If the house I wanna buy is worth more than Im gonna pay for it can i get extra cash on the same loan? related questions

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If the house I wanna buy is worth more than Im gonna pay for it can i get extra cash on the same loan?7LATUNJA JONES2012-11-04 03:08:01
Im going to buy this house for about 75,000, but its value is estimated at 120,000 . I was wondering if I buy the house I get extra money in that loan to pay off some debts and have only the single payment
I want to buy a house worth 165,000. I have 140,000 cash and I want to ask for a loan.?2deer2012-10-14 07:34:02
I have no credit history , as it only became a U.S. resident a month ago . My question is : Is there a bank that would give me a loan of 50,000 110,000 put down? If so , what would ? I live in Houston , Texas . I just started working for a software company and I'm making 85k a year .
Is it worth it to refi my house and take $10,000 cash out but have same payment or less?1Clenisford J2012-10-05 14:45:02
I can refinance and charged $ 10,000 to add the cost of borrowing for the loan and still have the same pay , or less , as now with the loan of the same low interest rate only . You owe me about $ 17,000 more than before, though , and start a new period of 30 years . My current loan 've only had it for 14 months . Is it worth doing ? Is there a formula that tells you when it's worth doing this ?
When getting a loan for a house what do banks wanna see in our credit history?2trennea2012-10-02 07:28:03
My wife and I are buying a house next year . What specifically do banks want to see in our credit history ? ( In addition to a good credit score ) . We want to get the best interest rate possible . My wife's credit score is 720 and credit has been established for some years . My credit score is 689 and I started building my credit for about a year , I got two credit cards one for $ 500, another for $ 1,500 and was given a cash reserve account of $ 2,000 by my bank recently. Also my wife shared with me their credit cards . MedlinePlus What we need to do to have a strong credit history and get the best interest rate possible? MedlinePlus We plan to start shopping around June next year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your information .
Bad Credit and wanna purchase house?0RomanRamirez2012-09-23 02:52:02
My credit now is not good at all I have my student loans , medical bills , a couple of times late in my car note ( no more than 30 days late ) would be able to finance a home with this type of credit and there are programs to help with these problems , I'm actually going to an auction on Sunday and today is Friday my mom is helpin with money , but no more than 30 thousand and just in case you do not get the houses I really like and want to try to do on my own finances what are my chances ?
Would it be worth pawning a few guns to help pay for a little extra fun on a weekend trip?0justina2012-09-22 13:58:03
I want to have a little fun , but I'm not going to work while traveling , so I'm looking for some cash in the best way that you will not pay a lot of money from a loan place and wants only a little extra cash on hand ?
Bought a vehicle - extra insurance rippoff or worth it?0Kaylene2012-11-04 08:52:12
I just bought a used car, and decided to add on 2 extra insurance options. What do you think of them? Do you think I got ripped off? 1) Gap insurance - $599 - if car is stolen or totaled, bank will cover the gap between what the insurance company says its worth and the amount I have on my loan. (Will cancel it when the gap is less than my deductible, so in the end, @ a prorated cost, this will only cost me $300) 2) Stolen insurance - $299 - if car is stolen within first 3 years and not found, I receive $3,000 cash and $2,000 toward my next vehicle @ same dealership. Also, VIN # "program" was activated, and VIN # was etched on 6 places around my car (not the windows)
Are Chelsea gonna splash the cash this summer?2cortez2012-10-01 20:38:03
Apparently going to Ribery and are " locked in talks " with him . MedlinePlus And people are saying loadsa Pirlo coming to Chelsea . MedlinePlus We have signed a 16- year-old ( Philipp Prosenik ) . MedlinePlus Hiddink believes Chelsea should get Bojan Krkic on loan next season . MedlinePlus Chelsea have been " linked " with Goran Pandev , but so have Arsenal. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Apologies if I got any of that wrong ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus CF : Ancelotti said Hiddink to learn English > < defo is coming?
I have 20 lakh Rs. cash with me and need to purchase any House worth Rs 20 lakh than what should I prefer buy?2marie rose2012-09-17 04:45:03
I have Rs 20 lakh . cash with me and need to buy any house worth Rs 20 lakh from what I prefer to buy with cash or by investing 20 lakh loan in FD . " MedlinePlus I understand that what I'll have way more benifit ... If I invest 20 lakh in FD for 20 years and 20 years to take loan of Rs 20 lakh .
Anybody think auto market is gonna be screwed up after cash for clunkers?1예 You may go.2012-11-05 19:41:02
Car sales will be down as usual after this agreement . Hows is this going to help ? In addition to receiving a large percentage of people to buy it probably will not be able to afford. Not to mention loans continued failures ruin the industry . Bash - er not just concerned. Opinions? ?
We are "upside down" on our house; we owe more than the house is worth. We want a $30,000.00 personal loan and?0che2012-11-05 14:54:36
realize the interest rate will be high. we have 0 equity in our house. we can easily make the payment, though. do we go through a bank or use an on-line personal loan company like unsecuredloans.com or something similar?
Realtors in las Vegas NVCan I buy a house with no ss# house is worth 60000 I have 35000?1Alina2012-10-27 02:39:02
Ok I have no ss #, but I have more than half of what the house is worth I can ? I live in Las Vegas NV crazy houses are so cheap I will be able to get a loan with tin ? or should I buy a home that is around 35,000 in cash 'm tired of renting 've been renting for 15 years at $ 800 a month can make payments of 2500 a month for a house and pay a $ 100,000 house in perhaps less 2.5-year loan just need a stable working mom has had more than 10 years and have been working six months MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know it will be mean responses but please be polite hate not only needs someone with experience in these things

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