Debt ---- student loan, medical bills, credit card --how- where do you start first? related questions

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Debt ---- student loan, medical bills, credit card --how- where do you start first?4Neetoosha2012-10-07 16:34:04
PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE . I want real advice , not a lecture to tell me how pathetic I am ---- when you walk in my shoes you can judge . Thanks in advance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First - I got married in my 20s and my ex husband ruined my credit . After leaving that mess ---- I stole two years later , financially destitute and the victim of a violent crime , I had to quit graduate school and I moved to another city for me to get back together . Your MedlinePlus taken years for me my life back. MedlinePlus Now , because of the circumstances regarding this 'm loaded with 100 g of unpaid medical bills , student loans 100 + in patience, and about 7500 in credit card debit . Also my husband ( remarried 1 year ) has a student loan of about 30 g credit cards and 5g . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally we both work and want to get our lives together. What should I do first ? I have only about 200 a month in revenue spending after making a strict budget . Not to be broken and miserable forever . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I gave my car to a family member that was worth it and kept it - so we have no car. We also have only bought used furniture, clothes, and pack a lunch to give the idea of our lifestyle .... are not frivolous --- really trying to be responsible and move on. We live in a major city with a combined income of 35g personnel . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( We live in PA - . So we have not had to face wage garnishment ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please tell me where to turn for advice to get myself together. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
My husband and I are thinking about taking out a loan to pay off credit card debt and medical bills.?9ara2012-09-14 09:10:03
Our house is paid for and their parents think it is a bad idea to take out a loan for unsecured debt in trade to be sure the house. While this would save about $ 500 a month to not have or put something else on the cards and just pay cash? Good idea or bad and if so what kind of loan we have?
Where can I get money to pay my credit card bills as a medical student?0Cilla2012-10-19 17:26:22
Therefore, I am a 3rd year student of medicine who has spent a little beyond my means , due to the fact that , finally , having money in sight. I get the maximum amount each year in student loans (so that is not a viable option - increasing student loan money ) , and currently has about $ 10,000 in credit card debt . I can lease my car, I own a house , but have a minimum capital in it, and I can not get a job with the school . I can not ask my parents , they have no income to qualify for a personal loan , and probably would not qualify for a line of credit for the same reason . So is there anything I can do to get out of credit card debt ? Or just deal with it until you actually make money ... ? Thank you.
Consolidate medical bills with credit card bills?1i.miss.you2012-08-17 12:29:31
I have about $ 5,000 in medical expenses, I'm paying about $ 125/month without interest. Also I have about $ 6,000 in credit card bills and I'm paying about $ 200 a month , with approximately 15 % interest. Would it be wise to consolidate all my debts and get a loan of $ 11,000. I did not know whether it would be good to include medical expenses because currently there is interest in them.
Can I get help consolidating my bills. I still owe my student loan and irs and medical bills.?0Hol2012-10-10 16:45:40
I can get help ? Consolidation of accounts. I still have my student loan and the IRS and medical bills . ?
Bad Credit Consolidation, I want to consolidate $50,000 student loan, $15,000 mortgage, $3000 medical bills?0akiru2012-09-03 02:06:04
I had a bankruptcy by bad advice , and I get all my financial problems fixed and consolidated . I can not get a traditional loan . Who knows of any private lenders or sources where you can get a loan for 10 years , and get it all paid off and behind me ? Must be a real service that is fair . I can afford a $ 700 monthly payment After consolidating my certificate of contract will be canceled and I can offer my house as colladeral .
I have 11,000 in credit card debt. I pay on-time, but I would like to consolidate all my bills into one.?1purbasha2012-08-25 08:54:02
I have 11,000 in credit card debt . I pay ALL credit cards on time and the minimum required , but never seem to get ahead . I would like to consolidate all my debts into one. I know I have about a 640-670 credit account ( It seems fluctulates ) . A bank will give me a loan to pay off all these and only have a loan ? The problem is they have no guarantees and I have a big car payment too. I have no idea where to start , and I want to get into trouble before "the **** hits the fan ." :) Lol . MedlinePlus I'm trying to do the right and responsible . Obviously I have taken the wrong path in regard to credit cards , and want to do well .
Where to get student loans? Going to Medical School and I have to pay bills?2shantee2012-08-20 21:56:26
hey , I go to medical school next fall. I filled out my FAFSA. I'm waiting for my aid package yet. But my income and my wife's income was about $ 80k this year. I really do not have much in savings. a couple of thousand . We have credit card debt . WE have car payments . We have regular monthly bills . I'm obviously not going to be able to work going to medical school full time. My wife will. But she can not take all that for us. So if I get a good package at my school , where I can get extra help to cover the cost of living expenses . I need money to live and pay things off . My wife and I have great credit. Mine is over 780 and it is over 770 . Obviously we are cuting the expenditure which is in preparation , but there are still a lot to cover , plus we have to try to sell the house. Recommendations of the company? PRESTIGE PLEASE! Thanks people .
I have bad credit and need a loan fast to pay off medical bills from my stroke. where can i go???0Gayanne2012-09-02 00:39:04
I have bad credit and need a quick loan to pay the medical bills of my career . Where I can go ? ? ?
With medical bills and a repo on my credit report, will anyone give me a loan?2please please help!2012-09-23 11:55:02
My current credit score is 563 overal in my credit report which states the following records of two counts of collecting medical bills ... reported to Experian and Equifax. repo my car I had about five years ago that says: The default and placed for collection and jump Comments: Fee ACCOUNT AUTO what that means ? and most unpaid three more doctor who went to the collection are not open ... Can anyone help me understand what this means ? Also Do you think anyone will give me a car loan with this short of things on my credit ? HELP know anything about credit ...
Can my husband get a home loan without credit and with medical bills in collections?0student acc2012-09-06 03:37:06
I already took two credit cards , a car loan for me , and soon to be a car loan for him . i have excellent credit , but do not think I can handle more debt and I was hoping there would be some assistance for first-time buyers with no credit / bad credit ...
Please help. How do you fix bad credit from high medical bills?1RIZWAN HASSA2012-10-01 20:43:04
My fiance had been delinquent on bank credit for medical bills . He has since repaid the loan in full. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I was in the hospital for a long period of time , your credit card will only be sent to a collection agency . Your credit report does not reflect that the amount has been paid off , but later found the collection agency and payment in full. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He owes $ 0 of debt of any kind now . He uses a debit card and own your car. He had a hard time qualifying for an apartment , but finally got one with a large fee . I feel bad for him because medical bills can happen to anyone. What can you do to repair your credit ? Will it improve on its own , or is there something I could do ?

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