Advice needed badly! Please help...?

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I was having a discussion with my parents about money issues . I can get a loan every year of my college , because I am a student . I give this direct loan to my parents take care of their expenses , etc
MedlinePlus Yesterday we were having a discussion about the use of credit this year to buy a car for me . My parents were a little hesitant because they do not like the idea of my driving at such a young age . I was trying to convince me and said something like " It's my money , after all ." At that moment I wanted to say this to go which means " It's my money we're spending on this car , and you are not spending any money on it, so that makes me feel good." But later , I was thinking about this and I worry that my parents took this as " It's my money , not the money , I'll do whatever I want with it " , because it really hurts. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to talk to them about it, but I do not want to hit that " Yesterday , what I meant was ... " because that would be really embarrassing . The other forms .
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Let alone , if you are upset 'll know soon enough , then you can explain .
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