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Mortgage Brokers I need to pick your brain?2Axia Student2012-09-10 06:11:03
I work for a mortgage broker , but it is the policy of some lenders will not allow mortgage brokers to process loans thier employees . I used one of my favorites , but banks requested a HELOC through the Retail Division online , and instead of having loan documents this week I have a denial . The retail rep mistook my stated income loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This bank is telling retailers and wholesalers thier guidelines are not the same ? Would not discriminitory to approve or deny a loan based how it is presented ? A retail borrower is subject to strict underwriting criteria ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My GRAPHICS are 720,727,720 denial could put me on the best rates available. What do you think , the law would protect borrowers under fair lending ?
5000 unsecured loan without using brokers or banks?. dont want to have to pay brokers high fees any ideas?1Sah2012-10-26 04:15:03
5000 unsecured loan without using brokers or banks ? . not want to have to pay high fees runners any ideas?
Recommended Mortgage Brokers in Michigan...?0Ashlyn.2012-11-03 21:23:02
I am a first time home buyer, not looking to put any money down (because I don't have much). But I do have good salary, minimal debt (aside from law school loans) and average credit. I want a really good company that will allow me to take advantage of my first time buyer status. I hear that Rock Financial is good. But my nerves are really wrecked right now and I want "good" over "popular name." If they are good, then I will try them. What about Lending Tree? Or my credit union? Just too many choices!! And what do I look for in a good broker? Please let me me know any recommendations that you may have in the metro Detroit area. Thanks!
Are there any mortgage brokers out there? What are the chances of this happening?1Lyndo2012-10-11 21:42:03
My boyfriend and I have enough money to put 50 % down on a duplex or small house. We have seen that hard money lenders , online approval for mortgages .. and nothing works . Most online banks will not finance MedlinePlus less than 50k . MedlinePlus The loan would be in your name, title , both of our names , the middle FICO is 580 ( though some in the credit report is not accurate ) , stable work history for 7-9 months. We are both students . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can we get funding? If so , where should we try?
List of mortgage lenders and brokers.?0kevin( to: ms. sue)2012-10-27 14:57:12
My family and I are planning to buy a house . We are first time buyers . We are currently in the process of looking for a lender . Can someone please give me a list of commercial banks , mortgage companies and credit unions can go to the estimates. We are looking for the best loan possible . Thank you very much . I would also appreciate any suggestions to facilitate this process . MedlinePlus thanks
Whats up with all these online mortgage brokers and are they safe?1Effie2012-08-23 22:53:02
Everyone says "No problem , can help you pack your two current loans for a better rate , but each of them " need more and more requirements . "
Shopping for a home loan help where to look and about mortgage brokers?1pachi2012-08-27 18:11:04
But I'll start shopping for a home loan for 1st time. I wonder how I go about this, I know that any inquirys within a certain period of time as number one on ur credit score (does anyone know what time period this?) , So my plan was to make all my purchases within a few days. But where should I look I thought of online sites such as LendingTree , my personal bank, but what about a mortgage broker ? If I go to a mortgage broker I am forced to use their loans?
Hello , MedlinePlus I'm looking to buy a home in the next six months, but still I have about 15,000 in debt. But I own a mobile home that I am looking to sell . But assuming that I do not ... What are the chances of me getting a house with a lot of debt. My credit is in the middle of the seven hundred and do a little more than 5000 per month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My main question is, I can get a mortgage for more than the house to consolidate my debt . I do not even know if it's possible. It would be so nice to be able to not worry about the interests of my credit cards and just pay my mortgage .... or will I need equity? Just one question .
Can anyone recommend online or "retail" mortgage brokers that will get the most offers w/least credit queries?0kyndal2012-10-19 16:00:07
Brokers are the most preferable for home loans , right? Especially if challenged me in credit scores , but not % LTV or DTI . I am a first-time homebuyer and perplexed by what the market offers .
How can a person come up with 1000 in a week with out prostitution ,selling my brain, pawning things?0Ruthie2012-08-28 00:12:02
I have a job that just needs some extra money to buy a car because I have bad credt a divorce so a loan is out of the question that I asked how to get it today but I have stupid answers , so just leave him a week or more , but I need a car as soon as possible
If you had to, which scenario would you pick?1Denesh dillon persaud rokdjdnn, x2012-10-09 12:55:02
I've been having a dilemma with this mode , you chose to be a trip to Italy in 10 days but still $ 4,000 in debt ... or if you choose to stay at home without debt ( accept for school ) and possibly extra money in your pocket? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In my case , I would choose scenario 1 , because I might be able to pay back nearly 4,000 at the time of the trip , but nobody wants to be in debt . What do you think ?
PLEASE HELP: Which University Should I Pick?1Valentine2012-09-16 23:29:06
I left school names so they do not influence anyone's opinion. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus School 1) I have received a full scholarship (does not have to pay anything and they also give me money to study abroad and a laptop) to a school that is far from home, in the middle of nowhere, I do not I go nowhere. The school name is recognizable to sports, but not for education. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus School 2) I have been admitted to the school I've been dreaming since I was ten. Is national ranking (I'm talking Top 10), the campus is beautiful, the people are wonderful, not far from home, and I have family that lives less than an hour away by car. But is $ 40,000 per year, including financial assistance. My dad and I are willing to borrow to attend, but my mom is totally against spending your money in college because of the offer of the School 1. (They divorced) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus O School 3) This school is further away from the first school house, but I like it there. The people are nice and the education is not good. It is a very small college with no name recognition. It only cost about $ 20,000 a year, including financial aid, but not including travel expenses back home. And I have a family nearby, but they are a few hours away by plane. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I consider myself a very good student, and I feel like I won the second school. But I have a fear of leaving graduate with debt because I want to go to graduate school after becoming a pharmacist. Everyone says that people look at graduate school degree over when you are applying for a job, but still, attend a school other than the school 2 feels like I'm settle for second best.

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