A national bank turned in a unfavorable report about my credit and I have given up on my self.?

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Asked at 2012-08-25 06:41:03
I am an alcoholic / addict with 10 years clean / sober in recovery started with very bad credit, as a result of 30 years accepted my addiction consequences and began to rebuild my credit and my mental, spiritual and physical, not failures, but own.After my years of work and tons of money managed to rebuild my credit score again in mid-700. I take the time to sponsor several teenagers to twenty something recovering heroin addicts of many well to do families, who try to lead by example, and over 80% of these young people have a recovery of several years and some even all graduated college and have become productive members of society.Two years ago I had a heart attack not planned, I, and as a direct result of the use of not making a deposit at the time of a periodic payment and charged me $ 37.00 for which I have no problem paying, about two weeks after finally home from the hospital received a call from a woman who wanted the nasty $ 37 and when I explained my situation very badly and has said added a $ 7.00 per day fee to live in the country and eventually went to the bank for which I did not have enough to cover the hundreds of dollars for what I said I was going to borrow the money and return as soon as possible next dat my ATT account was terminated then my auto insurance company notified me of a 30% increase when cited called my credit score dropped, since I lost my apartment can not pay security deposits for utilities and loans cars are out of the question in the last two years, my health has deteriorated in hospitals have been psychological and yet still I have faith in my higher power to the many children who have faith sponsor through diversity and yet I'm exhausted, I have accepted the fact of death, but now I can not pay a prepaid funeral the three major credit reporting agencies and hometown denominated bank have done more harm than any drink drug shooting and stabbing they are legally allowed something not right here.
Answer1IlmaAnswered at 2012-08-27 15:55:03
You sound like you're on crack right now. You are rambling . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Maybe you have ADD ... Why not seek medical treatment and evaluated , and then worry about your credit later.
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