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Im applying for a crisis loan from the social fund, any ideas as to what they regard as a crisis ?0sreedharan2012-11-06 01:38:10
Is there such a thing as a starting life crisis? Or is life just a constant crisis?0Tumpa2012-11-03 02:34:05
I'm young trying to figure out what to do with my life... I work and goto college... but the more i go to work it makes me realize i dont wanna work for another person for the rest of my life i wanna be my own boss but at the same time i see going to college is pointless because all it does is put me in debt to start my life out in so it forces me to go get a job after college because i have to pay back these loans and the cycle of just working starts. I am in the process of starting my own vending service I only have one candy machine so far but its a start.... just looking for some advice about how to win.... win this game we call life.
Crisis loan for a new cot!?0Cecilia (Again)2012-11-03 04:12:53
Ok so today I was moving my room around and piled everything into my sons cot and have broken the bottom! I really can't afford to buy a new cot out of my ESA as I barley get by on what I get, do u think I'll b accepted for a crisis loan for this as my baby has no where to sleep now and he can't sleep in his pram?
Can I get a crisis loan?0Raghuveer2012-08-28 16:20:04
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder if I can get a loan of crisis ... Well, I do not know . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My car is broken . I am a student and besides you need to get to college I also need to get the money , there's the dilemma . I " work " at my grandparents house from 22:00 to 11:30 pm receiving attendance allowance for people to come and take care of them ( they are 93 and 89 both are demented ) . I can win a small part of the attendance allowance (
Best way to get a crisis loan?1mati2012-08-30 08:00:03
I recently had to sell my car to pay the debts and now im out of money again ... i dont get my next payment JSA for a week but I can not afford to have about job interviews and job seeking and on top of my mother just bought a new house and needs me to help her out and she can not afford to take care of me so how I can get a loan from the crisis? ? ? and indeed I am looking for a job online and in newspapers every day so do not need any asshole saying that getting a job ! !
Am I eligible for a crisis loan?0alik2012-11-04 01:27:00
I've recently started a job placement from the job centre after being on Job seekers allowance. I am now working four days a week with another day allocated to job searching and receiving my Job seekers allowance money of
Why is the savings and loan crisis here?0nadia2012-11-01 22:50:21
The savings and loan crisis can be attributed to : a. competition among S&Ls that raised interest rates on deposits b. relaxation of regulations which prohibited investment in risky ventures c. deposit insurance which shifted the cost of losses from the S&L owners d. all of the above e. none of the above
How to apply for a crisis loan?2fatemeh2012-09-03 08:16:04
I have to apply for a crisis loan I would do it online , as it is urgent and I do not want to wait until the next business day want to send as soon as possible , have downloaded the application for rent in advance, but on the website it says that should be made in writing what you mean? and also that there is no email address for shipping , so if you can send online what is the point of the online application ? please help someone you know , thanx
Financial need of a Loan?0T.L2012-10-01 21:11:23
Ok , so I'm a full time student ... but I had to leave this last semester in order to find another job because I can not afford college . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My parents made a lot of money while I was in high school to get help from FAFSA . Although they are not paying for anything . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My bank account is so negative that can not afford to make car payments , payment of cell phone bills , credit cards , rent ... I'm starting to panic and my parents are trying to make me "responsible " instead of helping me out . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have only 19 and I have a credit score of 690 . But I have only two credit cards , both the maximum. I need a student loan to continue going to school , but I am only at a school in two years , so do not know what to do . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice on how to get a loan ... even a small loan will be helpful at this point.
Am I eligable for a crisis loan?0sade2012-11-03 23:47:11
A few months ago I lost my job, I lived of savings for a few months and then was forced to sign on. Because I couldnt afford my rent I had to move in with family. Unfortunately they didnt have a proper bed, only an old matress. I have suffered from bad back pain since I was 15, as I have a large bust size. ( Im 19 now) Since sleeping on the matress my back has gotten worse. The doctor will no longer prescribe me pain killers and suggested I get a new bed. As I can not afford one myself I applied for a crisis loan for a new bed and matress. ( I rang the 0800 line directly) and the girl on the phone was not only rude but basically called me liar. When I told the girl I was advised by my doctor to get a new bed she said I need to fax through a letter from him. So I contacted my doctor and he said that as its just a suggestion rather than a diagnosis they cant send me a letter to fax out. So when I went back and told them this the girl said unless I can prove that I am in pain and NEED a bed I dont qualify. What can I do? I am in so much pain that I cant stand and because it hurts so much to stand straight I am always hunched, and now I have developed a large groove in the back of my neck where it has formed that way. But how can I express this over the phone? I really dont know what to do, I have asked family but they cant afford it either?
Can I get a crisis loan for a cooker, twice?0Randylin2012-10-27 07:24:30
I have one for almost five years, and my kitchen has died again . My benefits have changed since then . Anyone know ?
Help with Crisis Loan/Housing Benefit?1Antoin2012-10-05 23:03:03
My partner and I are in a desperate situation right now, we are temporarily parents house miles away from each other and are trying to find a place to live before they end up on the streets. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 19 years, is 24. The two are standing at the moment (they are really trying to find a job so please no comments saying "get a job". Would love a job, life would be much easier and I would not be in this situation if I could avoid it ) and we found a house to rent, which we love. I went to the CAB for advice on the benefits and how we should go about the security of property, and were useless. I left with no more information than what you started, except that she recognizes that we can not get HB unless you move into a shared house? Does anyone have any idea about it? I told him I had found a place, but she just told me to treat housing associations. MedlinePlus If we test a housing association, or the Council, we want to be more or less the end of the list because we have children and what they are concerned we have places to live, so they are not important. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, I have really wanted to live in this house, which means the money order as soon as possible so as not to miss out. We are trying to apply for a crisis loan advance rent, but ask for a copy of the lease that obviously have less to live there yet! MedlinePlus We had the same problem when we called the Housing Benefit Advisory Board, despite the DWP website saying it is possible to claim HB 13 weeks before moving in. MedlinePlus So we are very confused and would like some advice. MedlinePlus What do we do with the loan application Crisis? Can we apply before moving? MedlinePlus Will we be entitled to housing benefit for a room and 2 terrace, or just get the shared accommodation rate? MedlinePlus Is there another way to possibly get the deposit and rent in advance what we need?

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