Will closing a secured card to obtain a unsecured card hurt my credit score...also more ?s 10pts? related questions

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Will closing a secured card to obtain a unsecured card hurt my credit score...also more ?s 10pts?1oshar2012-09-23 04:14:02
Is 2 secured cards and a secured loan to much to build my credit?
Would closing this credit card hurt my score?0adjective2012-10-01 20:55:03
I recently graduated from college , and I have really wanted to start building my credit , which currently does not exist ( I managed to pay all my debts just before I graduated , so I can not build credit that way now ). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking of applying for the secured credit card Citi intended for people who have no credit history , and after a year and a half that could be eligible for a card "unsecured" credit . However, this secured card has a $ 30 annual fee and the guarantee has none. If I was to finally get the unsecured card and close the account for the insured , and he does not want to keep paying $ 30 a year , which hurt my credit score ? And any tips for building credit , please ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Will it help or hurt me to obtain a secured credit card ($1,000 limit) 1 month before applying for a car loan?0e.c2012-09-23 10:11:02
Hello , For a little history : MedlinePlus I have bad credit . I'm thinking of going to a car dealership bad credit and financing a car at the end of February, because I need one ( do not have one, not an option ) . My credit score is 570-580 ( depending on whom you ask) , and no open accounts. There are 4 closed negative accounts (each is 5 + years old ) , amounting to about $ 400 ( I pay to delete letters sent and hope to hear back soon. ) I budgeted $ 2,000 for the down payment on the vehicle. I also have budgeted money to pay those bills on my credit report . I have an extra $ 1,000 to any of MedlinePlus a) Give a down payment ( for a total of $ 3,000 down) MedlinePlus Or MedlinePlus b ) Get a secured credit card with a limit of $ 1,000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I did an analysis using IdentityGuard.com credit , and said if I had a credit card with a limit of 1000, my credit score will rise from 580 to 601 in a month . I am aware that at this time I can not show all the payments , so my question is going to help me or hurt me to get a secured credit card when I go to apply for a car in a month? Is it better to leave it alone and does not apply at all and just have a big down payment ? Or is it better to show that I have an open mind , even if it is new and used display any time in history , with a little smaller down payment? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will have a secured credit card with time to improve my credit , but as for now , I just want to know what is going to help my situation at getting a vehicle . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Closing new Kay jewelers card and credit score?1Milly2012-11-06 03:14:02
So I got roped into opening a Kay Jewelers card because I'm young and stupid ( the lady said that I was just checking what my credit limit would be ) . This was a week ago . If I close the account now , will it hurt my credit score ? The lady said it would just be a little bump , because credit is funded by Kay instead of a bank . MedlinePlus I've been using a credit card for regular purchases for three years , and buy everything possible on it and have my autopay pay for my savings account each month , so I'm doing pretty well so far . MedlinePlus Would it be better to keep this card open kay and never use it , increasing my credit to debit ratio ( my car other credit is limited to 2,400 and this has a limit of 8,000) , or close to it now , without paying anything with him ? Also I have about $ 70,000 in student loans if that affects your answer . MedlinePlus Thank you !
Will lowering the limit on my credit card hurt my score?0Athena2012-09-13 10:44:08
I have two credit cards . One that had a limit of $ 3,000 . I dropped to 700.00 recetnly because I use it online and I have fear of identity theft and did not want a lot of credit on it . The other card that I have has a zero dollar balance . Now I worry that this will lower my credit score . My husband and I are planning to buy a house , and I worry that this will reflect negatively against us to get a loan . We have a good credit score , not lower the credit limit on your cards . Does anyone know if this counts negatively? Should I call my card and raise my credit limit again ? Or is it bad to do well?
Captial one card NON SECURED that I will be receiving or SECURED card from US bank to rebuild bad credit?1VICTOR2012-11-04 01:48:02
Please read this in its entirety and only respond with appropriate answers to all questions. Do not list fake websites or informed him that! I want to say first that I have 25 years of age and again in 2004-2005 went through some credit problems. I have not had any credit since it has no debt and credit, and has been paid for almost two years all accounts are closed. I have 3 negative accounts arising from my reports late 2012. I'd like to start rebuilding my credit. Recently I have been rejected by the Bank of America for a normal card convinced me of the application and a secured card, so I have two queries from January 2010 of them. An investigation in February 2010 to choose a sum insured NOT A card with a $ 39 annual fee and are approved will receive next week, but after much criticism of the company seems to have deceptive business practices, increasing APR rates and instead of putting say $ 300 as a credit limit that is put in place what position he would hurt me to use my credit results. If you try to close the account, add the charges to your account fraudgelant etc. Their customer service is in India and not good. Is this true? I read this on yahoo answers and my 3 cents complaints. If so should I try a U.S. credit card SECURED down to $ 300 with a $ 35 annual fee? The credit union does not offer far secured credit cards. If I can get a secured card U.S. CD Bank should open a 1-2 year $ 1,500 guaranteed with my bank is Harris Bank to show a loan? I have two charge offs and a credit card account with a couple of late payments 90 days which is also closed. I have 5 accounts per day, but are closed and were never used. What will my credit score go up from 1-2 years from now? Currently all questions before new for 2010 were my TU FICO: 597 Equifax: 648. I will only be using 7% of my limit of $ 300 rather than 30%. Refer to my other question here from the other day for more details on my credit standing entitled
Will opening a 3rd credit card, hurt my credit score?0Dexter Gibons2012-11-02 11:25:03
I have 2 credit cards today and a car loan all in good condition . So if I open another credit card that will hurt my credit score in the short term? MedlinePlus THANKS
Does maxing out a credit card hurt credit score?0fubu2012-10-07 03:56:07
My friend told me that maxing out a credit card or near excessive spending is not bad for your credit score when you just have a lot of credit to start . I approved for 1260 a limit on the BestBuy card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I 'm only paying a student loan and car loan and I have a Sears card . I have no credit cards. Be store credit cards do not have a big impact on credit scores . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know if this is true that I have almost no credit established that if I spend the 900 + for television at best buy and put it on the credit card with a limit of 1260, it will affect my credit score ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will make all payments on time and pay more than the minimum required .
Whats the best way to pay credit card bills in order to obtain the best possible credit score?4the all knwooin2012-10-16 13:00:03
But long story ... I just turned 18 and I have to get a car . I can not do that without getting a loan and I can not get a loan without credit ( my parents cosign ) . i was approved for a credit card and should come in the mail every day . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder , however , what is the fastest way you can actually get a credit account I take a loan ? my mom says that if I have a balance and pay it off every month that I take no credit at all . Does that mean I have to collect a lot of things and only pay the minimum balance ? Does it really matter ? I'm sooo confused. help!
Secured Loan or a Secured Credit Card, which is better to raise my credit score faster?0Dianne2012-09-17 17:03:03
I have to be able to raise my credit score fast , like in 3 months or so . I have only two credit accounts . One is 614 and another one is 530. I have to be able to have an average of 580 traffic in a hurry , which is 3 totals . They told me if I get 2 or 3 credit cards secured , use them and then pay off at the end of the month , bring my credit score quickly. But I was told that if I were to get a few secured loans and do the same , it would help me out better, because interest rates and fees on a secured credit card . So much have two questions here . Is it better if I get 2 or 3 secured credit cards or get 2 or 3 secured loans ? It is also better to have 2 or 3 in any of these or a large one?
My credit score is 553 got secured card and installment loans can my score go up?0Stuff2012-08-29 11:56:14
Want a house in two years has 1 year of timely payments on car loan and 3 moths insurance card and secure a loan through a credit union trynna rebuild credit history make in my 75 years ka work
How to build my credit score fast, i just got a $200 secured card.?2kinwa2012-10-26 23:11:02
I have absolutely no credence in my bad credit history , but in the same sense that I have good credit but no ... so I took a small loan for $ 500 and have made ​​three monthly payments , all the principles so far ... Next we got a master card in the capital of an insured for $ 200 and a fee of up to $ 101 and made ​​my first payment today for $ 30 and this payment was not due until 4 days .. i hear different directions , one is to keep the balance and just pay more than the other minimum, always keep a small balance and pay more than the minimum , and finally one of them said charge a small amount and pay in full each month before .. I need to know the best , fastest way to build my credit , please help I have the means to do it anyway possible ... thank you very much

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