Economics what is considered labor?

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Henrietta O'Leary was a pioneer in the Old West. Her husband died on the journey from Pennsylvania to Colorado. When Harriet came to Denver and opened a business that sells wheel axles of other pioneers. To establish the business , borrowed $ 100 to build a small factory with a shop attached to it. She hired two woodworkers and a manager to run the store. His expenses included various primary wood used to make shafts, woodworkers metal tools used in the decision process of the axis , and a payment of $ 10 annual interest loan of $ 100.
2.1 . Which of the following are considered by economists as "work" ?
I. The factory
II. The store
III. Henrietta willingness to take risks to open his own business
IV. The woodworkers who make axles
V. The director who runs the shop
VI. The wood used to produce axles

A. I, II and VI only
B. IV , V and VI only
C III , IV, and V
D. I, II , III , IV , V and VI
E. IV and V

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