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Captial one card NON SECURED that I will be receiving or SECURED card from US bank to rebuild bad credit?1VICTOR2012-11-04 01:48:02
Please read this in its entirety and only respond with appropriate answers to all questions. Do not list fake websites or informed him that! I want to say first that I have 25 years of age and again in 2004-2005 went through some credit problems. I have not had any credit since it has no debt and credit, and has been paid for almost two years all accounts are closed. I have 3 negative accounts arising from my reports late 2012. I'd like to start rebuilding my credit. Recently I have been rejected by the Bank of America for a normal card convinced me of the application and a secured card, so I have two queries from January 2010 of them. An investigation in February 2010 to choose a sum insured NOT A card with a $ 39 annual fee and are approved will receive next week, but after much criticism of the company seems to have deceptive business practices, increasing APR rates and instead of putting say $ 300 as a credit limit that is put in place what position he would hurt me to use my credit results. If you try to close the account, add the charges to your account fraudgelant etc. Their customer service is in India and not good. Is this true? I read this on yahoo answers and my 3 cents complaints. If so should I try a U.S. credit card SECURED down to $ 300 with a $ 35 annual fee? The credit union does not offer far secured credit cards. If I can get a secured card U.S. CD Bank should open a 1-2 year $ 1,500 guaranteed with my bank is Harris Bank to show a loan? I have two charge offs and a credit card account with a couple of late payments 90 days which is also closed. I have 5 accounts per day, but are closed and were never used. What will my credit score go up from 1-2 years from now? Currently all questions before new for 2010 were my TU FICO: 597 Equifax: 648. I will only be using 7% of my limit of $ 300 rather than 30%. Refer to my other question here from the other day for more details on my credit standing entitled
Secured Loan or a Secured Credit Card, which is better to raise my credit score faster?0Dianne2012-09-17 17:03:03
I have to be able to raise my credit score fast , like in 3 months or so . I have only two credit accounts . One is 614 and another one is 530. I have to be able to have an average of 580 traffic in a hurry , which is 3 totals . They told me if I get 2 or 3 credit cards secured , use them and then pay off at the end of the month , bring my credit score quickly. But I was told that if I were to get a few secured loans and do the same , it would help me out better, because interest rates and fees on a secured credit card . So much have two questions here . Is it better if I get 2 or 3 secured credit cards or get 2 or 3 secured loans ? It is also better to have 2 or 3 in any of these or a large one?
I am trying to rebuild my credit, is a secured bank loan better than a secured credit card?1Crazy_Girl 2012-09-02 02:11:03
Capital One I have already insured with a limit of $ 300, I was thinking of getting a credit card or secured loan through my credit union. I have about $ 1000 - $ 1500 to get something .
Whats better a secured loan or a secured credit card for credit report?0janel2012-10-15 08:27:11
I have $ 800 would help my score to get a secured credit card or to find a secured loan. Also if I can put my name there husbands are informed both our reports or just the first person on the loan
I am trying to build my credit at 19, should I apply for a secured credit card or a secured loan?0madalyn2012-11-05 14:07:02
I have no credit history , but I am very responsible and I have a good job , while being a full time student . I've been doing research for the last few hours and see that a secured credit card is my best bet. I would make the payments on time , complete, and do not mind paying the annual fee , I think it's worth . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, my union bank offers a secured loan ( that do not offer a secured card , which are small and private ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So one must ask ? :/
What Secured Credit Card Does Not Report as a Secured Credit Card?2Tania2012-09-15 05:19:04
I 'm on the basis of repairing my credit so sad . I do not know my score , but I know that I have not reported anything positive , but me paying past debt and my student loan being delayed because I'm at school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just want to set up a secured credit card that does not correspond with a prepaid card - . From what I understand it still hurts your credit MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for any help !
Will closing a secured card to obtain a unsecured card hurt my credit score...also more ?s 10pts?1oshar2012-09-23 04:14:02
Is 2 secured cards and a secured loan to much to build my credit?
No credit, Is it benficial to take out a secured loan and a secured credit card?0kapki2012-09-28 17:49:03
I have no credit, build credit faster to get a secured loan and a secured credit card ? or if only one of the two will be the same ? Also , anyone know any good secured credit cards ?
Choosing between a credit card, secured card, or loan?0Tahmina2012-09-12 15:03:03
I am a college student looking to build my credit. I was originally looking for a credit card , but was told it was a bad idea, and go for a secured card from a bank or a loan . My credit score ( Credit Karma ) is 672, while my VantageScore (also Credit Karma ) is 686. What is my best option ? I'll probably take a loan of $ 5000 ( ? ) , And pay in a year . Or, open a savings account with $ 500 for a secured card . I'm still looking for credit cards , so also remain viable . MedlinePlus I understand the importance and building credit risks , which is why I want to be sure I'm making the right decision . Any links or information that anyone can point me would be helpful . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Best secured credit card?2. 変 ㄋ 吢, Fit,com] 2012-11-06 02:00:03
My husband and I are trying to build our credit enough to get approved for a loan . My husband is so-so credit and I have no credit so crappy (due to a small debt 2000) . What would be the best secured credit card to build around our credit ? How can we do ? ! Make a large purchase and pay it all at once or make a purchase and pay the minimum ? Etc , thank you very much .
What is the best Secured Credit Card to get?1Heloise2012-08-15 09:02:02
I am looking to help raise my credit score. I want a card with a low annual fee and possibly no application or processing fees. But I've also heard it can be as good to get a small personal loan and pay it on time, and you'll do the same as a secured card. Is this true ? Thank you !
Where can I get a secured credit card?0Outcast2012-10-19 09:44:01
I have 25 years and have never had a credit card . I get denied for the regular card , and my bank does secured credit cards ... I am a full time student and got rejected for student card too. I've seen online applications for secured cards always ask employer and salary. But I am a student and would like to use some of my loans to start a good credit . I only use it to pay for public services and the normal stuff , then pay off each month. MedlinePlus Where can a student get an insurance card ?

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