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Student loan to cover college AND cost of living?? ?2tena2012-11-05 22:30:02
I live in Michigan . I'd love to go back to school full time and enter a career that gladdens my life (unlike my current high voltage ) . I have about 1.5 years of schooling required to complete a bachelor's degree. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is that you have a mortgage , car payment , and some small loans , and I can not shrink right now (especially with the economy and the housing market in the state) . I am willing to give up a lot (cable , shopping , nightlife ) , but it can become a land poor college student right now . My husband is now in school full time, and I am the breadwinner for us . ( and that's okay - he does dean list every semester ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard of people taking student loans to cover their tuition and living costs , in order to go to school full time and accelerate their education timeline. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this true ? How can you get a student loan that covers not only the university , but the bills and cost of living , too? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
I need to take out a student loan to cover living cost, please read.?0Teri2012-10-09 19:28:10
This is my second year in school . I have completed so far and paid three quarters along Pell . This December will go to PA school . I'm not worried about the funds. The problem is that after receiving my scholarship even though you pay for my classes and books I am literally left with only $ 400 for the entire period . That's not much at all. Although I live at home with my parents who can not go to them for money , they can pay there own barley bills and rent . 4 days a week I will get hours in clinics and hospitals for PA school . I have no money at all . I know when I'll start school PA all over the place every day . I need money to move, eat and other accounts. It is bad enough as it is already and I have much fear of the future . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have to get a car . Along with the price we will have to get a tag, insurance, etc. I have to have $ 2100 for PA school . I need $ 400 for the deposit and other tests that have to pay for licenses and I need to get to get my license .
Is there anyway to get loans out that will help cover the cost of living expenses?0jude2012-09-17 01:40:05
I'm using my GI Bill benefits above this for my school says that because tuition covers I can not get any loans or am eligible for the Pell Grant or freedom because I have a Bachelor established ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am currently unemployed and am retraining into another career because I've been unable to get a job with my degree for 8 months ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been in school since March 2009 and have basically exhausted all my savings and now it is very difficult to pay basic bills like mortgage , car , utilities , etc. .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there a student loan out there that do not require the school to approve them, because when I went to talk to them about scholarships or anything else out there for me , basically told me flatly No. .. MedlinePlus Thanks to all who respond in advance ...
What can I do for cost of living money for college?1Elenny2012-11-05 02:58:01
I have not any money . I had no right or student work . It took a federal subsidized loan Offred me through college, but it was not enough . Above all the college , said I have to pay $ 4,000 in self-help. But I can not do that much of the time working in a school wih a trimester system ( limmit time ) . My parents are trying to support three children in college and they are tight on cash. What should I do ?
Can I get a student loan to cover living expenses and bills?0halves2012-09-14 00:23:03
I'm going into a program of study that recommends that you do not work while in school. Therefore, you need the money beyond tuition and books to pay for insurance , car payment , rent , credit card payments , utilities , etc. Is there an annual limit on what I can borrow? Any help would be appreciated ...
Can I get student loans to help cover living expenses?0LINK 2012-11-04 17:08:20
I will be a freshman in college next year and I will be living in an apartment. I do plan to have a job, but I want to know if I can get extra money from loans to help cover living expenses? I am getting virtually nothing from FAFSA (my parents aren't helping me at all with college, but they have a very high income so FAFSA will only get me a couple hundred dollars) and have gotten some scholarship based on academics but I can't get anything need-based. My school doesn't require you to live in a dorm, but if you do, you have to get a specific meal plan or higher. The total cost of a dorm and food comes out to over a thousand dollars a month. I can't go back to my parents' house for winter break or the summer, so to live in a dorm I'd have to find a place to live during those times AND get a storage unit for stuff that won't fit in a dorm, etc. So please don't give me the "you should live in a dorm your first year" stuff because in my case it's just not going to work. Anyway, talking to students who currently live in apartments and taking into consideration costs like gas, phone, etc., I've found I can probably live off $800 per month in this area. It's been recommended that I start out working 15 hours per week when school is in session, which is 8 months. I can get $400 per month doing that, and I have some money in savings. Could I get a student loan to cover $300 per month for 8 months of the year, around $2500 total? Or can student loans only be used for housing if you live on campus?
Private Student Loan for Cost of Living?0Dre2012-11-04 15:41:46
I was enrolled in a college from 2007 - 2009, but at the time didn't have a permanent residency and did not qualify for FAFSA or private student loans. I finished my sophomore year, but was unable to return because i owed the school $15,000. I withdrew and i finally got my permanent residency in july and i am trying to return to school and finish my degree. I qualify for FAFSA to cover my entire tuition with a loan, but I need a loan to cover the $15,000 still owed from 2009. I spoke to the state attorney handling my case and he said he has done it so Sallie Mae pays the balance he is happy to certify the loan and clear me to attend this fall. Problem is, Sallie Mae doesn't appear to do loans for student debts that were more than 12 months ago. Would I be able to apply for the $15,000 as a "cost of living loan" for this year since I am independent from my parents? I will be enrolled in school, so if the college certifies it could that be a solution to pay for what I owe from the previous semesters?
How can you use private student loans to cover living expenses?0Caralynn932012-09-04 19:33:06
Very well . Next semester I will , to a school that is on the other side of the country . It's in a very small town and I need extra money to cover my expenses . Things like food , expenses, a car , etc. I have read online that you can use private student loans for those things, but I always looked at him, all sites say they use the money to cover the remaining cost of tuition or whatever and send the money to school rather than to me directly . So how do these loans are used to cover living expenses and how I would be able to get the money if you send them to school ?
I'm a student & have $20,000 in the bank to cover all tuition and living expenses for the next two years.?1Leona2012-11-04 09:29:02
I am about to move out of town to finish up college, but I will frequently be making a 400-mile one way trip to and from my home town. My car is 11 years old and has 140,000 miles. My question is, should I take out student loans in order to use part of the $20,000 for a new car, or should I just try to make my current car work in order to avoid the debt? Thanks.
Need advice on student financial aid, and what to apply for to cover all my living expenses as well?0Hobar2012-10-04 17:52:05
I am a junior in college at ASU and I'm thinking of getting school funding . I paid cash for my studies so far by working full time and balance school too. Long story short , her too ! I finance my school and living expenses , so I do not have to work 40 to 60 hours a week as I have done in the past. I specialize in human biology ( pre - med ) and I need more time to study if I want to keep my grades to get into medical school . What should I do ? What loan should I apply ? I have never applied for a student loan or FAFSA so their foreighn everything to me .
Do private student loans only cover the school tuition, what about living expenses?0sarah jane2012-10-26 18:42:06
I 'm not talking about Stafford Loans because it is a very small amount of money . Private loans please. How I can access them . Just I can get for the amount of the cost of school? I can get more ? School fees to cover living expenses ?
I will be a graduate student this year. How liberal can I use my loans for Cost of Living?0drea2012-09-13 06:30:05
Slightly more specifically .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I left my wife I am a male to female transsexual and long story short , I left and called my work . I lost my job a week later, then I lost my house and my car so my ex wife. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had always wanted to go to college and get a master's degree . Now , the good news is that I have accepted this week and they have on campus housing . Ill be staying in a one bedroom apartment MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus The bad news is , literally lost everything goes . ALL . I have maybe half a suitcase one an iMac . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is, I can use some of my student loan to buy much needed furniture and basic car may very cheap , so you can move around to shop , work , etc ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that the school lets me have some cost of living , but he gave to the school as much as I can have after tuition is covered ? Or I can , with good budgeting skills , use some of the loan to help me back on my feet while in graduate school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !

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