Whats the best way to pay credit card bills in order to obtain the best possible credit score? related questions

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Whats the best way to pay credit card bills in order to obtain the best possible credit score?4the all knwooin2012-10-16 13:00:03
But long story ... I just turned 18 and I have to get a car . I can not do that without getting a loan and I can not get a loan without credit ( my parents cosign ) . i was approved for a credit card and should come in the mail every day . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder , however , what is the fastest way you can actually get a credit account I take a loan ? my mom says that if I have a balance and pay it off every month that I take no credit at all . Does that mean I have to collect a lot of things and only pay the minimum balance ? Does it really matter ? I'm sooo confused. help!
What is a good credit card limit to have in order to improve one's credit score?0BBF2012-09-23 16:35:03
I recently opened 3 secured credit cards with a credit limit of $ 300, $ 350, and $ 300, respectively . I subscribe to full credit check and received the following tips to improve my score . How much should I increase my limits ? Should I increase I can raise three or just one? What is the magic number of credit limits in order to improve your score ? With my credit cards secured basically put money in the accounts if you want to increase the limits . Any advice is appreciated . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Total credit check : MedlinePlus " Having low credit limits on your accounts and loans has negatively against your credit score . Having a lot of credit is a positive factor because it indicates to lenders that other creditors have trusted you by lending money in the past. however, since the main limits of credit cards are generally low , lenders may think that you do not have enough experience with high limits . "
Will closing a secured card to obtain a unsecured card hurt my credit score...also more ?s 10pts?1oshar2012-09-23 04:14:02
Is 2 secured cards and a secured loan to much to build my credit?
I just got my first credit card. Whats the fastest way to increase my credit score?4sandtara2012-10-12 20:15:02
I would get a car loan , so how long should I wait for my credit to build ?
I have never had a loan or credit card , do utility bills affect my credit score ?0Qatari boy2012-09-11 22:35:03
I have never had a loan or credit card , but recently I've been looking at getting a car , I applied for a loan through my bank , but they refused and took me to Experian credit check , does that mean I have a bad score credit and I have only been late on a utility bill
My credit report contains medical bills from my ex-husband. If I have a court order, do I have to pay them?4vikas2012-11-02 01:52:02
In 2007, he was ordered by the court that it was not responsible for these medical expenses . ( The judge ordered that I was responsible for my bills and was responsible for her - I have mine paid , of course not paid her ... ) I decided to check my credit report online , because my ex-husband has also added fraudulant charges to my credit and wanted to know if there was any (which of course , no ! But that's a totally different conflict . ) If I write the three credit bureaus to dispute medical expenses and include a copy of the court order , will they remove the bills from my report ? I live in Wisconsin , so the state law is any invoice obtained during marriage is both parties responsibility , but his court ordered ( and I told him to creditors upset when I called and was told that basically F off ! ) will this work ? My credit score has dropped from excellent to very poor in a year . I'm being denied jobs left and right and loans ... I need to know if it is even worth trying ..
Consolidate medical bills with credit card bills?1i.miss.you2012-08-17 12:29:31
I have about $ 5,000 in medical expenses, I'm paying about $ 125/month without interest. Also I have about $ 6,000 in credit card bills and I'm paying about $ 200 a month , with approximately 15 % interest. Would it be wise to consolidate all my debts and get a loan of $ 11,000. I did not know whether it would be good to include medical expenses because currently there is interest in them.
How can I obtain a personal loan/credit card with bad credit?3JennyB2012-10-16 13:47:02
My credit has been a major decline in recent years due to illness and from there just stupidity . I told one of my debt collectors for a small loan , pay everything off with him , and then I would have to make payments on that. This is the perfect solution for me . My husband makes decent money , but he's gone before he ever gets paid . We just can not get our heads above water. Now the problem ... can not be approved ... Now what ? As for the credit card , a secured card I know is all I could get, but I have no money to put in it in advance. Please , no lectures or rude comments , I know it's my fault you see the results of my stupidity daily . I'm drowning , please help !
Whats the fastest way to get my credit score up 10 points im trying to get a home loan and my score is too low1Brooke=HELP2012-10-16 02:49:02
What is the fastest way to get my credit score up to 10 points im trying to get a home loan and my score is very low
How to obtain a credit card?3suzie2012-11-05 13:24:03
I have been researching , as I think it is important that before making a decision like this . I'm a college student . I have no loans because I'm on a full scholarship . (Therefore , I have no credit in terms of loan repayment . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would, however , like a credit card for small expenses . I work enough hours that I feel comfortable doing so . I'm pretty responsible . I have no rent to pay . ( I live in the house . ) I would like to help with groceries and other small expenses that arise. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have read , however , it is difficult to get a credit card with no credit . I just want something simple , no frills accounts or "premium " , so that later , when I want to buy a car or a house , I can do it . How does this work ?
Will I be able to obtain a credit card at age 18?0sai [email protected]#$%^&ha2012-10-16 02:40:11
I'm a month of turning 19 , I'm in college , I was working three part-time jobs in the summer , but since school has started I have been working at In - N -Out with about 25 hours week, I had a steady job , a debit card and a savings account since I was 16. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I have nine months in my CarMax auto financing loan for a used car at a price of $ 16,000 , which was approved by myself at age 18 without cosigner from my family members have bad credit . They had a buyer loan back to where it can be accepted if you put a certain amount down. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know I am responsible enough for a credit card , and I want one for many reasons , especially just in case of any emergency . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any suggestions for a credit card with an easy approval ?
I Am Trying To Obtain A Credit Card BUT...?1xhema2012-09-21 08:32:02
I have eighteen years and have little or no established credit , I'm trying to find a credit card , not for the next big video game system , but to pay the bills at maturity rather than having to wait for my next paycheck check ... With the lack of credit to anyone, and I mean no one will give my application a second look , they see " no credit " and throw it in the shredder ... I 'm at a loss what to do . I need the card to better manage my finances limited , and because my finances " limited " I can not get an insurance card and I can not make a loan guarantee. So if anyone out there has experienced the same situation as me please share your solution if you found one? As anyone who has any information that would take me to get a card , I'll be grateful for any help = )

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