Do I have a case or should I drop the idea? Lawyers answer please!!!?

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Asked at 2012-08-07 23:28:02
I am a 19 year old college and I recently lost about 27k in online sports betting in the last year . The problem is that I have the money for it . I was thinking about taking a private student loan and pay after graduaute an interesting idea, but approached . What if they refuse to pay for purchases of gambling. I did some snooping and discovered that it is illegal to fund online gambling sites . The sites used disguises to shop (ie , jewelry, long distance phone service , etc). Also, when I called to verify purchases I told them it was for gambling online and never said anything like that. Besides ruining my credit , what will ? I doubt they will sue me / my family, because what they were doing was illegal in the first place. I guess my question is do I have a case? Or should I take the loan? Thanks

PS: I realize I have a problem and have stopped smoking for good
Answer1JC IS THE MAN BABY!!!!!!! 03*03*03* Answered at 2012-08-09 13:58:02
Better check out this -

Answer2coniAnswered at 2012-08-14 09:33:03
That's an incredible amount of money to play in a year, and such a young age ... * Sigh *. This will hurt your credit , however , DO NOT remove a loan to pay. You can never get out of paying student loans , which are very strict with them ... even if you declare bankruptcy to stay with you. If I were you I would take a hit to my credit card and seek advice , can be said to have quit smoking , but the momentum will be back and I do not want this to happen again .... the consequences are much larger when a family, home, etc.
Answer3DancerAnswered at 2012-08-18 02:16:03
It seems that Kenny hit the nail on the head.
First .... do not ruin your credit, you did.
If serious doubts that they will sue you then why do anything ?

If you really believe they broke the law by allowing fund their habit through its facilities, then I say this and refuse to pay.
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