How do I get my SLRP benefits? (army reserve actively drilling)? related questions

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How do I get my SLRP benefits? (army reserve actively drilling)?6oso2018-10-05 19:34:50
I've been reading on various websites on the Loan Repayment Program Student . I have the 20k SLRP in my contract and I'm not sure how I'm going to get it? I know it's a little more complicated to process GI Bill ( IMO ) . anyone who knows or has personal experience that would be great .. thank you!
How to utilize Army Reserve SLRP (Studen loan repayment program)?0Vivien2012-09-18 03:12:04
I need some money for college . How do I use my SLRP ? What is the total process from start to finish ? It's like taking out a loan ? What are the qualifications and funds are always available or first come ? How fast I can receive funds because school starts soon
Selected Reserve- MGIB, Incentive bonus, SLRP question.?1Reneisha2012-10-07 13:25:02
I qualified for the MGIB Kicker . What exactly ? Do I have to pay for it ? The money comes to me directly ? How much? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When do I get my 20,000 bonus ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Student Loan Reimbursement is paid directly to the lender right? Why not just do it instead of prorata pay what they pay every year?
ARMY SLRP need help, please reply...?1Karley2012-09-17 04:36:03
i have consolidated my Stafford loans in a bank , Does the Army still pay my student loan ? All the credit I have consolidated federal student loans are stafford .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Furthermore , how does this SLRP ? At the end of the year you pay 1/3 of the loan by paying directly to the bank ? , So in three years the entire amount must be paid.
How does the army SLRP work?0Normalized sense 2012-09-07 13:47:03
Well, he enlisted in the Army Reserve and I I have a SLRP of : 20.000 . My recruiter told me that I can use it to pay off my student loans for college . But I heard that this only works if payment had already enlisted loans before . I plan to go to college in the spring of 2012 , so obviously I have not taken any loans yet. So who is right? Does the SLRP for 'm attending college , or how. Please help . MedlinePlus Thank you.
Army (SLRP)-Defaulted Loan?3Christophe2018-07-28 02:40:05
Hi folks, a quick question ... I am looking to enlist in the Army Reserve .. Right now I have student loans defauled but scored over 50 on the ASVAB to qualify me for the repayment of student loans. But in reading web pages online differernt the Army did not make a payment to a full year of service, and the soldier has to file the necessary forms each year for the adminstrator to the unit for payment of the army ... Asked if I get existing loans b4 i submit to the adminstrator unit is 1 year after enrollment but this will invalidate all my SLRP or will I still qualify .. It is very important to get the correct answer. This is kind of a deal breaker for me .. and there is a number you can call
30K Army SLRP but no student loans, will I be able to use it?2Butter2018-07-28 02:41:45
I joined the Army Reserve in February 2011 , part of my education benefits SLRP my contract was $ 30,000. He had just graduated high school, so I have no student loans. My recruiter told me that you can still use this money to far and borrowed money and incur the department during my six years of service commitment . This is the main reason that I am in a TIA a year in a difficult MOS instead of one month AIT just about the money . The point is that now that I
Question regarding Army: student loan repayment program SLRP?0Blake2012-09-29 14:44:04
I have Stafford loans and private student loans . Does the army paid for my two loans as a program SLRP ? ? ? My total loan amount of $ 34,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any help plzzzz ? ?
I entered the Army DEP recently, and planned on getting SLRP but they only offered me GIBILL?0stepahnie2012-10-19 19:23:19
I signed a contract for four years , we stated that my 68X does not qualify for student loan repayment ? Is this legitimate , I was it was either GI Bill or SLRP ...
A few questions about the army and army reserve?0Llama gone Bonkers 2012-10-27 16:42:14
I am currently in college to become a paramedic . I am already an EMT . I will graduate from the school of paramedics around July / August this year . I'm interested in being in the military . For now I want to be in the army reserve, but once you're in the reserve would have to go through basic training again if I decide to go to active duty ? I am also interested in becoming an MP in the army , but remain as a paramedic in my civilian life . Is it a good idea for you ? The reason being is because I like variety in my life and law enforcement has always been an interest . MedlinePlus Just another question . Does the army reserve to pay my student loans ? MedlinePlus Any help is greatly appreciated .
Transfer from an Army Reserve TPU to the IRR?0Mongsey2012-08-11 08:36:39
I joined the Army Reserve for 6 years after completion of 4 years on active duty. As part of my contract I would receive a voucher of $ 20,000 membership , a $ 350 monthly kicker GI- Bill and $ 10,000 in student loan payments . Now I am being told that you do not qualify for the kicker GI- Bill, because when I initially enlisted in the regular army to opt for the MGIB and took the option of paying student loans . On the other hand , I can not obtain reimbursement of student loans because it was once before. And I have not heard anything about my cousin. I told my S1 who told me that the documentation was submitted . DFAS office I called both my base at Fort McCoy are all tell me I'm not scheduled to receive a bonus at all. It has been 6 months and I think it's safe to assume you will not receive any of the 3 incentives. Is it possible for me to request a transfer to a TPU of the IRR in AR 140-10 , for compelling reasons ? Does anyone out there ever transferred a TPU of the IRR before if you explain this process to me? thanks
I want to re-enlist in the Army Reserve, but...?1September2012-09-14 10:08:04
Here's the deal . I want to re-enlist , but I can not because I have a recent physical for officer retention . I took one last physical Frebuary through the federal -Heal , but it is somewhere in limbo in HRC . I've asked people tried in federal and Heal- unit , but I come to a brick wall every time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can enter IRR next month , and I heard that if I can re- enlist now , my new contract starts six years at that point , eliminating the IRR period . If I do , then I think that my contract will begin in 2010. Another factor is that the re-enlistment bonus would be much more at this point in my life and not after , as I'm about to graduate from college and could use the money to help cushion loan repayment and hell of trying to MedlinePlus start a career . MedlinePlus So what I can do?

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