Help with getting out of medical debt, i owe 22,000?

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Open Your QuestionShow me another? MedlinePlus How I can pay my medical bills? I owe 22,000! ? MedlinePlus ok i 22,000 I shit my insurance ($ 5,000) dollars deductible every year, I can not pay all medical once (about 15 separate bills labs, x-rays, etc) that had heart problems and surgery ...... all published collections on my credit report so my credit is shot, and I can not get a loan to pay them. I have two children and pay for day care, rental of apartment, food, expenses etc, and I have no extra $ $ $ to pay the bills. I do not think I'm eligible for charity care because child support count as income, but by any state program ignores my bills just to support my children and live, you just see the income I have no extra $ $ $, I know I could pay a small amount each month, but 22,000 is a lot and if I can not pay 500 a month as they take forever to pay, are there medical programs that would help reduce the amount Total or perhaps a company that lends money to people with bad credit only med bills? ? any help is appreciated thanks! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also I have nothing I need, I do not buy anything for myself, I only buy what I need, eliminating any extra bill had, unless children need it i do not buy it. I am aware that some people complain all, but then were driving expensive cars, or buying clothes at the mall, restaurants, etc ... i do not do any of this trying to find a way out of the debt bill. MedlinePlus 3 minutes ago - 4 days to respond. MedlinePlus Additional details MedlinePlus I also went to college and I have a good job that pays a lot because I'm starting. I've been there for one year and I have thought of doing a lot more in about 2 years, so if there is a way to help debt now finally be in a better financial position and able to pay.

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