What if late in paying a car loan & didn't pay my bank for 3 months ? related questions

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What if late in paying a car loan & didn't pay my bank for 3 months ?2CHECK MY ANSWER PLEASE2012-11-04 15:23:03
What if the final payment of a car loan and not pay my bank for 3 months?
Got served papers for not paying car but turned it in already a few months late on payment What happens?1charlisco2012-09-24 08:35:03
Friend was served because he could not pay his loan car note however turned the car already. What happens ? MedlinePlus Ok , so basically my friend got a bank loan for a new car . However, he lost his job and could not pay the bill more . So I still kept the car without having to pay for a few months later . Then finally resulted in the car but still got served papers . What usually happens in court over this?
I had unsecured personal loan from Nat west offshore bank, after ew months I stopped paying the loan?4luigi2012-10-07 11:49:02
and the number of checks guaranteed a fight of 5000 pounds because some finical difficulties , the Bank called me and said he will send the case to court , I offered the bank to repay the loan , but declined in my capacity without extra interest but the bank and will have plenty of time to cover the loan , now if the case went to court , the court can order the judge to Interpol police , and was charged Internatinal in Malaysia as NatWest has branch there , I have a citizen 's UK and working in Malaysia , the loan agreement with me and Nat west Isle of Man , and things did not happen with Natwest Malyasia , all my documents in bank fraud is not original .
Can i go to jail for not paying back a pay day loan beause i didnt have the money in ohio ?4Lenea2012-11-01 23:56:02
What happened was that I need a loan to pay for my car and ect , but when it came time to pay my husband lost his job and my grandmother died so plz help with this
If i didnt cash the stafford unsubsidized loan check that i didnt want.?1scoobies law2012-09-30 05:19:04
Still I have to pay
I have a 1 30 day late mark on my credit report in the last 6 months, HOW BAD IS THAT?1alk2012-10-02 07:49:03
I have pretty good credit , but I 'm on my second car loan. First paid on time every month , I messed it about 4 months, I paid the day 31'st ! Was marked ( I checked) but I had four months of " ok " before and 5 " ok " months after state. So how many points is this deduction , any general number ?
I have a car loan through the bank can I purchase a car on weekend or weekday-late if the bank is not open?0naisha2012-10-02 11:02:02
I took out a car loan through a bank for $ 54,000. I want to buy a Buick LaCrosse. The bank will not give me straight to the check until you have the car in mind . I go to the dealer tomorrow , but I do not get off work until 6pm. ? I can buy the car I want with my loan and still transfer funds to the dealer without any problems or do I have to wait for a day when the bank is open and the dealer is open .
Will paying my CHASE student loan ONE DAY LATE affect my credit?1stacy.2012-11-04 10:35:02
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My student loans were set to begin yesterday . In preparation , I can set up automatic debit my account to withdraw the 28th of each month . I thought it was fine , but apparently the auto debit takes a month to set up and automatically removed in the first , and since its inception in mid-November and my first payment on 28 November was not created for . I realized this morning that it had received a notice saying that my bank had withdrawn . I looked and no payment was made , so at 8 am today I made my payment which was due yesterday , has not yet posted to my account for any reason. I know this is getting a horrible start , but this drastically affect my credit ? I'm trying to get a new car , and if my credit score falls in the 500, because I was 8 hours late in paying me I'll be very pissed .
Paying rent late- more info?0Breauna2012-09-14 07:22:03
Never had any problems with my apartment or my home , has never been late on a payment or something, but I have enough to pay the 5th. ( last day of the grace period . ) just had a month very bad with finances . A lot of surprises : (but I get paid on the 9th, and you can pay as much , but is 4 days late so I really do not want to pay late, and do not want to take out a loan or cash advance ! . 've Heard you get charged a late fee if you pay 72 hours after the 5th ? could write a check on the 8th , and pray it does not go through until 9 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm completely lost , and desperately need advice. Thank you very much for all your responses ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I forgot to say that I have spoken to her , and she said she was sorry about this because I have a perfect apartment with her story , and told him he could make a partial payment , but still be so bad on my credit. Besides, I have enough money to make a partial credit . But as I said , like a head . FYI !
If you are late paying wonga back, will they still give you future loans?1Ella2012-11-05 05:14:02
Hello, you basically work crashed pay me on time and will have three days for me to receive the money in my account , my Wonga loan was meant to be taken from my account today , but it was due to not being paid, so that have defaulted . It will not be able to pay for a pair of Wonga days this custom half Wonga provided to me in the future ? That would be a shame because Wonga is very useful for short-term loans . thanks
Need time off from paying car loan about to stop working for about 3 months?1Otto2012-08-26 21:07:17
I had a car that could not afford , so I returned to the lending company voluntarly course they found a way to owe an additional 6,000. Well, I've been paying for about 10 months time and I'm about to go on leave maturnity , asked them to work with me Unitil back to work , I will give only 30 days , my short term disability will not be enough for my expenses let alone pay them and I have been paid correctly and on time , went so far as to say that you are a good customer, but 30 days is all that I will give, any suggestions out there. I'll be honest , this was a car loan scam from the beginning but like a fool I signed the papers and my life has been upside down since all , please someone give me some advice.
What can i do with a car, i got it with a car loan from the bank, but i dont want it anymore and its too late?0Carte2012-09-20 23:02:02
see that I have a car with car loan from the bank , but now I can change my mind and I'm not happy with my car . Still I can return it even though it had for a month?

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