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How long does it take to receive final acceptance on a short sale home offer?1ricardo2012-10-20 05:18:01
According to my agent short sale is approved my proposal is approved, and pending final acceptance. The loan is owned by U.S. Bank and have been very quick in terms of short sale (3 weeks for all) . I just want to know how much longer for final acceptance . thanks
Home currently on MLS (Arizona) for Short Sale; Contacted by "fast home" - Legit Company?0Suki2012-10-15 08:00:26
My house is currently in the Arizona MLS and last night I was contacted by " fast home " or MedlinePlus The man said he wants to bid on our house and asked me questions like what is included in , do we have tenants currently there, do tenants pay their rent on time , the house is in good condition , our mortgage loans ( 1st and 2nd) and contact information of our realtor . He said he would call our real estate agent and make an offer . I do not want to get my hopes up and I wonder if this company is legit ? Has anyone experienced this company making an offer on a house for a short sale and if your offer was decent enough that banks will accept it ? The fair market value of our home is $ 100,000 at this time and has been on the market for 70 days .
Have you bought or sold a home in a short sale or represented a seller or buyer in a short sale?0Julian2012-09-23 18:12:07
I made a cash offer on a short sale property in Largo, Florida about 3 weeks. The sales manager is Everhome Mortgage loans . I read that Everhome requires R.E. agents / brokers go through "Sale Fast National " to submit their bids . Soooo if you have bought or sold a home through the short sale is where Everhome servicer or if you are an agent / broker who has had dealings with Everhome Mortgage or National Quick Sale I would like to hear your experiences . MedlinePlus thank you very much
How low can i offer for a short sale?1Sandara2012-10-15 02:13:02
I'm looking for a house that is a short sale. I am very interested in buying this property . I am a first-time homebuyer and yet I was told I can offer something up in this house . The sale price is $ 124,900 home . Now how low I can offer on this? I have $ 75,000 cash , but I would have to take a loan for the rest , I also want the 75k count for both the down payment and closing costs . My credit is not great. I plan to live in this house for 5-6 years before I sell and buy a much larger home . How low can offer on a short sale without being laughed at ?
How do they calculate your loan modification payment,my offer is so outrageous that i might as well short sale?0jerae2012-10-05 11:49:08
Finally got an offer from my lender with all necessary documents for my loan modification, but the terms are out of this world , in my opinion , it adds an extra 10 years, plus my monthly payments are $ 500 more than what I think is paying now . Finally I have a loan in 40 years then on top of all that I missed the added payment of all property taxes including , etc. . And what about 31% of my gross income going to mortgage can go through that ? Should I let go of this house ? my two children grew up in this house and a little hard to put loan manger, said this is the only offer I have. Should I keep fighting this battle.Please unleash advise on the best way to handle this.thanks advance.
Short sale wants to cash my $5,000 earnest check and submit me as only offer to bank.?2Brina2012-10-27 02:26:01
I saw a short sale come on the market and made ​​me an offer very strong compared to the compositions . The real estate agent said my offer was strong (10 % less than conventional conforming) , my money is safe and sound and I want to present as the only bid for banks ( two loans in this place ) . To be sure that I'm serious , they want to charge me $ 5,000 earnest deposit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has anyone heard of someone doing this? I know that my money is safe , but I wonder if this sounds like the way to go ? I love the house . I've put in over 20 deals so far and was lost on many. I am renting from month to month so there are no real contingency . I have many offers right now that I did not like nearly as much as this house . I think if I go ahead with this still be seen, but it will be much more selective in what they offer , knowing I have this I'm waiting for ... Any idea ?
I need to sale my house fast. will go into foreclosure on August 8th. Need to sale before.What is short sale?1Arielys2012-10-01 12:40:04
I was waiting for a loan modification to pay an agency to do. MedlinePlus There was no evidence that the modification angency even attempted . Home Assure - Never use them .
Has Anyone Bought a home after short sale?2[email protected]#$%^&a2012-11-03 03:05:02
How much did your credit drop ? What were the conditions of the new loan ?
Is it possible to buy a home immediately after a short sale on one home?1⿴, Su Keum lazy〗 -2012-09-10 13:54:02
I still owe $ 132k on a house worth only about $ 40k. The loan was amended in 2010 , which did not help . My credit score is 689. Since May 2009 , there is a chapter 7 bankruptcy on my credit. I made my mortgage payments on time, and my other accounts (student loans and car payment ) . I'm in a financially stressful situation , money is very tight and pay on a house that is not worth it just makes the situation more stressful . Enter a cheaper house would save me hundreds of dollars a month . I've considered everything from a short sale to give back the deed to the lender in lieu of foreclosure . Is there anything out there for people like me ? Thank you !
Short Sale Home - large cash down payment?3vada2012-08-08 21:05:43
We were approved for a loan to cover the cost of the home you're looking to buy short sale. I think there is an offer from another . Does the investor in short selling in mind that we have a strong down payment on the house instead of mortgaging everything ... or it does not matter at all? Ultimately not only offers the highest and one win out instead of a large sum of money? Thank you !
Can I avoid a Short sale of my home by turning my Heloc into a unsecured loan?3jere2012-11-02 01:27:01
My first mortgage is $ 169,000 my second ( HELOC ) is a total of $ 82,000 251K market , the current in Florida. You might could get 220K for my house . To prevent short selling bank will consider an unsecured loan for either the second or all 31k short in this case ? So I guess my question is why banks make unsecured claims up 30k , my wife and I have 700 + credits also
How can I sell my home as a short sale if lender release the lien but I still owe even if it's sold?0vvvcvz2012-09-23 04:49:02
I listed my house with an agent a year ago , which means that the short sale experience . They say that once filled the paperwork for the mortgage company requesting the short sale is likely to accept . I filled out a form saying that my agent should be the go to person in dealing with the mortgage company instead of me . About 7 months later , my mortgage company sent me a letter saying that they release the lien on my house , but still owe the debt . When I told my realtor about him , it seems he did not know why or what it meant that letter. I suppose the mortgage company contacted him in reference to the loan . Unfortunately , for my part , I have the letter sent to the agent so that he could examine it. My question is when the lender to release the lien , accepted the house to sell as a short sale or just release the lien as unsecured debt ? If you release it as an unsecured debt , why continue with the short sale ? My agent has not contacted me about the short sale negotiations and back and list my property without permission . Thanks for your advice .

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