I loaned money to a business owner for equipment and cash on hand...what type of lein can I file? related questions

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I loaned money to a business owner for equipment and cash on hand...what type of lein can I file?0jam ie2012-08-24 17:34:02
The money was used for equipment, salaries and cash on hand . I have a contract to pay and did not pay anything ... What should I do next ...
If i am a small business owner with bad creditwhere can i get a loan for new equipment at a fair interest rate1Lucy King2012-08-22 17:13:02
If I own a small business with bad creditwhere I can get a loan for the new team to a fair interest rate
I have loaned money to someone and in return they gave me their title to their manufactured home which she is trying to sell. The title is signed by the previous owners but not dated and not signed by the person I loaned the money to. The park that it is located in has filed a landlord complaint too. So should I file a lien before they do? I do have title and a handwritten note signed by her stating she owes me the money.What is the best thing to do to protect my money?
The best way as a business owner to file taxes to show a personal income w/o showing my business as income?1upbeat2012-08-08 09:52:45
I am a new small business owner , I am now able to show a small loss of my taxes has made it difficult for me to request a personal loan. Is there any way I can do my taxes seperatly and not have to prove the loss of the company and show that I still have an income. My goal is to be able to enter a bank and get a personal loan as I did before owning this business when you just got a W2 from my employer.
How do I file bankruptcy in Southern California and what type should I file?0Meli2012-09-18 16:33:06
Hi. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a very good credit score. I've never made a late payment on anything in my life. However, I am anticipating disaster and see no way out of it. My debt is about 17K in credit cards and student loans about 10 km so that a total of 27K. I'm not worried about student loans, and I'm at school and what they are currently "on hold" until the end and when I am expected to pay them only as $ 110 per month for ten years. But my credit cards are getting worse and worse and the only way I can make myself stop relying on them is to kill them. Unfortunately I have almost zero income (about $ 400 per month) and I'm in college and living with the mother. I have 24 years. This is very sad, I know, but I think it has to present soon. It's a shame because my credit score is 720. I just leased a new car, which is under my name, but again, the family supports me. So ... I think I should file for bankruptcy (Chapter 7 is what I'm thinking) and just live off what I make for thew next ten years. I have nothing of value, and in the morning the lease for my mom, and also want to know if they will take my car when and if the. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please know that everyone says it is a "last resort." I'm seeing it as such. So if it comes to this, what is the best way to go about filing and hoe much it will cost me financially and also how long it takes? Will my debts be cleaned? I heard that student loans do not go away, which is fine by me. Your credit cards that are about to crush me. I need real advice, not only criticizes worthless empty. So please ONLY RESPOND IF POLITE RELIABLE ADVICE. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you guys. Happy holidays.
I loaned money to my own business. Are the repayments to me taxable according to IRS rules?1erwin2012-11-03 00:42:02
I loaned money to my own business . Will my tax refunds according to IRS rules ?
Mother loaned money to me for my company thru a line of credit against her house and business shut down.Help!?0Coolio Dude 2012-10-16 22:58:30
I owned a small business and my mother took out an interest only loan line of credit against your home free and clear , and lent it to me for my business . my business failed and was forced to close down.Is thier any way my loan forgivin mothers may be either due to a " bad investment " without losing their house.Is thier something I could do or any channel i can go down to further investigated ? I 'm now paying only the interest each month on it personally .
I'm 16, if I pay cash (my parent give me the money) and do not need a loan, can I be a legal owner of a house?4i love you2012-08-25 06:53:03
I have 16, if paid in cash ( my parents give me money) and does not need a loan , I can be a legal owner of a house ?
I am looking to obtain a collateral business loan, which will be secured by the equipment purchased from the l1aimee2012-10-20 17:26:03
I am looking to expand my current business in the inflatable rental business by obtaining a loan guarantee equipment , to be used to purchase new inflatable , but I have a low credit score .. Any suggestions honest ?
When opening a PDF file on Adobe Acrobat, what do you do to type words into the lines?1blabla2012-10-25 05:42:49
I am applying for a loan and get real estate balance sheets and application forms from my bank ( U.S. Bank ) online . I would write instructions for my application instead of writing and I can not get my keyboard to type in lines . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any idea ? This is simple. I just need to know what to do so that I can write. I tried to save them and then opening , writing to take advantage . Thanks for helping every one .
I am looking for a financial modeling tool to plan an equipment leasing business excel based.anybody know one?0kiandre2012-10-12 18:44:17
Lease revenues and cost of sales model is very different from a product or service business . For a leasing company , income is the periodic interest income generated each month during the term of the lease , say at a rate of 15% . The leasing company that borrows money at 8% to buy the team and match background - the lease of equipment , say through a term loan (recorded on the balance sheet and amortized to the P & L to match the flow of income ) . This is not like the revenue and cost of sales in a product company P & L. In addition , the tenant may be required to make a down payment and say first and last months rent , reducing financing needs and accelerate the flow of cash to the leasing company and the actual increase in profitability to the leasing company . Last payment should also be deferred on the balance sheet . From a fiscal standpoint of the leasing company also depreciates the asset team .
Car Loan Vrs Cash In hand?0 large woman. -2012-10-04 07:58:08
I am very confused . I want to buy a car , but currently do not have enough money to buy it in cash, but I need the car as soon as possible . i do not want to opt for a car loan , either because I have fear of monthly payments . Seriously , I do not know what to do .

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