If I have a 200 cash advance loan and to pay it off completely the total is 274 is that to much interest? related questions

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If I have a 200 cash advance loan and to pay it off completely the total is 274 is that to much interest?6tricica2012-09-11 13:20:02
If I have a cash advance loan and 200 to fully repay the total is 274 , is that the interests of both ?
Is there a limit on how much you can take out for a visa cash advance? Cash advance or personal loan?0Violetta2012-09-22 08:36:04
Ok I need $ 12,000 I'll be able to get that much of a cash advance on my Visa credit union ? There trying to force me to do all kinds of stupid **** to get a loan cuz this vehicle is over 10 years old. Would it be better to do this or get a personal loan for that amount ? The vehicle itself is worth about 20,000 , but the bank requires an appraisal and all kinds of things . So I said screw that and try to take a different path in this regard. What would be my best option to get 12k ?
If u borrowed $ from a sibling & they got it from a credit card cash advance,r u responsible 4 the interest?4Tank2012-09-30 23:06:03
My sister gave me $ 5,000 . I do not know how I got it , but now I know it was a credit card cash advance with a 24 % interest !
14,750 purchase price and interest rate loan 8.50 length of 4 years and 48 months
Online cash advance? i failed to pay back an online cash advance due to financial instabilities. Need answers?1gordain2012-09-21 03:43:03
I could not pay the cash advance back and now I'm in a position to be able to manage to make the payment , I received a very suspicious call from a guy who can barely speak proper English . In the call, or what I could see , was that I 'm being sued by three criminal charges . One is fraud and could not understand the other two . My initial loan was $ 1000 and now they say I am being sued for over $ 5000. I've looked at my credit report and there has been no rulings or judgments in that country . Is this legal and what are my options ? The number that called me from appearing as 1-268-0004 , so I can not even call it again, it is not a real number . I like to find the office that is in collections , but have no idea where to start looking . If anyone has a similar story or advice , i would really appreciate hearing . Thanks for your time .
Can I build credit history by taking and paying back cash advance or advance payday loans?0chucke2012-10-09 02:22:08
I have no credit card ( yet) , and I just apply for a secured credit line . Meanwhile, I had a couple pay day loans and paid the total balance and rate without refinancing. Curious if I have to take out these cash advances is another way to build credit history ? ? ? please help . Thank you !
What's going to be the total INTEREST paid on my $19,301 Car Loan?1khado2012-10-05 04:20:03
Hi! I bought a used car for 14,500. With the guarantee , such a gap and it cost me 16,301 and charge a finance charge of 3.000 . I got so damn well confusing . I had made a cover for the distributor so I had to buy the car as soon as possible because my blender one died on me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The APR is 7.9 % I do not understand what this means . How much interest will I pay ? What is the rate of 3,000 funding ?
How do I get a cash out on home I completely own with horrible credit?1ewe2012-10-12 06:30:01
I was thinking about the possibility of buying a house at auction . For this I would greatly indebted . But you can get these homes to 2/3 of the value . If I could refinance the house into a loan for the full value ( or even something like 90 % ) , could pay cash loans and even have some money to spare. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, once you take the loan , my credit would be horrible. Then I could not apply for Standard Mortgage . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, there is a way to get a refinance when you own a home regardless of credit completely ? Since I actually have the deed to the house I could take advantage of the full equity . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Moreover, there is a way to get a mortgage loan is a line of credit for use in an auction ?
If I take out a 10,000 car loan for 6 years and the interest rate is 4%, how much total will I pay?1abbey road2012-10-04 04:09:02
I'm not good at math , but if you do normal payments of six years at 4% interest the total amount of interest paid ?
Approx. what would be the total interest on an $80,000 home loan at 6% for 15 years?0shanaid2012-10-14 11:15:24
Trying to figure out how much you would save if you pay cash for a $ 80,000 home instead of getting a mortgage for 15 years at 6% .
Is there a calculator online that I can use to figure out how much interest is due on a loan. The total was 54?1Yuni2012-09-22 22:43:02
Is there an online calculator you can use to calculate the amount of interest due on a loan. The total was 5493.92 percent on April 1 . With payments of 124.00 .
How much of the total repayment is interest?0Adriana2012-10-15 23:59:21
If I took a loan of

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