How do i get help paying my bills with bad credit? related questions

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How do i get help paying my bills with bad credit?0lilmissluck2012-08-28 04:02:03
I have to be able to catch up with the bills. I recently received a second job , but I can not get caught quickly enough . I just need a small loan and I'll be fine . I am a single mother with two children . one of them had to get braces, this is how some of my problems occurred .
What happens when you stop paying credit card bills?0hollistergurl2012-09-12 04:39:06
I was out of work for six months two years . During that time I begged , borrowed and stole to keep my current accounts . I also used credit cards to supplement my unemployment so I could keep paying my bills and keeping everything current . This created a debt -to-income ratio is skewed. Even when I have a new job , my debt monthly payments were more than my income each month so I bleed money. Now , my savings are gone. I borrowed the money to keep my payments current , but this is a never ending battle . I want to know what will happen if I pay my credit card bils . I know it will destroy my credit , but frankly , my debt to income ration is so high , my credit is not so good anyway . I can not make any loan consolidatin cause im too much of a credit risk at this time. I heard that if you pay your credit cards will eventually offer to settle for almost a third of the amount you owe now , and sometimes you can negotiate to take the black marks off your credit report . Is some truth ? I do not want to not pay my debt . But I 'm just out of money and can not do it anymore. I called the credit card company and they basically said " it sucks to be you " - paraphrasing im ... but in reality , they were not help ... They said they could consolidate, but my debt was too high ... . I said I've been paying for years without missing a payment ... consolidation would reduce my payments and makes it easier to pay my bills , ensuring that I did not miss a payment .... but it does not help me ... . I 'm out of options .... I just want to know what the credit card companies can do? what kind of legal action can be taken ? please help
WIth bad credit and not paying your bills, due to financial hardship What can they do?2Alayna2012-10-13 05:26:03
I have no job and I have no money right now . Never really honestly have a wife and kids ... I do not want a family . Besides, I do not want a house or a new car , I hate cars. I hear you can take your property , but the only property I have is a laptop and iPhone that I was given . No desire for things much more because I'm not materialistic . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What can you do ? What are the limits and how far can the creditors and / or private student loans go?
Trouble paying credit card bills - What to do?1Bec2012-09-20 09:14:04
Unfortunately I am unemployed for a few months and now I'm having trouble finding a job. Please for you out there who will say that working in a fast food restaurant , if I could I would, but I have 2 daughters (4 years and 1 month ) and the price of child care compared to the price paid harder I work, I already saw it . My husband works as hard as you can , 2 jobs, OT what he can do what he does . My question is I have some credit card accounts that I'm struggling to pay and called them and they were nice enough to defer some payments and no interest charges and lowered my monthly payment for 12 months. I have a credit card (actually an installment loan ) Capital One will not work with me . I was able to make the payment without any problems while employed , but now there is no way I can make the full payment. I feel my only option is not to pay because they have no money . If I did I would pay . I've gone through all my savings and can afford . What other options do I have , as they are not willing to work with me ?
What happens if i stop paying my credit card bills?1failgrammar2012-09-11 12:10:03
due to loss of income and pulled bad house , I have 50,000 in 25,000 in personal loans and credit cards department , unsecured MedlinePlus What if I just stop paying the bill?
Why can't I just use cash and stop paying my credit card bills?6Beverly2012-09-27 21:56:02
After more than 10 years of just spinning my wheels trying to pay the credit card debt (we will not discuss how I got into this mess . 'm Not extravagant in any manner or form . Single mom just trying to survive and progress observations of judgment back unless you've walked a mile or less in my shoes ) I have decided that in the coming months I will let my good credit down the crapper and give up . I'm going to an effective all I really do not care about the need for credit again. I have the discipline to save and without the $ 1000 a month in minimum payments that should be able to save up well . My question is if I can continue paying my car (not a problem) and I pay my student loan what will happen?
What is the best way to rebuild bad credit? Besides paying your bills on time? I took out a loan, which I paid0sharee2012-09-19 19:45:03
most of my debts , but I have been sent to collections 4x this year , and I 'm trying to do the right thing to correct this, both my loan and car payment taken out of my checking account automatically so .. that can be paid on time , this will help improve my credit?
Does paying regular bills i.e. rent, electric and gas, on time help your credit score?1Shakita2012-08-19 14:05:03
I have 27 years of age and was afraid that my credit score b / c I had medical expenses that went into collections from 2 years ago , a credit card balance , which came in the collections of the last 4 years and student loans recently just missed collections. All this is now rectified and whether paid or in the case of my student loan paid to date . I'm sure all this damage my credit score in the making. However, I have paid my rent bills , gas and electricity on time each month for the past 2 years and paying my car in time for the past 5 years. Do these things positively influence the score. How afraid I have to know what it is? Also, what is a good way to check my data without a million telemarketing / companies that send spam ?
What bills should I be paying off first?6Rogan Anantharajh2012-10-15 12:00:02
I have a couple of credit cards and a car payment right now and October student loans is starting . I know that you should take everything that is more interesting , though it would be bad just to get something that elimnate that payment.
Think you can't be jailed for not paying your bills, think again?0Nicci2012-10-26 15:38:10
Although the U.S. abolished debtors' prisons in the 1830s more than a third of U.S. states allow police to transport people who do not pay any kind of debts, bills of health care services to the credit card and auto loans . In some parts of Illinois , debt collectors often use publicly funded courts , sheriff's deputies , and in the country's jails to pressure people should pay even small amounts , according to the AP . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Think you can't be jailed for not paying your bills, think again?0royce calvin2012-11-02 19:48:04
Although the U.S. abolished debtors' prisons in the 1830s, more than a third of U.S. states allow the police to haul people in who don't pay all manner of debts, from bills for health care services to credit card and auto loans. In parts of Illinois, debt collectors commonly use publicly funded courts, sheriff's deputies, and country jails to pressure people who owe even small amounts to pay up, according to the AP.
Paying my bills, Please be serious. Need help. Very Desperate?1lashawna2012-10-24 23:23:02
Hello, MedlinePlus Take it seriously, seriously need help, I am not one of those people who bought some huuuuge houses, cars, holidays .... this and that, I am a person who always pays his bills, my last vacation was my honeymoon .... 13 years ago .... I have 44 years, recent years (last 5 years) my health started going down and down and down, and my bills began to pile up and up ...... I owe about $ 50,000.00 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus as my health? I am rich ..... I have RA, has SPI have high blood pressure, have new discs and bulges, also high cholesterol and PTSD ....... my health because we moved 3 times .... movement and life cheaper city / place ...... anyway, I want to get rid of these ridiculous bils ... took a loan paid bills now owe the loan .... Years ago I'm living paycheck to paycheck, I can only buy things of need .... in my accont? ? ? ? hmm I have about $ 1000 -. If a thousand ...... Why I have no money? ? ? ? I asked someone, and she said because I'm paying .... so I do not like to owe anyone. Well, please be serious ... How I can have money? ? Or how I can pay those bills and GT get rid of it? ? you know they say 2 brains are better than one ..... I can not think of anything else to do, every month I have to see two doctors, bills go up, forget emergencies .... and dentists bills. Please, what kind of help you can find? Everything you think, please let me know, I'm in North Carolina. I can not afford to hire someone to do this for me, if you suggest that .... I have no money ... all I want to not be on the street and homeless ..... I can not pay for more sick ..... I do not know how others handle if they have / are in my situation, married 11 years, no children, because they can not afford .... and I see others popping here and there ..... I am not in support of the government, I am very proud to be there ..... well actually I tried it once and refused. As you can see I am very desperate, so I hope to hear a logical explanation. Thank you.

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