Can you pay bills online using the ipod touch by apple? related questions

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Can you pay bills online using the ipod touch by apple?1lerne2012-08-30 10:56:02
I know it has to be in a wifi hotspot to connect to Internet just need to know if you can pay the bills , such as credit card or a loan ...
WHAT CAN I DO!?! Cash America PAWN shop gave my Touch IPOD 8gb to SOMEONE ELSE!!!!?1Leopold2012-09-22 10:25:04
I had to pay for classes in January and fell short of cash so I pawned my IPOD excellent condition as temporary relief . In case you do not know how a pawnshop me explain ... to pawn an item for money ... as a loan and then pay the money back within the terms of the loan . My loan was for three months for $ 125. Once my financial aid was I went to pick up my ipod and to my surprise , they could not find . Allll of my information was there . I used it for everything. Now , my identity is at risk and what they say they can do is replace it with one that is used in the store! Do I can sue? My identity is at risk due to inadequate management of my IPOD .
(Near) Future Price of Apple Macs?0Nikea2012-10-12 17:47:12
I'm saving some money and I have to end April
My mom wants my ipod problem is i dont have it what do i do?2cely2012-10-16 13:05:02
My ipod was paid to a freind about 3 miles away from my mom thinks that a freind gave less than half a mile away . Shes still pissed # is the only text that he used to respond ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What my mom is going to do to me if I did not say that I recall the tears that I need help ..... despreate FAST !
Why is it that some PARENTS don't bother to ask their kids where they got the iPod?0SOY LOCO 2012-11-02 18:54:01
Stolen iPods are an epidemic with teenagers. Now is a good time for some intervention. Do they believe that another kid gave it or loaned it to them? If my kid came home without it, we go get it immediately hope its not because they don't want to pay the amount of money they cost buying one for their kids, or themselves. As my 13yr. old son charged an iPod for a friend, because his friend had NO chord, I became suspicious. Finally I overheard one had been stolen and my son confirmed it. I reminded them how would they feel if theirs was stolen, and what kind of reputation they'll end up with. Also the web of trouble they would have to face that comes with getting known by police. Or even someones big brother. With some positive coaching it was returned to its owner. We all felt much better. Some aren't so lucky. There was a lesson learned about trust and who can be trusted. Hopefully it will help them to make better choices in the future, and become people.
IPod 3rd Generation is killing my Headphones?0beans2012-09-11 20:01:08
This is not a troll post , this is a 100% serious I'm asking now and need more information about what I can do to prevent it in the future. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I bought a refurbished iPod 3rd generation of Gamestop about two weeks ago . It works great, but last week I noticed a problem ... One of my headset was not working . I assumed they were just cheap headphones so I asked a friend to lend me a pair of headphones . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The headphones worked great for a day and a half . When I got up , went to use them again and the right side was dead , it would not work . This was crazy , I went through two pairs of headphones in less than a week ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went online and looked around . Apparently , the iPod may experience connection failures with the headphone jack . So I went and tried a new set of headphones and found that it worked perfectly fine . I tested the two old " broken " sets and found that the right side of both sets completely broke , no sound came out of any of them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then I discovered that Apperently there as an "urban legend " or something the iPod can really send too much power to one side of the headphones and hit the right side out and while thousands of people have claimed that this has happened to them, many people refute this claim , saying it was something else. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm at a dead end here , I'd buy a new set of headphones, pleasant in that, but I do not want to go wrong in a few days or a week . Can anyone offer any ideas on what is happening and why my iPod is losing my headphones ?
Provisionally accepted for barclays loan (Apple macbook) what are my chances of getting it?0siskiyou student2012-10-19 17:00:52
I recently got pre-approved for a credit card with a
Apple Keto Gummies (AU) Reviews – Shocking Scam Report Revealed Must Read Before Buy Australia02022-01-24 04:25:56
p { }a:link { } As needs be, exploiting this improvement can be more helpful rapidly and dependably, with just 30 days accomplished. It's in addition completely ensured, and on the off chance that you can't resist the urge to go against the assertion, you'll in like way get a rebate. Apple Keto Gummies Australia OFFICIAL WEB:-  
HELP!!! If anyone can help, get in touch.?0Hyma2012-09-22 12:05:04
Original question , I was looking online and saw that people pay money . I do not mean loan companies etc , I mean the general public . MedlinePlus How do you go about finding someone ? I am in dyer need of help. MedlinePlus And before he cracks wise , I have a job , just lying in a month time and need money for bills and living expenses . Please help
A question about paying bills online?0jihb2012-08-23 23:29:03
I have spent a long auto loan bill for Capital One for $ 566.48 . When I was on the phone with them , Mrs. unpleasant ( though I was being polite and try to solve the problem ) told me I had to pay immediately through Western Union or Money Gram . I got off the phone with her and I went to the website Money gram and said I had to choose a place for the creditor to collect the money there and then I would have to call back to give them the reference number . Well I do not want to have to call those nasty people return again and again. If I go to my online account and make a payment through my checking account , how long usually take for them to receive the money . I do not want to repossess my car , so I'm hoping that pass for today. Thanks for any help .
Can you pay your online bills with a debit card?3Emme2012-10-24 03:04:02
I usually pay my bills online and deducted from your checking account using my routing number and account number . I would start to pay with my debit card , and they can earn " Rewards Points " for use , even to pay the bills . Not sure how to do this , because when I go to change my bank account information , no place to add a debit card , just a routing number and checking account number . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any suggestions ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To pay my bills online - car payment , car insurance , energy , credit card , student loans , cable ...
When Paying Bills Online With My College, Do I Get To Chose What To Pay With?0kariga2012-09-14 22:24:06
ok my student account online ( uta ) lists several different awards , I can choose what to pay? MedlinePlus I got MedlinePlus subsidized Stafford loan MedlinePlus MedlinePlus subsidies promise maverick 14 + hours lending MedlinePlus Federal Pell Grant and MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You may choose to pay a subsidy has promise Maverick ? Or just steal the money from any source ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I care because I wanted to save the Pell Grant and subsidized loan so you can pay for a private loan ( when the students write checks ) so I was wondering why I get to pick and chose

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