Can I terminate a career development loan based upon Consumer Credit Act 1974 ?

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Asked at 2012-08-06 06:08:48
Barclays took a career Development Loan in 2006 to do a course. The course was not satisfactory and is not the point - that many people complained and wanted a refund. The company went bankrupt and took the money of many people with them.

These people are now in debt and have no choice but to return the money to Barclays by the CDL. However, this loan Career Development is an unsecured loan and covered by the Credit Act 1974.

It is said that the receiver of the money (ie , the training company ) and Barclays are jointly liable for any misrepresentation , loss or non-delivery of goods.

Barclays I called to cancel my contract CDL , I took in 2006. They said they have their own terms and in no case can terminate the agreement.

If the loan application is governed by the law, then I am right or I'll have to pay all over again, regardless of whether the company filed for bankruptcy or not?

Help greatly appreciated.

Answer1sekouAnswered at 2012-08-06 06:56:46
I think Barclays will be able to get away from it, since according to its terms and conditions and these can not be covered by the act, even if the loan is.

However, you can get advice from people who know more than we of the Office of Citizen Services, and encouraged me to do , because you know neevr , there may be a legal vacuum and must resort to a refund for a product not was on a level , regardless of what you paid for it .
Answer2Rockinafreakopotomus Answered at 2012-08-07 06:15:03
Your loan can not be legally enforceable by Barclays , necessary to send you a copy of your original contract signed. This is a separate issue for possible misselling of the course. Then contact a website like that can help you take things further. Good luck .
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