Personal loan to pay credit card debts?

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Asked at 2012-08-26 18:30:17
I made some stupid mistakes , and racked up $ 3300 in credit card debt . I'm not going anywhere. I am paying a car loan , plus two payments of $ 100 a week on each card to try to keep my head above water and I'm sinking fast. I'm thinking of getting a personal loan from my bank (which my car loan is through ) to cover credit card debt , since only then have to worry about the car and pay back the personal loan , and would able to save more money that way ( car service , rego , new tires due soon) because I will not get anywhere doing what I'm doing. And the interest rate on a personal loan is 12% lower than credit cards . I think I'd feel less pressure on the payment of lump 2, 3 and trying to survive on what's left. What do you think ? And opinions on this?
I've looked at credit cards 0% for balance transfers , but only offer it for 6 months and after that time paid great interest and desire to move away from credit cards altogether.
Answer1JolineAnswered at 2012-09-09 15:42:02
Banks are suffering business now , negotiating a loan with a lower interest rate , offering 7% then work toward a position in the middle.
Answer2ChatwinAnswered at 2012-09-21 12:10:03
I guess they must find a way to pay the debt to get a new debt. Try reducing unnecessary expenses , such as reducing your wireless bill , or eating in restaurants is not home . You should try to pay all cash, so if you do not
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