I need a $1500 loan but have no credit? related questions

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Can i get a $1500 loan if my credit bad?5TYNESHIA2012-09-22 18:34:04
I need a loan as soon as possibe . my credit card is not as great as of now . Is it possible for me to get the money?
I need a $1500 loan but have no credit?2Meli2012-08-14 18:30:34
Ok , I know this has been asked before, but I can not find a place and I 'm at a loss . I called Fairwinds Credit Union and Citi Financial , and got refused . This is a personal loan to help me pay the rent next month and move to school. I have a minimum wage job , and be able to afford the payments (depending on quantity). I searched Google but I keep running in places sketch line . I am looking for a place you can call or just go to a local branch. Please, if anyone knows of a place that would be great. I'm out of options. I have no family or friends who can help and there is no guarantee.
Really need a $1500 loan! where do I look with bad credit?0helpless Dad2012-09-24 08:26:06
I reallly need the loan for maternity leave before and I keep trying online but only gives me like $ 400 ! I need $ 1,500 . Where I can go that will give me the money now without evasion ? My credit is not so good: (
Have bad credit. know where i can get a quick loan for 1500.00?2kill a mockingbird2012-10-16 22:14:02
1500.00 need fast . be paid within 2-2 1/ 2 weeks
Can I Get A Loan For Like 1500 Dollars With No Credit?2mTaq142012-08-29 14:34:14
I have a job, but I have no Credit Bank account too, but my work will not let me be able to repay the money as fast as it PayAdvance places like I need a loan that I can pay Gradally Do U Think I Can Get One? I Bank with Wachovia
I need a 1500 loan with monthly payments i have bad credit?1unknown2012-09-23 21:20:03
I need a 1500 loan with monthly payments that I have bad credit ?
I want to buy a car and I have $3500, should i take a loan out for another $1500 to improve my credit?1Christina Kwon2012-10-19 13:27:03
If you are 19 years old and have saved $ 3500 for your car you must first remove other small loan about $ 1500 - $ 2000 , just to establish credit ?
Quick loan without credit check. need 1500?01112012-09-21 18:06:03
Hello peeps . MedlinePlus i need a loan fast and easy and quick as possible. MedlinePlus starting employment in Canada next month im ( Live in England ) all classified place to stay as a visa , but now have fallen short on flights and transport and some money to live , I've seen some , but everyone seems runners and just go to john jim lol . MedlinePlus Canada used to help my employer and my fam not I have that money laying on a bit, do not mind paying back the loan or 3500 for good, just need to get them a few days. MedlinePlus Thanks in advance
Is if possible to get a loan for a bike that's $3500 with 1500 down and really bad credit?0jaheim2012-08-29 04:15:16
I have very bad credit of some mistakes I made in the past. I wonder if anyone thinks they can get a loan of a bike for $ 3500 ( total) with $ 1,500 down. The difficult part of this loan is to get bad credit and you have to have to be turned away from her? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know this bike is not a neccessity but I'm trying to build my credit and have other means of transport in case my car breaks down ( so my credit is bad in the first place) :) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
What are some trustworthy websites to get a $1500 loan with bad credit?3Manny to writeacher or ANYONE2012-09-19 16:48:03
I am a young woman who fights and was recently fired from my job. I have been having difficulty finding a job during the last month and was denied unemployment. Unfortunately , the accounts have been accumulated , and without any income that is almost impossible . Well basically I have two weeks to come in some way with $ 1500 to pay what I owe and what is due before my phone is cut off with everything else and I would be evicted ... so more or less homeless. I am only 21 , I know I can get a job that I have some clues, but I need more time. Does anyone know of an online loan agency where I could get $ 1500 fast and not being scammed ? I know they will have high interest rates, but I have no choice at this time.
Where can you get a loan from $500-$1500 with bad credit without using a cash advance store?3goku2012-10-27 20:06:14
Where can you get a loan of $ 500 - $ 1500 with bad credit without having to use a cash advance store ?
I paid off a $1500 loan within the 1st month. Did this help my credit score at all? Please help?0Sulynn2012-09-22 00:12:03
I took out a loan of $ 1,500 from my bank Seven Seventeen to build up my credit . I used my 08 ' G5 as collateral. Since it requires full coverage on it , my rate went from $ 300 to $ 900. I decided it was not worth it , and paid it all back as soon as I heard about car insurance . I wonder if having that loan , even short-termed , it did improve my credit score ? Thanks :)

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