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Navy Public Affairs Officer Question, please help.?1Raymone2012-10-05 04:36:03
I'm a sophomore in college majoring in political science and I'm pretty sure I want to be a Navy ODP . But I have a couple of questions before I approach a recruiter : MedlinePlus 1. After bootcamp , what does the training involve? MedlinePlus 2. What is the salary of a PAO ( just wanna make sure that I am financially secure ) MedlinePlus 3. ? I can defer payments on my college loan , while I go for my training ? MedlinePlus 4. I want to go to college . Does the Navy pay for my college after bootcamp ? MedlinePlus 5. Would you be working in an office or in the field ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the time to look over all these questions .
I need a public trust security clearance to marry my fiance (officer in the navy). Will my bad credit hurt?0darnika2012-09-20 08:20:03
I have a bad credit score (442) because of late payments on credit cards and my car . Since then I have made ​​arrangements with all my creditors and since August , all my payments will be completely precise . I have only about $ 5000 in credit card debt to be paid in one year . I have student loans, but all are in good condition . Not that I have a lot of debt , just not made ​​timely payments . I was refused permission ?
AIR FORCE RESERVE PUBLIC AFFAIRS?0Donnie2012-09-28 19:28:04
I live in Louisville , KY and nearby air force base is several hours away . I know many Navy and Army Reservists drilling in Louisville , although there is no base located there. Does the Air Force Reserve do the same for people who live in this area ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very interested in public affairs , but it seems that the other branches do not have many openings for these jobs . For some reason , it might be easier to come from the air force ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In that sense , this work does not qualify for a Loan Repayment Program in the AF Reserve ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
The Navy or Air Force as an Officer?4Zann2012-09-15 20:02:07
I have a meeting with an official recruiter for the Air Force this week. What are some things I do? Moreover, almost 'm looking to join the Navy. After investigating the site, I found out that they have a student loan repayment program later it would be great for my titles I'm still paying. After talking with a counselor online AF, said the FA is not offering anything like that right now. I would like to know some opinion (preferably from a person in AF or Navy ) in these branches of the military advice and more for me to make a good choice . Thank you.
Is there anyway to enter the Navy as an Officer with a bachelors?2Kit2012-10-07 02:42:02
To be more precise, I want to go as an officer for the Hospital Corpsman. He has a degree in media arts, is in no way related to the pharmacist or the medical field, I know. I'm already enlisted E-3, currently in late entry and has the option of putting in an official package. The only thing is that official recruiter told me there are vacancies in grades selection at this time, three to be exact, none of which are from the pharmacist. Is there any way I could go as an officer and still keep my contract Corpsman rating? What about going from a Warrant Officer? Or ... How long do I have to wait to apply for a warrant officer? And if we Warrant Officer in the future, I'll keep my current capacity? I know these questions may seem basic, but the recruiting officer was less than helpful / knowledge and I'm getting conflicting information from them and my recruiter high. Okay if I have to wait a few years, I would much rather do something I like to be stuck pushing papers for a job you hate. I did very well on the ASVAB, received the honors college, a few years experience working in my field, and through the ASVAB scores and physical examination to qualify for any job in the Navy . I joined without signing bonus, I have yet my debt to pay for college (or was loan repayment plan or the GI Bill) chose the GI Bill, if this ends up being a race. ... I am excited to be doing this, and I know that the Navy is overloaded with people right now, and have their specific needs. I would be as big an asset as possible for the Navy, but at the same time, I would like this experience is beneficial for myself. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Navy Loan Repayment? Also, Officer questions?3Staci2012-10-06 03:25:02
So I recently decided that you want to become a Navy officer . Right now I'm in second year college and go to a community college and then transferred to a university. I looked in the Navy ROTC program , but I'm pretty sure there must be the last year of high school to do that. I have also heard of BDCP , but not just go to a community college right now ( it becomes less competitive ) , but I have a low GPA now. So my thought is , is that I continue with the school myself and once I have finished my degree I apply to become an officer. But my question is, I can get is a bonus , or some type of payment option I can use student loans to pay my school? And I've heard of an officer " Loan repayment " program that the Navy has installed, but from what I've read, it seems that is only available to those who are recruiting , not the future officers .. Can anyone help me PLEASE! Thank you sooo much !
Will an MA in International Studies improve my chances of being a Navy Officer?0tanijah2012-10-13 15:54:23
I have 25 years , has a degree in Political Science , a minor in history , and an undergraduate GPA of 3.47 . I have two years of corporate experience , including managing others , am an Eagle Scout , and I'm halfway through a degree program of two-year Master in Global and International Studies , with a current GPA of 3.91. I am interested in joining the Navy as an officer of Intel , and I think this background / education could be helpful in this area , but would appreciate any comments on the subject . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would also like to know what type of loan repayment program might look ( I'll have about $ 40k in loans post - graduate ) and , more specifically , whether such a measure could help my chances of OCS and any potential promotion further . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally , it is possible that this type of education , you could be eligible for financial incentives beyond repayment of the loan ? I see a lot of bonuses for enlisted personnel , but not much for the officers . That's not the main reason for my interest in the Navy , but it's always nice to see what's out there. I talked to several recruiters , but none in great detail yet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any input would be appreciated! Thank you !
A question for a home loan officer?0kamleen2012-09-30 08:39:03
I am currently in the process of refinancing my house . So far I have been credit approved me for the loan and are beginning the doc loan process , evaluation , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am aware that the implementation of credit for a car loan or something big like that would be a big mistake and could ruin my chances of getting the loan concluded that I would never do , but what about my credit for running to change cable / phone service ? ( So that I can lower my monthly bills ) that might affect my chances of getting the loan ?
Navy LRP Question Please Help?0baby2012-09-09 17:38:03
I am set to go to ACE on April 14 , which is all good and well , but one of the most important elements in my contract is not safe from this time. I was instructed to send requests to the Department of Defense reimbursement of loans to the financial institution that currently holds my college loans . I received a letter from the financial institution today tells me that I was given forms to mail them were outdated and need to send the forms to the day so they can be completed . Take this particular company 15 days to get the papers back to me , which is past the date of my ship . I informed my recruiter about this and they assured me that all the time he received the information in the training camp that I would be able to sit down with a career counselor and get added to my contract LRP . Am I being given a line of BS or is this possible ? I also have been only in the DEP for 21 days on April 14 says within 60 days.
Do Marines have CLRP? Question for Marine officer recruiter?3suzie2017-09-22 01:07:46
I talked to a Navy officer recruiter yesterday during an exhibition race , and he seemed a very nice and honest . I asked if the Marines had a CLRP ( college loan repayment program ) . I said the Marines do not offer that. He said : "To be honest with you , all the services out there offering more money ( bonds ) of the Marines . 's Army has most of the bonds, and will throw the most money to join , while Marines try to persuade you by telling you how badass it will become. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus During my research of the various branches , I'm thinking of joining , I found this site http :/ / / cs / joiningup
A question for current Navy Enlisted...?1Lady Don2012-10-25 07:41:02
I am a 25 year old . I have a BA in International Studies (3.3 GPA ) . I feel very direction in life . I want a career that will give me business skills , great benefits and the opportunity to live in an interesting place ( I do not care where, as long as it's by the ocean ) . MedlinePlus All that being said , I'm looking to join the Navy . By going in as an officer sounds great , the benefits of going Enlisted as are more attractive to me right now ( student loan repayment , "hands on" training , skill enlistment bonuses ) . MedlinePlus Am I crazy ? MedlinePlus Should I be doing this ? MedlinePlus Like being an enlisted in the Navy ?
U.S. Navy Loan Repayment Program (LRP) tax question?1Elisabeth2012-10-23 18:07:02
Since these payments by the Navy on my behalf to the lender account as taxable income , does it I can count on them as payments made to the lender for me?

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