2012-10-19 19:53:03
I'm about 12 % of Native Americans (mixed Sioux, Cherokee and Blackfoot ) and I'm curious if anyone knows of any loan forgiveness / repayment programs I could use . I live in Illinois and attended Illinois State .
Non-Business Bad Debt Deduction: Consolidated Student Loans?0joe jonas2012-08-17 17:04:30
¿ I can claim a bad debt than half of my ex -husband of consolidated student loans ? Our state of the court decree that he owes me half the monthly payment each month. If he did not pay the annual amount of 12/31 , I can take the exemption for our two children. (Otherwise , we would each take an exemption. ) I have already filed for 2011 and took the entire student loan interest deduction and the exemptions of both. He goes out of business and it is doubtful that will ever be able to pay me half in the coming years. Would it be possible to take the student loan interest , exemption, and a bad debt deduction for the amount of current year ? Or do I have to compensate with profit recognized in other places? Or is this possible deduction of bad debt ?
Business setup in UAE0 James2018-07-15 01:06:42
Hi everyone.. I am new member in this forum. I am here to get the best option to my question. Actually I am planning to setup a business in Dubai, and I have gone through list of business consultancy with who I can seek help to set up my business easier and faster. And then I came across AURION. I am really impressed with their professional service without any delay in time and everything from their clients for company registration in UAE . So what is your opinion regarding the same.  
Can you claim your 2006 taxes that the govt took for student loans on your 2007 return as a deduction?0Maximo2012-11-04 20:24:43
I had defaulted student loans in 2006 so the govt took my whole refund in order to help pay off my student loans. Well my loans are no longer in default and I know there's a place for student loan interest to be taken off of your AGI but I wasn't sure if I could claim this amount or not. I know the money that I have paid off to get them out of default I can claim but I'm wondering about the money that the govt took. And if so where could I find some info on this subject, I've looked high and low and the irs. gov website doesn't really give you a clear defition of what counts and what doesnt.
Best way to setup a recurring payment between two people.?0D.Martin2012-11-06 02:20:32
My Girlfriend loaned some money to a family member and we want to setup a recurring payment to automatically pay my girlfriend back. (otherwise she wont get her money back). We don't want to use checks as we dont want to risk bouncing a check. What service can we use that has the lowest fee? The total amount is $800 likely to be paid in increments between $30-$50 a month(not variable, we just havnt decided what amount we should ask for) Any Ideas? Paypal charges fairly high fees and her sister will likely use a debit card or bank account to pay(ACH) incase that matters.

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