How do you file medical bankruptcy?

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Hi I have 19 years of age. The summer of 2011 I fell off the long board and hit my head , fractured his skull , had an attack , and had internal bleeding for 2 weeks. I ended up in urgent care for 3 days with $ 70,000 in medical bills . I 'm just a normal teenager with a minimum wage job . I have no way to pay these bills and do not want to take a loan and be stuck in debt for the rest of my life . I was told by a few people to declare bankruptcy and I do care . I know it will completely ruin my credit for about seven years , and I agree with that, its already ruined by not paying the bills. But I do not know where to begin to file bankruptcy . Will I have to pay someone to help me do this anyway you should go online and do it myself ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have also tried to apply for Medicare and Medicaid and was denied both because I'm under 23 and my parents refused to give their information. Also tried to say he was a resident of Colorado and the accident occurred in California . I was born in California , but went to school in Colorado for a semester and then retired because he could not afford it, but I was there for a year of work . I'm living in California for good now though. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for all the help

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