If I didnt finish a loan application, would I be charged for the money? related questions

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If I didnt finish a loan application, would I be charged for the money?0latonya2012-08-23 06:09:03
I recently filled out an online application for a small loan . He never finished the application , never sent , and even received an e - mail saying he did not finish . Two weeks later I received a phone call from a third party collection agency saying I owe them $ 500 or I will be arrested or taken to court for check fraud . I have not received any money and was never approved because the application is not over! Im pretty sure you do not owe anything . But the lender / company collections have a case against me ?
If i sent off for a credit card and didnt spend on it, would i get charged for anything at all?4Coryphaus2012-08-30 01:58:13
im thinking of getting a credit card to pay for a holiday . a loan is more difficult to achieve due to part-time work , I am a student and only 18 , so I've got no previous credit history . I've never had a credit card before, I'll be able to afford the payments every month, but if applied four now , n dont buy anything on it until around April , they will charge me anything? if it's just sitting in my bag? any advice you can give me would help. thankz
If i didnt cash the stafford unsubsidized loan check that i didnt want.?1scoobies law2012-09-30 05:19:04
Still I have to pay
Paid Apprenticeship/Trade School Or Finish Air Force/Army to finish pay for college?1stephon2012-10-25 19:26:01
Well , now I have 22 year old community college student graduating soon and have an AS degree in Computer Systems , but over the years , I really did not learn anything ( skill) completely for use in the real world . I'm planning to finish and get my degree in college but I do not think it's worth . The reason I say this because your search for jobs in my field most jobs want a lot of expertise and programming languages ​​, and even if I had the same BS and do not want to graduate with loans from a still do not have a job , also sample some students who graduate and have no guaranteed work . Luckily I have no loan and want to keep it that way , so I was thinking of going to a trade school for programming technology / information and work at night or go to military spending four years there and then go to finish my 2 years in 4-year college and finish , so it is best move to get a decent job and not waste time in the end? However, now I'm 22 and I lost so much time , but I've learned from my mistakes for years , so I want to do something fast / sure make decent money , so I was thinking on the way to business school and what you think girls / ?
Can i go to jail for not paying back a pay day loan beause i didnt have the money in ohio ?4Lenea2012-11-01 23:56:02
What happened was that I need a loan to pay for my car and ect , but when it came time to pay my husband lost his job and my grandmother died so plz help with this
What should i do ? I need extra money to pay my tution . Fafsa didnt give me as much as they used to?0Bob lee2012-10-19 10:07:23
The other day I accepted my financial aid awards . I received a Pell Grant for $ 1350. And I think I have two other loans for $ 1000, I think. I refused loans because loans iam afraid , and I do not think they need both . Then I returned to my account tution , and was something like $ 2,400 that. I did the math , and then pay the Pell Grant , I still have a little over $ 1000 . No I have a job , my parents are low income , and living only for the refund of money received financial aid in the past. Is there away I can recover the loans i rejected my financial aid package ? I have also been online the last couple of days looking for scholarships . My school will not give scholarships until next fall . My only options are to get a payday loan to my schhol or use my money , or get a private loan . So my question is , is there any way to recover that have rejected federal loans as part of my aid package ? Or should I keep looking for scholarships , try to reason with my school , or what should I do ? Thank you !
I need to consolidate my Sallie Mae loans but I need more money to finish school .How do I do this?0Tory Smith2012-10-06 01:44:13
Should I consolidate my loans Sallie Mae but I need more money to finish school. How I can do this ?
Bank charged overdraft fee but money was there?1Music_Girl2012-08-17 09:04:06
Ok , in 5.12 I deposited a check in the amount of $ 315. The next day I mailed my payment for a car loan of $ 337. I kept checking the status of my paycheck in online banking, and said he still "pending" and that only half of the check was sent to my balance. Yesterday , however , the check was ultimately included in my " posted transactions " But I still did not have the total amount on my balance . Next thing I know , the car loan payment is cleared and hit me with a $ 34 overdraft fee if the money was there , but not all were available. With full pay , I had enough to cover the car loan . Now the bad check and I do not have enough money in my account to cover it if the bank tries to clarify once again due to the overdraft fee . Is there anything I can do? I have not paid again until Friday and can not afford to have the check bounce back before. I do not understand to look at my list of transactions recorded , taking into account the check was issued before the car payment was never carried out , however , not cover it. Sorry for all the text , but thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
Can banks take money from your acct for an old charged off bad debt student loan without permission/notice?3Kharato2012-10-04 04:32:02
I was a co -signer for my son when I was in college ( four years ago) . When the loan is due, could not afford it . They called (people collection ) everyday . They offered to accept half and said great Buthe would send payments. They said they could not accept payment . Finally , the loan was retired (at least that's what my credit report said . Now to today. My husband was fired and charged in their individual accounts to try to start a small business and survive . from nothing , we get hit with a $ 4,500 withdrawal that Chase is used to pay that debt. Though it was a loan , I did not know you could just help themselves to my mind . Is this legal?
Need student loans family has bad credit i just finish high school need money for college help?0suman2012-08-18 03:49:31
Michigan Move to South Texas hot and going ot attend Lansing Community College, but I need the help of custom Finacial money to help me make my mother did not receive your tax documents so I'm screwed for what loans I can get to college there and I will get a part time job to live there, so can yall please help me
How much interest is charged on Money Mart's Cash Til Payday loans?0Gin2012-10-09 16:33:57
addendum to the question : how are readily available ? and any other information that might be helpful.
In trying to find a payday loan online all i do is fill out application after application. HELP!?0aditi2012-09-09 08:00:03
I took out a loan and now can not pay medical bills bc letting in bad debt. I do not know what to do . I need another loan , but I have no credit . so you can not get an actual loan . However, all payday loans online only take me an application after application ... I never landed in the finals to get the loan . .... What should I do ? ?

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