Need help sync lending ripped me off?

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Asked at 2012-08-23 20:14:21
I applied for a loan guarantee anount needed a 750.00 refundable if the loan is not made ​​. That was December 27 . I called for a refund and told me to look Jan.4 in 10 days . In Jan.9 told me there was a problem and my refund will be in February ... I think they have been scammed by 750.00 ...... anyone ever have the loans repaid sync ?
Answer1Jullian B.Answered at 2012-09-10 08:06:02
So do I. I sent $ 1,060.00 dollars per ounce of money for your down payment guarantee two days ago , and pledged to have the loan in my account today. That has not happened . When I call , I always get a different person, and say they will come . I asked for a refund and cancel the loan immediately and was told that the refund process . I have already reported RECOL CA (Reporting Economic Crime On- Line) in Canada and the authorities have been notified. I tried to follow the recipient ( Peter Colt ) in transferring money gram (receiver ) , but no luck . I do not expect to get my money . Must be operating under false names . even give their business license and federal identification numbers when tracking shows nothing ! If you get your money back, please let me know . Up front , appear ligit , but I should have known something was wrong when I tried to fax through my photo ID , proof of income , etc. , they said their fax did not work . They told me they were going to process the loan anyway and later faxed . Nobody pays $ 10,000 unconfirmed proof of identity , address and income ! Good Luck !
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